Reaching Your Limits: A YYH alternate universe

Episode 1: The New Student! Elusive Hiei.

The office was dark. The only illumination came from the large screen beside the
doorway, showing the image of three teenage males. The two figures in the room
were studying the screen, one no more than a dark shadow while the other shifted
restlessly around on his phone books.

"I've got a mission for you," a childish voice stated, solemn.

"Oh?" the shadowed figure questioned, not looking the least bit interested but
paying attention anyway.

"However, it will require more than your present capabilities to perform."

"What the hell is it?"

"I'll tell you, after you seek out the three candidates I've chosen. They are
students at a school in the human world. I want you to study them and find out
if they would be good enough for this job."

"If you don't tell me what the job is, how am I supposed to know?"

"They need to be powerful, that is all you need to know. I've studied their
lives as I've learned them, and I think they would be fine. However, my father
won't allow me to move ahead until you've taken a look at them as well. The
start of your mission will be to enroll in the school and study the three of
them, ascertain that my choice was correct, then report back to me in one week
on your progress."

There was a long moment of silence as the other digested this.

"Fine," he retorted, then flashed out of sight with a smudge of displaced air.


"Shuuichi, what are you doing here still?"

Minamino Shuuichi turned at the sound of his long-time friend's voice. Smiling,
he shrugged and held up the papers in his hand. "I promsed the teacher that I
would copy out the notes from the unit we are studying for the new kid," he

Urameshi Yuusuke shook his head, laughing slightly. "I can't believe that you
would volunteer your time like that. I wouldn't!" he exclaimed.

"That would be the difference between us," Shuuichi replied with a small laugh.

Laughing with him, Yuusuke nodded. "One of many! It is hard to believe that
we've managed to be friends this long!" he exclaimed.

The two of them had met in grade school and were best friends, despite being as
different as night and day. Shuuichi was a model student, polite and kind to
everyone he met. Yuusuke, on the other hand, was a renoun delinquent in the area
and seemed to enjoy being as rude as possible. The two of them had met when
bullies had decided to pick Shuuichi for their new vitim. At first, Yuusuke had
approaching to help out. He liked getting into fights, but he couldn't tolerate
people who picked on smaller kids just for fun. However, before he'd been able
to say anything, Shuuichi had beaten the bullies to a pulp, appologized for it,
and walked off. They'd been best friends ever since.

"It must be because of your sunny personality," Shuuichi commented.

"When you say it like that, I can't tell if you're being sarcastic," Yuusuke
said dryly.

Instead of saying anything, Shuuichi simply gave him a smile instead.

"Anyway, what is this new kid like? I've heard talk about him from the other
students, even ones that aren't in your class. Apparently, he made quite an
impression for his first day," Yuusuke said.

Shuuichi blushed slightly, not meeting the other's eyes as he fought to keep his
reaction hidden. Another big difference between the two of them was that Yuusuke
had been going steady with his girlfriend, Yukimura Keiko, for almost a year.
Although he denied it, it was obvious that the two of them were in love.

Shuuichi, on the other hand, not only wasn't interested in girls but hadn't ever
had date in his life. He'd noticed when he'd entered puberty that men tended to
attract his attention more than women. However, there were no guys that he knew
that he would like to date. Breifly, he had considered putting the moves on
Yuusuke, but had rejected the idea. Not only was Yuusuke completely straight but
Shuuichi didn't want to jepordise their friendship just because he was feeling

The arrival of the new student had shook the foundation of his relatively simple
look on life. The moment Shuuichi had looked up from his books to the student
being introduced at the front of his class he'd had a quivering feeling in his
stomach that just wouldn't go away. He'd never understood what people meant by
'the world vanishing', but he knew at that moment. As Yuuki Hiei had answered
the teacher's questions, that was all Shuuichi had heard. All that he had been
able to see were Hiei's eyse as they had roamed over the crowd of students,
before pausing on Shuuichi's face.

Even now, he could remember how strange those eyes had been. Cold, calculating,
vicious, but with a warmth that Shuuichi had felt all the way to his toes. They
were the eyes of someone tortured, and the eyes of someone longing to be loved.

"Oi, Earth to Shuuichi, are you in there?" he heard Yuusuke call.

