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Closer to the Sky

近くに空に (Chikaku ni sora ni)

When Tsunade entered the room, Sasuke immediately hid underneath the blankets. On the one hand, he was embarrassed that the doctor was going to see him as a grown up, but he also had a huge fear of the needles that she brought in that suitcase.

When Naruto was able to pull him out of the sheets, Tsunade smiled and sat in a chair opposite the bed. The medical ninja gave him a complete physical examination, checking his body and his chakra, the latter, despite being huge and very powerful, was surprisingly inexperienced. It was the chakra of someone who had never trained in Ninjutsu in his life.

When the medical-nin took his blood, Sasuke gritted his teeth and clung to Naruto with such force that the blond screamed in pain as well.

"That's it..." Tsunade said, watching Sasuke hug Naruto for comfort. "Don't worry, Sasuke. I won't take more blood today. "

Naruto merely smiled tolerantly, as the teenaged child wailed in his shoulder. When the raven was feeling better, Tsunade asked him to let her see his head.

"Huh?" The boy asked, confused and somewhat fearful. "Why?"

"I just want to see something, okay? Don't worry, it won't hurt. "

Sasuke looked at Naruto and the blond nodded.

"Baa-chan just wants to see if you're okay" Naruto said. "Come on. Don't be scared. I know you can do it."

Trying to be brave, Sasuke turned to the Hokage.

"Ok... Now close your eyes" Tsunade said.

Sasuke obeyed and Tsunade focused on finding the abnormalities that she found the last time she had seen the raven, on the day he destroyed the living room. At that time, his mind was erratic and full of stress... but now the boy was perfectly normal, although still a little nervous. Above all, there were no signs of deterioration.

"What ... what happened to his brain? It makes no sense." Tsunade thought. "Okay, Sasuke. I'm finished, open your eyes. "

Sasuke slowly opened his onyx eyes, wondering what Tsunade Baa-chan would have done to his head because he had felt a slight tingling when she had touched him.

"Well... Shizune already told me everything that you said earlier" the blonde Hokage said, noting that the teenager had become flushed with shame and guilt. "But I want to make you a few more questions, okay?"

The boy nodded.


"Tell me, Sasuke... How's your head? Does it hurt? "


Naruto looked at Sasuke, visibly surprised.

"Really? It doesn't hurt? Not even a little?" the Hokage insisted. Sasuke shook his head. "Alright then... you said the last thing you remember before you woke up in the hospital was Ka...the man. Do you remember what he did to you?"

Sasuke struggled to remember what had happened in that solitary corner.

"He got near me very fast" the boy said, trying to remember every detail. "Then... I felt a sting on my neck and I got very tired... I think I fell asleep."

Tsunade nodded.

"And after that? You remember anything? He took you somewhere?"

Sasuke tried to remember, but after he had fallen asleep he couldn't remember anything else.

"I dunno... I don't remember..."

"I see" Tsunade said thoughtfully.

"He knew my name!" Sasuke exclaimed, suddenly.

"Huh?" Naruto asked.

"The wizard knew my name. He called me Sasuke-kun" Sasuke said, remembering that strange event. "I had never seen him before, but he knew my name" raven stared at the Naruto. "Your name too, Tou-chan! He called you Naruto-kun. "

"Really?" Tsunade said simply.

"Let's go look for him!" Sasuke exclaimed. "If we find him, he can break the spell and make me small again!"

Naruto exchanged a look with Tsunade, before landing a warm hand on the boy's shoulder.

"Sasuke..." Naruto muttered. "The truth is... we've found him. He died... "

The raven's black eyes widened.

"He died? The wizard is dead?" he asked. Naruto nodded slowly. "But... I didn't return to normal! In the stories, when the evil sorcerer dies, the spell ends."

"I know, son. But... it seems that this spell is more difficult to break. "

Sasuke looked at Tsunade.

"Tsunade Baa-chan! You're a doctor, you could give me a medicine to make me small again... or a shot ... I won't cry!"

Tsunade felt her heart sink when she saw the genuine desperation in the boy's eyes.

"I wish it was that simple, Sasuke. Those kinds of medicines are not available for sale... "

The boy's eyes filled with tears again.

