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The young master of Malfoy estate sat on a bear skin rug in front of the crackling fireplace in his family's library. Waiting for his mother to arrive and begin reading his fathers letters to him. The flames from the fire were reflected in his gray almost silver eyes acting as a mirror. His small hands rested on the rug on either side of his body as he entangled his tiny fingers in the fur. The light blonde almost white hair resting on top of his head was slicked back and not a hair was out of place. The children of the Malfoy family were always to look their best regardless of the situation. The footsteps of the tiny house elf coming down the hallway towards the library could barely be heard. The door opened slightly to show the small frame of Ivy whom at the time was the Masters Nanny. The small elf slowly entered the library looking in all directions.

"Master Malfoy." was calmly whispered from the Nanny elf and she began creeping forward slowly as her brown eyes began to grow larger. Draco turned his head and their eyes clashed. His small hands lifting out of the fur as he turned his body to face her.

"Ivy?" fell from his young lips as they began to quiver.

"Your Mother wont be reading to you this evening Master Malfoy." The elf said with worry in her loving brown eyes. She inched forward when she noticed the small crystal tear slid down his porcelain like cheek.

"Ivy is sorry Master Malfoy." She knelt down next to him and whispered in his small ear.

"Ivy will read to Master Malfoy if he wishes me to." She then quickly stood up and ran to retrieve his favorite book. His head snapped up in shock.

"You can read Ivy?" His gray eyes wide with surprise as he let her sit next to him on the rug. His only response was her franticly nodding head.

"Of course Ivy can read Master Malfoy just in case Ivy needed to cheer Master Malfoy up." Her hand slid over the cover of the book and flipped to the page that was marked.

Then Ivy began to read for her master with such enthusiasm that he never asked his mother to read for him again. After several hours of reading the clock began to chime notifying everyone at the estate to head to their chambers for the night was upon them. Ivy swiftly returned the book to its shelf and then moved towards the door. Her brown eyes quickly moved to her master as he stood and began to follow her out of the library and into the hallway. The hardwood floors were cold while the air felt warm. His tiny hand held onto the stair railing as they descended the steps to his chamber. Soon the estate would be decorated for the Christmas Holidays which meant his parents would be at the Malfoy Estate frequently for the next few months. Draco entered his chamber only after Ivy informed him everything was prepared for him to rest.

"Goodnight Master Malfoy." slipped from her lips as she disapparated with a loud CRACK to the servants' chamber.


Young gray eyes watched snow fall to the earth from the garden view window. The sound of the servants scurrying around hanging thousands of lights and other decorative materials was the only sound in the Malfoy Estate on the 5th of December. The snow was heavy as the winter claimed the season to be hers. He watched from the window how promptly the decorating was completed. A sigh escaped his lips while he descended the steps to the main Entrance to the Estate. Guests would be arriving soon and he was the only Malfoy to great them. One by one he greeted each guest by shaking their hands with his own tiny one. The house elves guided them each to their assigned guest chambers. Soon Malfoy Estate was active with life yet the Lestrange family seemed to be absent. Dinner arrived quickly and quests took their seats at the table in the order of the ranking within the household. The table had an amazing display of professionally prepared cuisines from around the world. The table was directly in the center of the great Malfoy Dining Hall with swirling black and gold marble flooring. Dark green walls with golden accents were presently on the walls, and the ceiling was masterfully prepared by a magical artist whom decided the ceiling should be alive with the moon rising high in the sky during the night, and the sun during the day.

Draco Malfoy was the first person to be led to his seat and he knew that the 2 seats to his left would remain empty for the evening. The young Malfoy sat patiently as 394 guests were sat around the table. He tried to make out some detail about the wizard at the other end of the great dinning table and was unable to. Soon everything was silent and everyone was watching him. The young Malfoy stood up showing the guests how truly aristocratic the Malfoy family was.

"I thank you all for arriving promptly and with high spirits. This holiday shall be pleasing now that I am surrounded with family friends. I apologize for the absence of my Father and Mother also for the Lestrange family. There is good behind their reasoning for not being present to dine with us this eve. Please do enjoy your meal, and Welcome to Malfoy Estate." his gray eyes scanned the faces of the quests that seemed to have their mouths open.

Draco took his seat and began to eat his meal. The Great Hall soon became vibrant with conversations and stories of adventure. He excused himself from the table and journeyed towards the front room where he soon noticed trunks, bags, his parents, and a little girl. She was a very pretty little girl with big bright green eyes who was standing in front of Mr. & Mrs. Lestrange whom had big smiles on their faces.

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