Disclaimer: All characters belong to Sara Shepard. I do not own them.

Author's Note: This is just a short letter from "A."

Time: Pretty Little Liars

Genre: Drama and Mystery

Date Finished: September 28, 2010

Rating: PG

Did you think I forgot about you, girls?

Did you think I quit watching you?

Well, guess what? I'll back. I have short problem with my cell phone, but now I'm back for good.

I love watching you squirm when I text you you're most awful secrets. I love how you fault all the wrong people. I love how you lie to everyone and no one expects it from you. After all you are such "good girls" who "always do the right thing." Isn't that what people think of you? Well, I know what you are, you're just a bunch of pretty little liars.

I do have to gave you credit. You are such good little liars. In fact, many people don't suspect that you do have an awful secret. Sigh.

But, I know some who know you are lying. Don't you just love that I bring you nothing but good news? To make things even better, I'm not going to tell you.

Liar, liar pants on fire.

Ever here of that?

Oh, wait you were too busy lying to the world to know that.

Oh, you look speechless. What's the matter cat got your tongue? The cat didn't seem to have your tongue when you where lying to the police.

Meanwhile, you've all been busy.

Aria, love your little affair. By the way, he's cute. It's almost too bad that he's your teacher. It's so nice to see that you found someone who likes you. Are you sure he does? Anyway, I always knew you had it in you.

Spencer, you little boyfriend stealer. What number is this? I've seemed to have lost track. I thought that the bet was off. Your sister doesn't suspect you at all. Wow, you must be good. I always heard that little sisters were the ones you had to watch.

Emily, glad you've moved on. I'm so glad you've found someone else. I wonder what your boyfriend will say when he finds out that you left him for another girl? I can't wait. Wow, you look sick. I guess you haven't thought about that...

And don't worry Hanna, I didn't forget about you, you little thief. At least you stole something cute. It'll be so funny when you get caught. I know, I'll bring a camera and film it so we can watch it together. I am glad to see that you have solved that little (cough, cough) weight issue. You actually look hot, but not as hot as me.

Well, I'm so glad we could have this chat. I can't wait to see what stupid things you do next. Just remember to keep it good. After all I'll be watching.

I love you my pretty little liars. Don't forget to lie and cheat. I shouldn't have to remind you to do that, it's what you do best.

And next time, I'll text you sooner. I promise. Unlike you, I don't lie.

Don't forget, I'll be watching you.


P.S: Liar, liar pants on fire. Oh, I just love those words.