"So... I can't go back to normal?"

"That's not what I meant" the Hokage replied quickly. "There may be a medicine... but we must find it first. You have to be patient. "

Sasuke looked down and suppressed a sob.


Tsunade and Shizune returned to Konoha, promising to return once they had examined Sasuke's blood sample. After they left, Naruto walked up the stairs and entered his son's room.

Sasuke was lying in bed with his back to Naruto, hugging Gama-chan to his chest.

"Can I come in?" the blond asked.

Sasuke nodded. Naruto walked in and sat on the bed.

"You okay?"

"I'm not crying!" moaned the raven, despite having tears running down his cheeks.

"It's okay... you can cry. I know that you're very disappointed."

Sasuke snorted a few times and grabbed Gama-chan harder. To see his toy so small in his hands, made the raven feel even more self-conscious. He was no longer a child but, he wasn't an adult either... he didn't know what he was.

"I'm a freak..."


"That's what I am now... a big, big freak..."

"No, Sasuke. You're not a freak. "

"Yes, I am!" Sasuke said. "I'm not a kid and I'm not a real grown up... I can't go to school or play in the park anymore. I can't play with my toys..."

"Of course you can play with your toys" Naruto assured him. "Listen... you may look like a big boy, but you're not. If you want to play with your toys, play. You can do what you did before. "

Sasuke snorted several times and began to tremble. When Naruto approached him, the raven laid his head in his lap. Naruto tried to smile to appease him and wiped the tears from his eyes.

"There are jutsus that can age a person, but they are dangerous and inhumane" Shiraha Hikari had said to Naruto when he had asked her to reverse Itachi's jutsu. "Even if they could age him to his former age, his memories and his maturity would never return. He would be a baby trapped in a body of an adult. "

"She was right" Naruto thought, stroking Sasuke's black hair. "This is cruel."

Sasuke stopped crying and leaned against his Dad.



"Can I ask you something?"

"Sure. What?"

Sasuke hesitated for a moment.

"Who was sleeping in my room?"

The question caught Naruto completely by surprise.

"Huh? Why... Why do you say that?"

"Because I hid a bag of candy in the drawer" the raven revealed, a little embarrassed about his mischief. "And when I went to look today, the bag was empty."

"Ah... well... and how do you know it wasn't me who ate them?" Naruto asked.

"If you had eaten the sweets, you wouldn't leave the empty bag in the drawer" the boy said with conviction. "So... it was another person who ate my candy."

A drop of sweat trickled down Naruto's forehead. He had forgotten how smart Sasuke was.

There was nothing he could do. Naruto had to tell him the truth.

"Sasuke? You know what month is it?" Naruto asked.

"Month? It's December" Sasuke said, confused by that question. "What's that got to do with my candy?"

"Well ... the truth is… we're in February" the blond said, noting Sasuke's incredulity

"No! It's December" insisted the boy. "I remember!"

Naruto took a deep breath and tried to find the right words.

"Remember when you said you asked the wizard turn you into a powerful ninja?"

"Yes... But he just made me big... he lied and tricked me."

"Actually, he didn't trick you" Naruto revealed. "I found you in the forest behind the village two weeks after you disappeared... he turned you into a very strong ninja."

Sasuke sat up in bed and stared at Naruto in the eye, completely stunned by what had just heard.

"I... I became a ninja?"


"But I don't remember!"

"I know... I don't know why you don't remember" Naruto replied.

"And what happened then?" the boy asked.

"You... ah ... you attacked me."

"Huh? Why?"

"You didn't… remember who I was" Naruto said.

Sasuke gasped. Was that why his Dad had asked him if he remembered him? Sasuke had forgotten?

"I didn't know you were my Daddy?" The boy asked. Naruto nodded. "And I... attacked you?"

"Yes... but you got very sick. The wizard gave you a lot of drugs that made you big and a ninja... but you also got very, very sick. So, I brought you home. The one who ate your candy... was you. "

"I was here at home with you?"

"Yes" Naruto nodded. "I didn't disappear, Sasuke. We were both here for two months because you were very sick. "

"But I remembered, right?" The boy asked. "I remembered you."

