A/N:Siblings...don't cha love them so much...that ya just want to strangle them! Sisters are a pain in the ass, as Lelouch can very well sympathize. That's who I shall be writing up today. O.o Really short chapter today...because I'm tired and want to update other stuff...and because I'm not as big a fan of this story as you guys are...

Chapter 28 Stuck in a rut

'Have I...made a fatal mistake?' Lelouch thought in alarm, looking at his two closest people, both of whom now looked very affronted. He didn't think Cornelia would be this angered with him. He hadn't meant to kill all of the innocents in the Zone, after all, but how the hell could he explain his uncontrollable Geass to an angry big sister who wouldn't listen to reason?

Screw that, he was dead. She was going to execute him for being a traitor to the Empire. Not even their relationship as brother and sister could save him from the horrifying fate that awaited him now. He only prayed and hoped that his poor sweet little sister Nunnally would be spared the pain of having to know about his execution. Tell her the little white lie that he had died serving Britannia and doing justice.

Anything was better than telling his sweet little sister that he was secretly the man who had murdered one of her brothers and was now using her other precious sister Euphemia for his own gain. He could only imagine the look of stunned heartbreak on her face. She would never see him again, and he would never be able to visit her again.

He waited for her to denounce him, waited for her to declare him a traitor. He waited-and waited-and waited, but nothing happened.

He snapped his head back up, his purple eyes looking at each of them, examining them, wishing his Geass could also read their minds. What was he supposed to do? Cornelia was crying...but she looked more wistful than anything.

"...Lelouch, you fool. I should've known Zero was you from the start. So you've just been doing a pretty piece of acting on all of us this entire time, huh?" Cornelia said bitterly, but he knew she was angry. There was no way in hell that she wouldn't be, not after what he had done. "...You killed your own brother, and you've murdered tons of your fellow Britannians, Lelouch. How the hell can you live with yourself?"

"This is war, Cornelia. Innocent people die," Lelouch said coldly, regaining his imperial mask."...If it's to create a better world, then I'm all for it."

"...Lelouch, you are a true fool. How can I let you go run off again and get yourself killed by your own family?" Cornelia embraced the desperate prince in another smothering hug.

"C-C-Cornelia, stop it," He hissed.

"No, I won't. Now that I have you back Lelouch, I won't let you go die recklessly." She said before glaring at him.

"Cornelia...I don't care what you think, now leave me alone." He said darkly.