oh my! you cant do that and all! cliffhanger. nooooooooooooo! anyhow - notes. exellent, best story iv'e read of h/k of this type for - for - first time? wow. cool. but - more? please? pretty please? im depending on you to post the next chapter soon and make my meagre life - just made a little better by a diff author - right away from the gaping jaws of . . . um - where was i? oh yeah - notes. you use 'of' a lot instead of 'have' which i kept on noticing. i didnt notice any spelling kistakes cos i spell phonetically - so i wouldnt. and - overal, i love your plot and the idea you had for the alternate universe, if it seems overdone, it is very well done here, and is brought out really well. now - just a note for any other readers cos i just feel i have to - ANYONE WHO CRITISISES THIS AND FLAMeS IT I WILL PERSONALLY RIP THEIR HEADS OF, PULL THEIR MHMS OFF AND TIE THEM UP WITH PIANO STRINGS (sorry pianos - i do like you - really!) AND DO COUNTLESS EVIL THINGS WHICH I WILL NOT MENTION AS THIS IS A PG FIC AND THE LOVELY AUTHOR DOES NOT DESERVE SUCH AWFUL THREATS ON IN HER REVIEWS! uhm. *hands behind back, looks up - i dint do anything* *grin*anyhow - carry on, please. *wink*

Aqua: *falls over, laughing her ass off* What a wonderful review! *grins wide and bounces* Luckily, the only person who gave any negative feedback appologized!! *glomps her* ^__^ I'm rather glad that this story is so popular! (Well, no brainer comment there) Sankyuu for the long, and really good, review!! ^___^

I have up to episode... *thinks* 36 of the series. Not great copies although they are legeble thank god, but if someone sends me tapes and pays for S&H, (or sends me money for tapes, since I can buy them really cheap!!), I'm willing to make a copy!

Then what happened? Oh please! Please continue your story! I'll be waiting for the next chapters! (Umm... how long is this story again?) ^.^

Aqua: Long... very long... ^^; Honestly, I have no idea!! As long as I've got people reading it, I'll continue to post chapters! ^_^

Now who am I suppose to kill? Anyhow keep writing while I hunt for a new victim...*Walks off in search of new victim*

Aqua: LMAO!! Don't worry, I'll create a new villian soon enough!!

Weeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!! Ikare's dead!!! *jumps around in a case of hysterical laughter* I just love that chap. MWAHAHAHA!!! You got what was coming to you BITCH! *kicks Ikare's skeleton* HAHA! I thought that everything was fine... then POOF! another problem comes... Why can't they leave poor Kurama and Hiei alone to... uhh... *ahem* talk? They do have a lot of ... uh... catching up to do.... Hmph! *pouts* next chapter please! *hands some sweets*

Aqua: Yes.. *ahem* talk. ^_^;; Eventually, things might straighten out between them. Hopefully... ^^;;;;

Wow. Ummm? Yay dead bad guy? .... I think I'll stick with Wow. I'm really happy Yuuske got a hit in. I love Hiei and Kuruma fics, but I'd really like to see Yuuske in some sort of periferal relationship with someone. Anyone. I'd also like to see more Hiei Kuruma relationship. And maybe some Kitsune ness. Or just the next chapter. I will be more than happy with the next chapter. Please keep writing, don't be one of those people that cuts off halfway through a story line pleasepleaseplease.
Why aren't you writing yet?

Aqua: LOL!! ^__^ Hai hai! Yuusuke will be having more of a part in the future battles, once he begins to learn exactly how powerful he is. Right now... *grin* poor guy is just kinda piddly. Oh well, tho, there is a lot of the storyline left to be developed!!

Ahhhh!!! Just when everything was getting better!!!! *sniffle*
A word on Hikaru- what class would she be? I'm guessing a low-mid B-class?? For her to be able to stand the Kokuryuuha without outside interference? And Hiei... is he something like a high C-class in your story? I get the feeling that he's not as strong as Hikaru by himself. Wonder if you could clear that up for me.
=^_^= I've said it before, and I'll say it again- THIS FIC ROX!!!!

Aqua: Sankyuu! Hikaru... you are reffering to Ikare? Ikare was very powerful, and she was stronger than Hiei by a long shot. Luckily, she wasn't stronger than the dragon. ^^; Common mythology labels Dragons to be next to Gods in power, which is why Ikare couldn't defeat Kokryuuha, but could defeat Hiei *nod nod*

More trouble? Hope Kurama's mother doesn't try to make him promise anything, like marrying a girl. Can't wait to find out what happens next to them!

Aqua: O.o; omg!! *mind starts to churn through that idea* No no no! *Aqua hits herself over the head* Don't even go there, brain. I already did a fic like that. ^_^;;

wai wai!! dark dragon dark dragon!! ohhh i hope kurama's mom is okay though! saa, cant wait til the next one! and i have to so say this: ding dong the bitch in dead!! gomen, i'm happy ikare's dead, but i'm worried about kurama's mom too! *ish waiting for the next chapter!* *crosses fingers*

Aqua: LOL!! That's okay, I'm sure everyone is glad Ikare is dead!! Just look at the other reviews! *grins* ^_^ As for Shiori... *cough* I'm worried to, with the way my brain likes to work.

Black Starr Kitsune
Is this where the Mirror of Utter Dark comes in?? I love Hiei's Black Dragon. Poor Kurama his mom is sick :( More K/H!!! (^_^)

Aqua: *starts cackling* You know me so well. Hai hai, Mirror of Utter Darkness is introduced (and I give an explination as to why I'm using a different title for it)

Chambers ()
Oh no! Poor Kurama. Just when everything was calming down. What's going to happen? Hurry with the next chapter!

Aqua: *cackles* Did you think it was over? *grins wide* Never!! *waves arms and jumps around* I love this story too much. Besides, there is so much that has to be resolved!!

Yonaka no Inu-Ryuu
It could have been worse. Much worse. But you're right. I HATE YOU FOR THIS ONE! But I'm very very happy that bitch got fried! That almost cancels out the hatred. But, as promised... Oi, I can't believe I'm gonna do this... *bites lip* Breathe, Yona-chan, breathe... *takes a deep breath*
*collapses* I can't do this. *rereads chapter* ... Yes I can. *takes another deep breath*
RAAAAAAAAAARGH! YOUR PUNISHMENT HAS BEEN DECIDED!!!! THIS IS YOUR FATE!!! *cheesegrates his ass* *stops for a moment* *pours salt, lemon juice and vinigar onto the cheesegrater* *cheesegrates his ass again* Hmmm... somethings missing. Hmmm... *tatoos "I LOVE YAOI!" (in bubble letters) onto a non-cheesegrated portion of his ass* Hmmm.... anything else...? Oh what the hell. *covers his body in Margarita body foam*

Aqua: *after having ressurected herself from laughing to death* Mmm... it's a good thing he's a yaoi character, or he might actually resent the tatoo....

Kei: *is too comatose from sick pleasure to really give a s*it as to what is going on* Ripping flesh ripping flesh ripping flesh ripping flesh (etc.)

Aqua: *cough* It's almost scary that I created him. *looks down at her own chibified self supporting little white wings, cat ears, and four fluffy little tails* O.o; we're so different!!

Yes, well, are you wondering where the episode is? ^_^ Actually, you have reached the END of Reaching Your Limits!!! There is no more to this series!!!





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