Naruto had to look away. Sasuke blinked, confused by the sad expression on the blonds' face.


"Actually, Sasuke... you... you just remembered now" Naruto finally said. "There was an... accident and you fell asleep and couldn't wake up."

"A coma?" Sasuke asked. "The nurse said it is called coma."

"Yes... you were in a coma. One week."

Sasuke thought about it. He couldn't remember anything; it was like we went to sleep for a few seconds and, when he came awake, noticed that a long time had gone by. And two months was too long!

"Did I burn the living room?" Sasuke asked.

"Ah...yes…" Naruto nodded. "But never mind. It was an accident... "

Sasuke looked at his hands, which were now almost unfamiliar to him, like the rest of his body.

"I'm sorry..."

Naruto stroked his hair.

"Being a grown up isn't exactly what you thought, huh?" Naruto said with a small smile.

"I thought... I thought if I was a grown up, I could do anything I wanted" Sasuke confessed. "I thought if I was a very strong ninja, people would never laugh at me again and I..."

"You thought you'd be happier" Naruto finished.

Sasuke nodded.

"Being grown up and strong is good" the blond continued. "But it's also harder. That is why we have to grow slowly and with no shortcuts. If you work hard, you won't only be strong... you'll be ready to be a great adult too. "

Sasuke grabbed his pants tighter. Naruto didn't seem angry at what he had done, but that only made Sasuke feel even guiltier. Maybe he deserved what had happened... it was punishment for being such a greedy brat.

"I messed up" the raven said, his voice shaking. "What if I can't go back to normal? What if I stay like this forever?"

Naruto lifted his chin so the raven looked at him in the eyes.

"If that happens, you will continue to live and grow" the blond said. "And I'll always be here... to watch over you. You can count on that, okay? "

Sasuke couldn't resist and smiled back before the gentle expression on Naruto's face. To know that his Daddy would always be with him made the raven feel better.

In the days that followed, Naruto tried to make Sasuke feel as normal as possible, doing everything that they used to do before Kabuto appeared.

Naruto read him a bedtime story and let Sasuke in his room, but every night, without exception, the raven came to Naruto's bed. The blond said nothing and let Sasuke hug him. It was strange to sleep clutching a nearly adult boy, but Naruto didn't care. Until one day, Naruto woke up with Sasuke running out of the room. When the blond went to the bathroom, Sasuke had his back to him and was shaking.

"Sasuke? What is it? "

The boy looked at him with flushed cheeks and a very scared expression on his face.

"Tou-chan... I think I'm sick ..."

"Sick? Are you woozy? Do you have a fever? "

"No... I dunno..." Sasuke said. "This... doesn't go down..."

Naruto noticed that the raven had both hands on his crotch. Realizing what had happened, the blond became crimson as well.

Sasuke had his first morning wood.

"Holy shit!" Naruto thought.

"Why doesn't it go down?" Sasuke asked, very distressed.

"Ah... That's... this is normal. This happens sometimes with older boys..." Naruto said, sweating from every pore. "Don't worry... it goes away."

Sasuke looked at him very distressed.

"But I want to pee now!" the raven cried, ashamed and confused. "I can't go to the bathroom like this!"

Eventually, Sasuke managed to go to the bathroom. But the experience left them both very uncomfortable. The next night, Sasuke fell asleep in his room, but eventually returned to his Daddy's bed. The boy was too scared to be alone.

Fortunately, the situation didn't happen again. But Naruto asked Tsunade to come talk to his son. The medic-nin also took blood from him again.

The bath ritual also changed slightly. Sasuke was too embarrassed to undress in front of his father with that body. So Naruto filled the tub and waited outside the bathroom while the raven was bathing.

Typically, Naruto waited until Sasuke was dressed to go back into the bathroom and help him comb and dry his hair (when Sasuke tried to do it alone, his hair ended up like a lion's mane! Sakura would be horrified! ). Until one day, Naruto heard a scream and came thundering in the bathroom.

Sasuke was out of the tub, wrapped in a towel and still dripping.

"What happened?" Naruto asked, approaching the boy. "Are you hurt?"

