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The air was chilled and a heavy blanket of anxiety filled the rest. Dark halls filled with empty picture frames hanging against the wall. A light layer of dust on the hardwood could be seen. The school that this used to be was now an empty shell of what could have been. A scrawny rat scurries through the room seeking warmth from the winter chill.

Soon finding refuge at the feet of a quiet girl who sat lazily in front of a cracking fire reading the last book that could be found within these walls that her bright green eyes had not previously encountered. Her elegant ageless hands pulled the woolen dark green blanket closer to her body in an attempt to feel warmer.

She allows herself to sink deeper into the espresso leather chair trying to relax. Her darkened wavy curls cascade down around her as they gracefully come to rest in a pool in her lap.

She gently turns the page of her novel completely unaware of the world outside the precious novel she held within her grasp. Her long eyelashes brush her cheeks every time she blinks in thought.

The flames of the fire can be seen reflecting almost dancing within her glittering eyes. She mentally locks on to the authors every word trying to understand the meaning of ultimate happiness. After several hours she finally closes the book and leans back resting her head on the soft leather. Only then does she realize how late it is and how alone she feels.

The fire's glow begins to dim until nothing but embers are left within the belly of the fireplace. Slowly standing she untangles her legs and allowing her bare feet to meet the fabric of the green Persian rug. Looking behind her towards the dorm rooms she takes notice of the dark and abandoned aura that has begun to echo through out the Old Common room.

Closing her eyes she remembers walking into Hogwarts with her peers and the fun times they had. Then the memories of studying, playing games, and fights that took place in this room begin to play out like a recording within her mind. Suddenly her thoughts turn to the professors that resigned and the students that followed them to other magical institutes'. Her eyes burst open as she hears a frantic tapping on the window of the common room.

Excitement bursts into her heart as she quickly runs to the window only to find that a tree branch was the culprit. A lone crystalline tear runs down her porcelain cheek as she realizes there are only a few Hogwarts students left and her friends won't be coming back.

Turning quietly she walks towards the dorm room and steps inside. The torches burst into flames casting a light into her surroundings. Only then does she take notice of the trunks that have been removed and the empty space that she feels in her heart.

Her bright green eyes scan the room as she walks towards her bed the feeling of loneliness suddenly taking over. Sitting down on her bed she pulls her hair into a high ponytail. As she looks at the other beds which have been complete stripped of bed linens.

"Why did all of you leave is no one loyal to anyone?" She whispers to herself
in the night air as if hoping for a response to come. Her bangs cover her eyes as she falls back onto the bed resting her head on the soft pillow.

Staring at the ceiling she slowly closes her eyes falling into a deep sleep completely oblivious to the footsteps coming towards the common room entrance. Her heart allowed her to sleep trying to remove the feeling of missing her peers, her love, and wishing she had someone to talk to.

Hermione awoke suddenly covered in sweat. Her beautiful curls clinging to her body like a blanket. Looking at the ceiling her eyes focus on the shadows the moon cast in her room. Branches from various trees seemed to creep into the illuminated room as if dancing just for her. Slowly standing her heart began pounding in her chest. Hermione placed her hand over her heart as she made her way to the heavy room door. Breathing heavily Bright Green eyes narrow as she rests against the door suddenly very weak.

"Why do I feel this way suddenly?" The sentence slipped from her lush red lips into the cool night air unaware she was no alone in the room.

"You have been poisoned." The words floated to Hermione's ears from the darkest corner of her room. The wise old voice soothing her rising panic as she realized the other occupant was none other than Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore. Soon the sound of foot steps alerted her to his movement as he came to stand beside her.

"There was an attempt on your life." Dumbledore said to her gently as he easily lifted her from the floor and guided her to the bed. As she sat down her ears began to wring and her heart felt that it would jump from her chest.

"Who?" Hermione asked as her voice shook with confusion. Green eyes met with wise blue ones as a deep sigh came from the man she respected so much.

"Ronald Weasley I am afraid." Hermione heard the name of her attacker just before her vision became black and she stopped breathing.

Dumbledore moved quickly as he disapparated them both to the hospital wing only a loud crack sounding through the halls of the infamous school.

Draco sat with a quill in had as he stared at the blank parchment that lye flat on the desk in front of him. Closing his eyes he immediately has flashes of her eyes rolling back and her suddenly falling to the floor. Shaking his head his thoughts played over the moments leading up to that.

"She had simply taken a sip of her tea at lunch in the great hall surrounded by all of us." Draco angrily said into the air as he ran fingers through his hair.

"She needs to be safe." the soft spoken voice of his most faithful house elf Lily floated to his ears. Draco knew she was right and the though of her being hurt was killing him.

"I know Lily." Draco gently said as he dipped the quill in the dark green ink and began to write the letter to his father. Elegant cursive soon filled the page as Draco folded and handed the letter to Lily. Her ability to understand things was far beyond anything Draco could comprehend.

"He will have it within the hour Young Master Malfoy." Lily said with a twinkle in her eye and silently disapparated from the room. Silver eyes looked to the clock which struck midnight. His father would be here in the morning after reading the letter. His things were already packed. Hermione's things were already packed with the help of Ginny and placed next to his.

"Our lives are changing and you may not live through it." He spoke to her smiling picture as he slid the frame into his trunk a lone crystalline tear slipping down his smooth flawless cheek.

"MASTER!" Lily screamed into the night air as she was unable to locate the Elder Malfoy. She knew she would be forgiven and she was the only one able to get away with such behavior.

Startled feet could be heard in the distance, and she waited for him to arrive at the top of the stairs. He was running, and the Lady of the house was close behind him. They were frantic with panic, but somehow elegant at the same time.

"Lily?" Narcissa questioned as she came to stand beside her husband. Questions were reflecting in the air due to the moonlight. Lily held the letter in the air towards the both of them.

"Hermione has been attacked." Lily said with tears in her eyes as she quickly made her way up the stairs. Coming to stand in front of her master she handed him the letter as he began unfolding it. Silver eyes begin to widen as he reads the letter in which he never wanted to receive.

'Dearest Father,

This afternoon during lunch an attempt on my beloved's life took place. She is hanging in the balance, and she is beginning to flicker out of existence. Poisoned tea is the tool, and Ronald Weasley the culprit.

It is no longer safe for us here. No longer safe for her. I have our things packed, and she needs the highest medical attention that we can give. Father its time for us to come home. We will continue our education later. Her life is more important than anything right now.

Hermione is not going to make it if we stay. It has been 12 hours since she fell to the floor, and there has been no improvement. The professors are unable to identify the poison that was used and he will not speak.


Lucius looked up from the letter handed it to his wife and walked back into their room only to emerge moments later in full Malfoy regalia. His eyes were fierce and his stance was bristled. Looking to his wife and then to Lily.

"Get dressed the both of you. We are going to be paying a little visit to the Weasley family this morning." Lucius said to the both of them as he felt the predator within him begin to rise. Gracefully he began to descend the steps and came to stop at the front door.

"Yes we shall pay them a surprise visit." Lucius said with a smirk as he disapparated from the manor.

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