The cab ride back to the cabin was silent, both of them thinking about the past few days, Darlene and John, and the case... But mostly, both of them thinking about this morning, in the kitchen.

How to get back to that.

Booth slid his eyes towards Brennan, and noticed the tiny smile on her faze as she gazed out the window. He doubted she was seeing the snowy landscape they were moving through. He reached over and took her hand, rubbing his thumb against her wrist.

Her fingers intertwined with his, and he knew it would be alright.

They reached the cabin and paid for their ride, then trudged up the steps together, and into the living room, where they took off their coats and boots.

"I guess we should get packing." Booth said finally.

Brennan smiled and licked her lips. "Next flight out is tomorrow." She said suggestively.

"Tomorrow.." He stared at her mouth hungrily. "What are we going to do till then?"

She ran her eyes down his body, and watched his shoulders twitch in response. "I was hoping you might have an idea or two."

The corner of his mouth tilted into a smile that promised sex beyond her wildest dreams. "Well.." He tilted his head towards her.."We could always pretend that we're trapped in a house that is about to explode..." He murmured, running his finger along her jaw slowly, his eyes searching hers.

Every nerve in her body hummed, every neuron in her brain lit up like the first of July.

Her eyes darkened into bottomless pools that sucked him in like quicksand.

She stepped backwards, away from him, slowly walking backwards towards the stairs, her eyes never breaking contact with his.

"Think you can make me scream?" She whispered.

He stepped towards her, his eyes deadly serious. "Every night for the rest of your life, if you'll let me.."

She raised her eyebrows tauntingly, feeling the stairs against the back of her calves. "Promises, promises...And here I thought you were a take charge kind of guy."

She stopped, at the bottom of the stairs, and watched him come closer, until at last they were chest to chest, and she could feel his hands sliding around her waist, dropping to her hips, lower.

"I like to wait for just the right...moment." He replied, bending his head and claiming her mouth with a possessiveness that surprised her, and excited her, and told her that somehow, this was all part of a plan that he'd conjured up long ago.

And then his tongue touched hers...

They scrambled up the steps, clinging together, half falling, stopping every few steps to press against the wall and mutter or moan and pull off an article of clothing, till somehow they reached the top of the stairs, their mouths still fused together.

He scooped her into his arms and carried her over to her bed, laying her down on the white duvet.

"You're so beautiful." He whispered, kissing a trail down her shoulder, her rib cage, her stomach.

"Booth." She sighed, reaching for him, pulling him up by his hair. "Let's play that game later... I've got a better idea."

"Oh yeah?" He raised his eyebrow and smirked. "What's that?"

She whispered something in his ear, and his hand convulsed on her thigh.

When he spoke, his voice was pure sexual rawness... "God I love you."


She stared into his passion filled eyes and felt time stop. "You love me?"

He brushed her hair back from her forehead and pressed his lips to her jaw a featherlight kiss. "Yes...I think about you all the time... And then I think about doing this.." He moved his mouth to her collar bone, and she whimpered.

"Isn't that lust?" She whispered, her hands sliding up his neck to cup his face.

"It's both." He looked into her eyes. "The way it should be."

Her eyes searched his, and what she saw there chased the last of her fears away. "I feel the same." She whispered, knowing that the feeling in her heart right at this moment... All the pain in the world would never make her forget it... Or regret it. "I love you Booth."

He read the truth in her eyes and shuddered as a wave of emotion, and relief swept through him.

He leaned over her, resting on his elbow. "Shall I prove it to you?"

A cat like smile appeared. "I absolutely insist."

He took her mouth in a soul searing kiss, his tongue meating hers, his teeth nipping at her lower lips until they were swollen and tender, while his hands touched and teased and at last he possessed her.

She arched her back he entered, luxouriating in the way their bodies fit together perfectly, as if they were made to, like puzzle pieces. As if she were created just for him.

They surged together, letting out years of pent up emotion and longing, untill at last they clung together, breathing heavy, still hearing the reverberations of her scream echo in the rafters, his hand tracing lazy patterns up her side, hers touching his face, the face of the man she'd wanted for so long, memorizing it, storing this moment away to cherish later.

He pressed his forehead to hers, his eyes shut. "I think I dreamed about you long before I ever met you...Probably since the day you were born."

"You were only five Booth, I doubt you remember what you dreamt about then." She pointed out softly, with a tender smile.

He just smiled.

"It was perfect Booth." She whispered. "It's everything you promised it would be."

"Of course it is... It's love. True love, Bones."

"Promise me something...?"


"Never call me Temperance... I feel like a special secret when you call me Bones. I only want to be your Bones.."

He laughed into her hair. "Agreed."

"And Booth?"


"Roll over, I can't breath."

They sat on the airplane, side by side, hand in hand, thinking about the future.

"Have you heard from Darlene?" Booth asked casually.

"Yes. She's fine. John is getting divorced, and he thinks he'll get custody of his kids, because his wife left them at her mom's insted of taking them with her."

"Are they going to give it a go?"

"She doesn't know. She's going to let Allanah spend some time with him, get to know him, and of course, as the coroner, she'll be working with him. She doesn't seem to be too worried about it." Brennan shrugged.

Booth lifted her hand and kissed the back of it. "Whatever will be, will be."


He smiled. "Speaking of what will be..."

Brennan looked at him questioningly.

"Who is picking us up from the airport?"


Booth nodded slowly, a grin forming on his face. "Good. She'll be the first to know."

"She knows already." Brennan smiled smugly. "I told her over the phone."


"I find her shrieks much less ear-splitting over the phone."

"Ahhh, that's my Bones. Always thinking ahead." He smiled at her and settled into his seat, closing his eyes, until...


Brennan looked at him in alarm. "What?"

"I didn't go watch a hockey game!"