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Chapter 1 Bargain

"Will you help plain old Euphie?" Euphemia asked.

"You're the worst foe I've ever faced. You win," Lelouch said, shaking her hand.

"Did you really think I'd shoot you?" Euphie asked, laughing at her brother's stupidity. Did he actually think she would ever do anything like that?

"If I told you to...never mind. I'll tell you later," He decided to say, dropping the subject.

What if his geass did go out of control?

What if Euphie got hurt?

"How are you going to do this as Zero, Lelouch? People definitely won't trust a terrorist, no matter what I say." Euphemia asked, trying to figure out what to do.

"Indeed. They will not trust a terrorist. But, there is someone they will trust.." Lelouch said, trailing off, his hands on his chin in thought.

"Lelouch, we have to go soon. They're expecting us." Euphie said, biting her nails a bit. "They won't like it if we delay this any longer."

And then, it hit him. I've figured out the perfect way to do this. Though, it might be a bit harder after this...

"Lelouch?" Euphemia asked.

"There is something I must discuss with you. You see, I won't go as Zero, but rather..."

Euphemia listened to his idea, and nodded. "Okay!" Though inwardly, she was deeply conflicted by the entire idea. Was Lelouch really willing to go through with such a desperate act in the first place?

Outside, the atmosphere was quite tense. Every Japanese member of the audience wondered two things. The first thing was, would Princess Euphemia really keep her word? Would she really prevent discrimination against them? Could this all just be a ploy, to kill them?

The second thing they were wondering was whether or not Zero was really going to help the Princess. What if he just killed her? He might've already done it, but they would've heard the gun go off if he had...unless he had a silencer on.

"What is taking Princess Euphemia so long?" Darlton said, pacing back and forth.

The crowd was tense with excitement and tension; some were gossiping about Zero's intentions for the zone, others were wondering whether this was all a trap.

Then, they all heard light footsteps coming out of the inside of the stadium, and Euphemia came up to the stage. Much to their relief, she wasn't holding a gun like most Britannian royalty would have. The Viceroy would have easily rounded them all up in here and killed them like animals. But the Sub-Viceroy seemed to be different, somehow. Maybe she was holding true to her promise.

"Attention, all Japanese! My meeting with Zero went well, and he has agreed to help us. But, he has also bargained with me. In exchange for giving us our name back, he is going to give Britannia something in return," Euphemia said, earning a confused reaction from the audience.

As if to clear up their suspicions, the latter strode out on the stage, and started to speak. "Thank you. Princess Euphemia is truly an admirable woman. I have given her family someone in exchange," Zero announced.

Then, Lelouch stepped out on the stage from behind Zero, and stood beside his half-sister. Everyone in the audience was curious about this mystery person who had just shown up. Who was he and exactly why was he so important, anyway?

"Who is that boy? Is he your boyfriend?" A Japanese man shouted, getting up to see better.

This caused the audience to burst out laughing, but Euphie and Lelouch just looked embarrassed.

"No, I'm not her boyfriend. It may have been a long time, but I am the same prince who came to your country eight years ago, Lelouch vi Britannia!" Lelouch declared, getting a startled silence from everyone except Euphie, who stared at him with a worried look on his face.

Lelouch, are you really willing to go through with this?

"H-How did you survive, Your Highness?" Darlton asked, unable to believe who he was seeing.

"Simple. Up until now, Zero has held me prisoner. My sister Euphemia was able to guarantee me a safe rescue," Lelouch said, lying.

"A prince was being held captive by Zero? Cowardly terrorist!" A woman shouted, throwing her cane at Zero, who dodged.

Suzaku's eyes widened upon seeing his best friend beside his sister. Not only did it seem she knew he was alive, but he was up on the stage speaking in front of an audience! What the heck was his friend thinking? Was he really that foolish that he would rather give up his anonymity for no reason?

What does he think he's doing? I've got to stop him!