Sasuke remained silent, pulling the towel against him.

"Sasuke ... you can tell me what happened, okay? You don't need to be ashamed."

Sasuke blushed and looked down. While Naruto also felt extremely embarrassed, he knew he had to be the adult here! Sasuke was just a little boy and Naruto was the father, he had the duty to explain things!

"Tell me son" Naruto continued. "What happened? Was it... your pee-pee again? "

Very embarrassed, the raven nodded.

"It fell off..." said Sasuke.

Naruto's eyes widened in disbelief and horror.

"Fell off?" Naruto yelled. "How did it happen? My God!"

"No! It wasn't my pee-pee that fell off! "Sasuke exclaimed, immediately. "The hair..."

"Hair?" the blond repeated, relieved but unable to understand what was going on.

Tentatively, Sasuke pulled the towel so that Naruto could see with his own eyes.

"All the hair fell..." the boy said.

Naruto was also baffled. It wasn't just his pubic hair... all of Sasuke's hairiness had disappeared. When Naruto looked at the tub, he found an awful lot of them down the drain.

"Tou-chan... what's wrong with me?"

"I... Don't worry. Tsunade Baa-chan is visiting today" Naruto replied, trying not to frighten the boy. "She must know what is going on. It's probably nothing... maybe you just washed yourself too hard or something. "

"Ok" Sasuke said, although he felt a little scared.

When Tsunade and Shizune arrived, Naruto told them immediately what had happened. Very quietly, Tsunade heard the blond and nodded.

"What is happening, Baa-chan?" Naruto asked.

"Hm... I can't say for sure," the Hokage answered. "But in Sasuke's blood sample, we found that his testosterone levels were very low."


"The male hormone responsible for male characteristics likes the beard, deep voice... the hairiness. Sasuke levels are not those of a teenager... they're as low as a child's levels who is not even close to puberty. "

"And what does that mean?"

"It means his body is becoming sexually immature. I can't give you any explanations at this point..."

Tsunade, Shizune and Naruto sat at the kitchen table. Sasuke and Naruto had spent all day painting the living room, so the raven dinned and fell asleep shortly after due to fatigue.

"From what I saw Naruto, Sasuke shows no signs of brain deterioration" said the medical ninja. "I never thought that was possible... but his brain is perfectly normal. Exactly as it was before Kabuto intervened."

"What does that mean to Sasuke?" Naruto asked, not hiding his anxiety.

"It means his life is not in danger" Tsunade said. "Some of Kabuto's drugs just wore off."

Naruto looked at her, trying to understand.

"Just like that?"

"We don't understand it either," Tsunade admitted. "He still has several drugs in his bloodstream... but the ones that were acting in his brain vanished. I can't explain what happened. "

Before Naruto could ask another question, someone knocked on the door. The three Konoha shinobi exchanged glances.

"Are you expecting someone else?" Shizune asked.

Naruto shook his head.

"No..." the blond said as he got up and headed for the doorway.

Outside, there was a person covered by a long white robe and a hood.

"Who is it?" Naruto asked.

"You've really grown" said a female voice.

"I... Do I know you?" Naruto asked a little defensive before that stranger.

The woman took off her hood, revealing her long white hair and her wrinkled and smiling face.

Naruto recognized her immediately.

"Hikari Baa-chan?"

The old lady smiled even more.

"Glad you remember me, Naruto."

"What are you doing here?"

"I received a letter from your lovely Hokage" Hikari said.

"Tsunade Baa-chan wrote you?"

At this point, Tsunade came to the door.

"Oh! I wasn't expecting you" the Hokage said. "I sent you a letter almost a month ago."

Hikari laughed.

"That was exactly the time it took me to convince my son and my grandchildren to let me leave our village" the old lady said. "You can't imagine the discussions, nor the psychological blackmail and cries I had to deal with until they finally let me go in peace and quiet."

Naruto asked the lady to come in and they all sat around the table with a cup of tea in hand.

Tsunade explained Hikari all the details about Sasuke's health. The blond still could not believe that the Hokage had managed to contact the Shiraha clan leader, whose clan had created the rebirth jutsu.

