I Hidden in Eyes of Deceit

Monica's eyes flicked down the streets from behind her crowded hood; suits and skirts she thought, the big eat during Liberty City's lunch break. Strands of jet black hair protruded in great razors of ragged ends, framing her angry expression with aggression.

She strolled through the businessmen and women, rubbing shoulders with the rich, taking more than one of their fat wallets with her. Simple lifts were easy enough for any street urchin; I'm a fucking modern day Aladdin with a special party piece she thought, looking around her as she entered the multi-story. This was her domain; she'd lived in the maintenance areas behind the scenes for a year now after having been "voluntarily" removed from shopping mall at gunpoint, but she hadn't come home to rest. She was here on business.

Simply scanning around before she moved too hastily, she ran across to a dark blue car parked awkwardly in between a large off-roader and smaller city car. Nice choice she thought, trying the door handle. With it locked, there was only one more thing she was prepared to try.

With slightly more time she'd have used more finesse, being more than capable in busting this thing open, but there was a time and a place for the direct approach and she unravelled the broken brick she'd found in alley from beneath her hoodie and smashed it against the window. Her reflection shattered and disappeared into the car before her very eyes and she reached inside quickly, opening the door. Pulling a couple of metal slides from her pocket, she slipped them into the ignition, trying to find the right touch. With a splutter the engine roared into life and, dropping the car into gear, she slammed her foot down hard on the gas, wheel spinning out of the car park.


"Very impressive Sandy," said Ricardo, staring at Monica through his tinted glasses, holding the door open for her as she got out, "Very impressive. Was it raining in there? Maybe cold without the window glass?"

"What?" replied Monica, her tone staccato and sharp.

"Your hood, what are you, bald under there?" Ricardo laughed.

"Funny," Monica stated, "Where's the cash?"

"In time Sandy baby, in time. One more to pick up," replied Ricardo, checking his list.

"One more? This is bullshit… you told me this was the last one! Three cars I've got you and your exports are leaving in what, an hour or so? Ricky, seriously, just give me the cash, please," Monica shouted back, grabbing Ricardo's list.

"Hey, listen babe, I don't make the rule," he said, looking into her eyes. The aggression she had had earlier in the day was no longer visible, replaced with helplessness and fear. "I hate it when you do this to me," Ricardo continued, "Those eyes man, jeez, you could melt politicians. Tell you what, take this," he said, producing a wad of notes from his shorts. "That's probably about half. The other car is a bit of a speciality item for a new client and it's not going on this boat, so you have a couple of days at least. Get it and I'll get you the rest of the cash plus a little bonus too."

"Ricky," said Monica, taking the cash with one hand and placing her hand on Ricardo's dark cheek, "you're really pushing your luck…"

She let go, taking a step back before sighing.

"What's the target?"