Blushing, Shuuichi turned to his friend. "Sorry, I was a million miles away," he

"I could tell," Yuusuke said with a smirk. "I guess that means the rumor is
true, then, to have you fantasizing like that."

"I wasn't fantasizing!" Shuuichi insisted, placing the papers onto the desk in
front of him. Then he tilted his head to the side curiously. "What rumors?"

Yuusuke snorted, rolling his eyes as he sat on top of the desk next to
Shuuichi's own. "The girls in your class were talking about him when they left.
Apparently, he is gorgeous. He looks like a child, but he has a great ass and
eyes that make your knees weak. However, after the introductions, he wouldn't
say a word to anyone."

"Well, he spoke to me," Shuuichi said, unable to help the proud little grin that
came upon his lips. "The teacher asked if someone would copy their notes for
him, and I volunteered. He stayed behind for a few minutes to talk to me about
the unit."

And he had such a deep, sexy voice. It had been all Shuuichi could do not to
embarrase himself and swoon or something stupid like that.

"So, where is the wonder guy? Don't tell me you stayed here and copied out all
the notes, when you could of gone home instead," Yuusuke replied.

"He said that he had to go for a short while, and would be back in an hour. It
is just about that time now," Shuuichi explained. "I told him that I would be
able to finish them before he got back, since we just started the unit a few
days ago."

"I'm looking forward to meeting him," Yuusuke commented.

Shuuichi gave him a teasing look. "But Yuusuke, you already have a girlfriend!"
he exclaimed, laughing when Yuusuke flushed and started hitting him over the


"How was your first day?"

Smiling, Yukina turned toward her brother and partner. "It went well. I was
enrolled into Kuwabara Kazuma's class with no trouble. The students were nice,
and they are so interesting!" she exclaimed.

"They're just human," Hiei reminded her, his expression dark when he noticed the
way she blushed when saying Kuwabara's name.

Yukina giggled a little. "I know, but they are so different from the people in
the demon world that I couldn't help but be interested by them."

"And the human, Kuwabara Kazuma, will you be able to get close to him?" he

Blushing, Yukina nodded. "He volunteered to tutor me in the classes that I've
missed so far. The teacher wasn't very pleased. Apparently, he doesn't do very
well in school. However, I managed to convince him that I would like the
arrangement. Kuwabara-kun seems to have a slight crush on me. I don't think that
he will be any trouble," she replied.

"Don't get too close to him!" Hiei growled.

Laughing, Yukina grabbed his arm and winked. "Protective, aniki? Don't worry, I
know that it is a mission, and nothing else. Although, he is quite a handsome
person," she commented.

Scowling darkly, Hiei glared at her. He blinked when he saw her expression and
realized that he was being teased. "Do what you want. I've managed to make
aquaintences with Minamino Shuuichi. He is in the same class as Urameshi
Yuusuke, but the other wasn't there. However, I've managed to gather that they
are friends, so I don't imagine it will be too difficult to get a hold of him as

Yukina nodded slowly, then her expression turned sad. "I almost hope that they
don't meet Koenma-sama's expectations. The mission will be a dangerous one, even
if he hasn't told us much about it," she said quietly.

"Don't talk stupid," Hiei scolded her, softening the words by ruffling her hair
slightly. "We have to do what is necessary. That includes befriending these

Smiling and nodding her head more surely this time, Yukina gave him one more hug
before letting him go. "You had better get back to Minamino-kun. I'll meet you
at the temple," she said.

Nodding, he gave her a small wave before turning and making his way back to the
second floor, where his classroom was. This part of the mission was not going to
be difficult. Since he was only going to be staying in the school for a very
short period of time, Hiei wasn't going to bother much with paying attention.
The teacher would assume it was that he was lacking knowledge in the subject
should he get bad grades on any tests that might take place. Besides getting to
know his two classmates, there really was much that needed to be done.

"Still," Hiei said to himself quietly, glancing at the sky through the windows.
It was turning evening already, and the sun was slowly being painted in warm
colors. "Still, I can't help but wonder why that human, Minamino Shuuichi,
bothered me so much when I saw him. It was like I should know him from

Shaking his head at his own foolishness once the words had left his mouth, Hiei
pushed the thought aside and made his way into the classroom.

End Episode 1