Hikari heard Tsunade, sipping her tea at ease. When the medic-nin finished, Hikari folded her hands on the table.

"This Kabuto gave you a lot work" the old lady said, not even a little surprised that her family's irreversible jutsu had been broken.

"Hikari Baa-chan... you told me that the jutsu was permanent" Naruto said. "But Kabuto was able to break it."

"What I said about the jutsu was and still is true" Hikari said. "You cannot reverse it... at least in the long term. Like I said, there are jutsus that can age a person and it is also possible to force the erased memories to return, but this process is too aggressive for the human mind and, eventually, the subject always ends up losing them again."

"Excuse me... Hikari-sama?" Shizune stuttered. "How do you know all this?"

"My dear... our clan has about one hundred years. Do you really think we never tried to find a way to reverse our own jutsu?" Hikari asked. "We tried to find a way to make it reversible for years, but we came to the conclusion that even if the person regains his original age, forcing the memories to return is lethal to the brain... you saw it with your own eyes."

"So why Sasuke recovered his new memories?" Tsunade asked.

"Because these memories are more real than those that were deleted" Hikari explained. "The new memories never disappeared... they were slumbering and could manifest themselves when he was most vulnerable. The erased memories only existed because of the drugs and because the boy was fighting not to lose them. The more the boy struggled to keep the forgotten memories, the more they would last. Eventually, he stopped fighting for them and gave up being stuck to his past. When that happened, the drugs had no power to force the memories to return, so they faded away again and he accepted the new memories he had built."

Tsunade nodded.

"I see... that's why several drugs disappeared from his bloodstream. They were cleansed when he gave up fighting for his past. "

"Exactly" Hikari said.

"And his body?" Naruto asked. "What will happen to his body?"

"You said his male hormones dropped?" Hikari asked. Tsunade nodded. "I see..."

"Is there any way he can become a child again?" Naruto asked anxiously.

Hikari looked at Naruto's blue eyes, full of concern and parental love.

"I'm glad you completed the jutsu" the old lady said, surprising the blond. "Tell me... do you regret it?"

Naruto shook his head.

"It was... the best thing that ever happened to me" the blond said.

Hikari smiled, she knew that Naruto was being sincere. He had changed; he was no longer that frightened boy she had seen five years ago. He was a father now.

"Well... it's getting late" Hikari said, rising from the table. "I had a long journey... I apologize, but I really need to rest these old bones."

"Huh? But... Baa-chan!" Naruto exclaimed.

"Don't worry" the old lady said. "I'll come here early in the morning to see your boy. Only then I can give you more answers. "

Although he didn't want to, Naruto had to accept. Tsunade and Shizune also had to return to Konoha, but promised to return in the morning.

Naruto invited Hikari to spend the night in his house, but she politely declined because she had rented a room at a motel in the village.

After everyone left, the blond washed the dishes and took a quick shower. After brushing his teeth, Naruto went upstairs and found a very sleepy Sasuke sitting on the stairs.

"Hey! Shouldn't you be in bed?" the blond asked.

Sasuke rubbed his eyes and stared at Naruto.

"I woke up and I couldn't sleep..." the raven boy said.

Realizing what Sasuke wanted, Naruto approached the boy and took him in his arms. When they reached Naruto bedroom, they both lay down in bed.

"Daddy?" Sasuke whispered with his eyes half shut.


"I don't want to go with the ninjas anymore."

"Really? Why? You said you wanted to go with them. You don't want to be a ninja? "

"I do, but... I don't want to go without you" the raven said, getting closer to Naruto. "I'd be lonely... and I was going to miss you..."

Naruto smiled in the darkness and felt Sasuke laid his head to his chest.

"I was going to miss you too" the blond replied.

"I love you, Papa" Sasuke muttered, falling asleep.

"I love you too" Naruto replied .

Before falling asleep, the blond thought about what he had said to Hikari. While looking at Sasuke, Naruto was sure that he had made the right choice.

Sasuke opened his eyes at the sound of a bell. The sound was weird... it was like it was right there beside him. The raven got out of bed and looked out the bedroom window. He couldn't see anything but fog.

