Stupid wishes. Maybe, maybe someday the world might get to normal. And maybe I might still get my prom, dream date and happy ever after. Assuming there's people left on this planet.

Because lately, it sure doesn't seem like that.

I remember swimming at the pond and it being so crowded. I had complained.

What I wouldn't give to see them all again.

Good bye swim team, skating champion hunk, and good bye life.

Because the skies are getting greyer, the worlds getting colder and my life is getting emptier and emptier.

Horton seems quieter, Johnny doesn't talk much, Matt won't stop working and Mom won't eat.

If someone a year ago told me that my life would turn out this way, I never would have believed them. I probably would have laughed and rolled my eyes.

But now, I wish I could roll my eyes about this.

Now, I wish I could have any food ever.

Now I wish everything I saw wasn't grey.

Now I wish I could live my senior year.

Now I wish for everything to be normal.

Now, now I wish for everything to end.

Being dead has to be better than living like this,


Stupid wishes.


I'm tired of school. I love it, except for the fact that people are bullying me. especially this one guy. I'm apparently 'his'. Tomorrow, I'm so not holding backā€¦