Suzaku raced toward the stage, but was stopped by two guards.

"Let me through! I'm Princess Euph-UGH!"

At that moment, Suzaku was hit over the head by one of the guard's spears, which knocked him out.

"Filthy Eleven. I swear, this whole idea is a big mistake. Why did Viceroy Cornelia even allow her foolish sister to go through with this, anyway?" One remarked to the other, who shook his head in disbelief.

"This whole shenanigan is nothing but applesauce. I can't believe this kind of heresy would be allowed by Prince Schneizel." Another sighed. "There's nothing we can do. We just have to accept it."

Darlton thought it was impossible at first that Lelouch vi Britannia could even be alive. But that young man standing up at the podium, speaking, was undoubtedly him. This was history in the making, and that meant Darlton had to inform the Viceroy.

"Her Highness needs to hear this!" He cried in his head, and ran off to contact Cornelia.

It took a bit of his effort, but Cornelia's image appeared over the screen.

"Yes, Darlton? Is it about Euphemia?" She said, looking very impatient.

"Your Highness, Euphemia has bargained with Zero! The two of them are working together. But there's-" Darlton began, but was cut off by Cornelia.

"Zero? You mean to tell me that my sister is with a terrorist? I'm coming there immediately!" Cornelia cried, getting up.

"W-Wait, your high-" Darlton said, but he was too late. The connection was over.

"How am I going to tell her about the Eleventh Prince now?" He thought.

"I am going to help my half-sister with the SAZ." Lelouch summed up, getting a wild round of applause from the audience. Now he had managed to win them over. At least for a while, which was good in the meantime.

After the whole thing was over, Suzaku spotted Lelouch and raced over to the two of them.

"LELOUCH, WHAT ARE YOU THINKING!" Suzaku cried, before he grabbed Lelouch by the lapels, looking like he wanted to strangle him here and now.

"Calm down, Suzaku. I'm doing this because I have to, for Nunnally." Lelouch replied.

"B-But, Zero didn't-did he?" Suzaku said, staring up at him in disbelief.

"Indeed, Suzaku. He forced me to join him, before I met you again."

"Then, that's why you were-" Suzaku started, but was cut off again.

"Yes, Suzaku, now do you want Euphie to know about this?" Lelouch hissed into his ear.

Suzaku flinched. "I'd rather not..."

Euphie was going to reply when suddenly a Knightmare came charging down the road. It stopped as soon as it saw the three of them.

Cornelia jumped out. "Euphemia, what are you thinking?"

"Sister, I had to." Euphie said, smiling.

She looked about ready to throw a fit when her eyes fell on Suzaku. "So, I suppose even though you are her knight, you still can't stop that rage that's natural, you filthy eleven."

She then grabbed Suzaku by the lapel.

"It was a bargain, Cornelia. You don't have to blame him." Lelouch interjected, causing Cornelia to release her death grip on Suzaku, and whirl around to look at him.

Instantly, her face turned pale. Her eyes widened in disbelief, and she stepped back. "N-N-No. He's dead...Y-Y-You can't be..."

"It's been too long, Sister," Lelouch said, smiling.

"L-L-Lelouch? You're alive?" Cornelia stuttered in total shock. She touched him.

"Yes, sister. He's the real thing." Euphemia interjected.

"You're alive. This is wonderful, but what about..." Cornelia said, about ready to burst into tears of happiness.

"Nunnally? She's alive, too. She's also fine." Lelouch answered, causing Cornelia to squeeze him hard.

"Lelouch..." Cornelia mumbled, hugging him.

She backed away from him for a second. "Are you..."

"I'm not..."

"I should have known..." She continued, a frown on her face.

'I am not Zero, if that's what you're thinking." He said calmly, causing everyone but Euphie to stare at him.

"Of course you're not. Are you anorexic? Or bulimic? I hope you eat enough, because you're like a walking stick..." Cornelia muttered, causing Lelouch to sweatdrop.

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