When the bell rang again, Sasuke saw a person dressed in black with a strange hat full of strips of fabric covering his face. When the person turned his face and stared at Sasuke, the bells on his hat jingled again. The person smiled at Sasuke and started walking away.

The raven looked at Naruto, who was still sleeping, and left the room quietly. When he reached the door, he put on his sandals and sought the stranger in the fog. He didn't understand why, but he had to find that person.

Finally, he saw the stranger sitting on the rocks by the sea. Sasuke approached him and, when he was close, the person looked at him and smiled.

"Hello, Sasuke" the man said kindly. Only his mouth and nose were visible through the hat.

"Do I know you?" the raven asked.

"I know you" the man replied mysteriously.

Sasuke had the feeling he had heard that voice before but couldn't remember where. Yet, something in his heart told him he could trust this man, so he sat down beside him.

"Where is Naruto-kun?" the man asked.

"He's still asleep" replied Sasuke.

The man nodded. The sea was calm and the air smelled nice.

"Tell me Sasuke... Do you like to live with Naruto-kun?"

Sasuke blinked, confused by that question.

"I do... he's my Daddy" the raven said.

"But he is not your real father."

Sasuke's expression went from surprise to defiance.

"Yes he is! He's my real Daddy!" the raven cried, ready to defend.

"But you're adopted."

"I know, but it was special! I got two fathers because I was adopted by ninja magic! Tou-chan told me!"

"If you like to live with him, why did you run away from home?" the man asked.

Sasuke looked away, feeling sad and guilty.

"You want to be a powerful ninja, right?" the man asked. "With that body you have now, you can stay strong. You can run away now and train... Naruto-kun could ever give you orders and if he tried to stop you..." the man looked directly at Sasuke's black eyes. "You can kill him so he will leave you alone."

Sasuke gasped, completely horrified about what the man said.

"No! Never! I won't run away!" the boy exclaimed, sincerely. "And I'll never hurt Tou-chan!"

"What are you saying?" the man asked. "You would rather be a little and weak kid and stay with Naruto-kun, instead of being a powerful shinobi?"

Sasuke clenched his fists.

"I'm going to be a powerful shinobi" the boy said, unwavering. "But I'm gonna train very hard and for a long time. I want my Tou-chan see me become the strongest ninja in the world... no shortcuts!"

The man smiled.

"You've changed Sasuke..." the man said, with a gentle voice. "I'm happy for you."

Sasuke stared at the man, confused by those words. But before the raven could say anything, he felt warmth spreading throughout his body. It was a strange feeling, but it wasn't unpleasant. Then he felt his eyes heavy and a strong desire to sleep.

"What ...?" the raven stammered. "What's happening? Who are you? "

The man walked up to Sasuke and poked his forehead.

"Forgive me Sasuke..." the man said, becoming increasingly blurred. "Again, next time."

The last thing Sasuke saw before falling asleep was the man smiling at him in a very familiar way.

Tsunade walked furious up the sand path. Hikari did not only make her pay for all the expenses from the motel and her traveling, but also had lots of comments about her "false" youth. According to the old lady, a real woman should grow old with serenity and accept all the wrinkles and gray hairs as trophies of life. When the old woman said that despite all the care for her appearance, Tsunade was still single, the Hokage had to control herself not to punch her and send her to the stratosphere.

"You fucking bitch!" the Hokage thought, making Shizune tremble before the sparks of anger that came out of her eyes.

However, when they reached Naruto's house, the remarks were soon forgotten. The front door was open.

Tsunade entered the house and called Naruto and Sasuke, getting no response. After climbing the stairs, the Hokage found Naruto fast asleep in his bed.

"NARUTO!" Tsunade screamed, making Naruto jump out of bed and fall down.

"Ow! What the...? Baa-chan! Damnit! You almost gave me a heart attack!"

"Naruto, where's Sasuke?"

Naruto rubbed his eyes and stared at the empty bed.

"He slept with me..." Naruto replied.

"He's not in his room, Naruto," said the Hokage. "And he's not at home... the front door was open."

Fully awake, Naruto got up and left the room running.

Sasuke woke up and smelled the fresh breeze from the sea. The fog had disappeared, and the sunshine was becoming warmer, making the raven cover his eyes to escape the bright light. When Sasuke sat down, he felt that something was different. The shirt seemed to be much wider than before.

The sound of something falling into water, made the raven look down. One of his sandals had fallen to the sea and floated to the distance. Confused, the boy looked at his legs and noticed he couldn't see his feet. By moving around, he saw that his feet were hidden inside his huge pants.

Blinking, Sasuke stood up and felt his pants slipping down his legs, too wide and long for his small waist and legs. The shirt covered him like a dress, the sleeves, which used to reach his elbows, now almost reached his wrists. Also, one of his shoulders was picking through the collar.

"What happened?" Sasuke asked, covering his mouth with his hands. "My voice..."

Sasuke's voice was different... it was higher. Stunned, the raven looked at his hands, noticing that they were much smaller than before.

The boy touched his face, feeling his soft and smooth skin, and looked back at his body. In disbelief, Sasuke looked at his reflection in the calm waters of the sea. He had not only shrunk... he was younger. He was a child again.

Beside him, on the place where the mysterious man had been, was a black feather. Sasuke grabbed the feather and watched it intently, until a gust of wind took the feather, and it floated towards the sky.


The raven looked down at the beach. Naruto, Tsunade, Shizune and an old woman who he didn't know were running and calling for him.

Smiling, the boy jumped off the rock and ran in their direction. He wasn't used to its small body yet and stumbled several times on the giant sweater, but he didn't stop.

"Papa!" the little boy cried.

Naruto looked towards the voice and his eyes widened. Sasuke continued to run and Naruto knelt on the floor, letting the boy jump into his open arms.

Neither said anything, merely laughing and crying with relief. Naruto took his child in his arms and hugged him against his chest, while Sasuke put his small arms around Naruto's neck and buried his face in the his Daddy's blond hair.

In the distance, watching the scene, Tsunade and Shizune still could not believe what they saw. Hikari, on the other hand, kept smiling sweetly.

"It's about time" the old lady said .

"Huh? What do you mean?" Tsunade asked.

"It was just a matter of time before his body cleansed the rest of the drugs" Hikari said quietly, smiling as she saw Naruto and Sasuke so happy.

Tsunade was speechless.

"So... you knew he'd be back to normal on his own and you didn't tell us?" the Hokage grumbled. "You could have written me a letter a month ago and tell me!"

Hikari continued to smile.

"And miss the opportunity to have a paid vacation? No way! "

Tsunade's eyes were on fire.

"Why you old hag...!" Tsunade growled, preparing to attack Hikari at the same time as Shizune grabbed her by the arms to stop her.

Hikari continued to smile indulgently.

"Sasuke! Be careful!" Naruto said, sitting in one of the many chairs of the ship.

The child ran across the deck, clutching Gama-chan and trying to catch one of the gulls that had landed to eat crumbs.

"Okay!" the boy exclaimed.

Naruto leaned back against the chaise and watched his son running and laughing calmly. It had been three days since Sasuke had returned to normal. More than ready to leave the island on the Land of Foam, Naruto packed up his belongings and bought two tickets for Hankagai, a famous city full of commerce and known as the "Capital of Shopping".

"Papa!" Sasuke shouted, clinging to a railing. "Papa come and see!"

Naruto got up and went to the little raven. Sasuke was pointing enthusiastically to the water. When the blonde came over, saw the reason for the joy.

Many dolphins were jumping and swimming together by the ship, squealing happily.

"Dolphins!" Sasuke said, pulling Naruto's jersey. "Look! Its dolphins! "

"Yeah" Naruto said, laughing.

Several people also approached to see the dolphins, rejoicing with the animals' stunts. Feeling too tight, Naruto grabbed Sasuke and sat him on his shoulders.

Sasuke laughed and continued to look at the dolphins, feeling very tall. One day, he would grow up as tall as his father but, for now, he didn't mind being small and sitting on Naruto's shoulders.

Carefully not to drop Gama-chan, the little boy stretched out his arms in the air, feeling closer to sky.

The End

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