A/N: This is a dark AU set after Sam is killed in All hell breaks loose. Dean never made deal with the crossroad demon, and he has been on the road since then. With him is Bobby and Castiel, however things are not as any of them wants too, as they soon find out after arriving in Peace Point, Canada. This story will contain strong language, and have hints of abuse, so I have rated this a MA, so no one shouldn't get offended. There will be character death in this story. Evil/Sam and Hurt/dean.

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Cold Oak, South Dakota. The rain came down hard, as Dean and Bobby reached the old town, as they walked down the street, they saw Sam come at them, Dean smiled.



Sam smiled to Dean, as he walked over towards Dean and Bobby.


Then Dean turned pale. He saw a shadow behind Sam, it moved closer, and stabbed Sam in the back, Sam had this surprised look on his face. He had no idea what had just happened, he even staggered a few steps towards Dean and Bobby, before dropping to his knees.


Dean ran to Sam, grabbing him as he was loosing a lot of blood, "Sam" Dean cried out, as he saw Bobby run after the man, who had stabbed Sam, Sam couldn't say a words, he was already passing out. Dean held him close as Sam dropped his head on Dean's shoulder. Deans grip got firmer, as he tried to talk to Sam, but his voice was already trembling.

"Whoa, whoa, Sam. Sam! Hey! Come here. Let me look at you."

Dean pushed his hands at the wound on Sam's back, his hand was instantly covered in blood. Dean got scared, as he knew what happening, however he refused to accept it, this was not right, he was not supposed to die now, not here, not like this.

"Hey, look at me. It's not even that bad. It's not even that bad, all right? Sammy? Sam! Hey, listen to me. We're gonna patch you up, okay? You're gonna be good as new. I'm gonna take care of you. I'm gonna take you care of you. I've got you. That's my job, right? Watch out for my pain-in-the-ass little brother? Sam? Sam! Sammy!"

Sam's eyes closed, as he fell into Dean with all of his dead weight. He was gone. Dean held him, not believing this was happening to them. He cried, as he had just lost his little brother, his last family, his best friend.

"No. No, no, no, no. Oh, God."

Dean just sat there with Sam, as he refused to accept the truth, he could not lose Sam, never. This was wrong, he had always been his little brother, Dean's job to keep Sam safe, had failed.


Deans face was filled with tears, however the rain hid them. Bobby came back and looked at the two Winchesters. This was very bad news. All Bobby could think of was that thank God John had not been around to witness this. He walked over to Dean, who was still holding Sam in his arms. Bobby placed a hand on Dean's shoulder as he was out of words. The rain kept falling, like nothing had happened.

The days passed and Dean refused to bury Sam, however every crossroad demon he tried to get a hold of, never came, they kept their distance from Dean. After a week, the smell was so bad, even Dean had to accept that he had lost Sam forever. He was in tears, whenever he was alone, he took up drinking hard, as he went over his options, but all ended in him burning Sam. He didn't want to do it, however there was no way out.

He had to salt and burn Sam, so he didn't become on of the things, that Dean and Sam had hunted, he owed him that much. Bobby and Dean drove out to a forest, they made the preparations for the bonfire, as they worked swift, but in silence. Dean kept wiping his eyes, he was out of words, and Bobby had taken his liquor away from him. He walked over to the Impala and opened the trunk, then froze dead in his tracks.

"Bobby! Where is he?"

Bobby turned to face Dean, as he had no idea, what Dean was on about. He could however do the math fast, he was by Dean's side and looked at the empty trunk, the only thing there was the blanket they had packed Sam in. Both men paled, as they looked at each other. This had to be bad news, Bobby let a hand rub his beard as he looked at the empty trunk, moving the blanket as if there was someone under it, and it was just an illusion. However the trunk stayed empty.

Dean and Bobby knew this was not only bad, this was demon bad. However they had no idea, when the demon had gotten Sam's body, as the sign on Dean's trunk still made it impossible for demons to look inside the trunk, yet alone open it. So how had Sam's body disappeared? Bobby was stunned, as they had had the trunk in eyesight all the time. Dean was swearing, at whoever had taken Sam, that he would be coming after them, and then he would hurt those sons-of-bitches.

Dean was in some shit hotel room, he was on the bed, with his fingers playing with the pendant he had gotten from Sam. He was drunk, but then he was pretty much all the time drunk these days. He was only sober whenever Bobby sent him on a job, or Castiel was there to invade his private space. Right now, none of them where there, so he had emptied a bottle of scotch, and was working on the second one. He couldn't sleep anymore, hadn't had a good nights sleep since Sam had died. He would wake up with nightmares, screaming Sam's name.

He had lost too much too soon, first John then Sam. It had literally destroyed him. He didn't search for supernatural things anymore, he let Bobby do that. He even let Castiel do that. However Dean did do research, demonic at that. He needed to know what had happened to Sam, how his body had disappeared on them. Everywhere he looked, he struck out. Every single road, was a dead end. He had run out of thing or literature or lore's to pursuit. He had called in favors, and nothing had helped him, the mystery of his brother's body disappearing, was still a mystery.

Dean reached for the bottle, but it was gone, he looked to the bedside table where the bottle had stood. However it was gone, and instead Castiel was there, Dean jerked back, as he grabbed his heart, cursing low, so hopefully Castiel would not hear it. However Castiel looked puzzled at Dean, not fully understanding his pain, and the fact that Dean was pretty much trying to drink himself to death, every time he got a chance. Dean frowned as he was feeling a damn lot better, in that state where he almost passed out from drinking, in that place, he could deceive himself. In thinking none of it had happened. That Sam was still alive. However Castiel wasn't on the wagon, that lead Dean to passing out. He had a lead, on some demon activity in Canada. Peace point to be exact. A town in the middle of no where, in a forest near a river called Peace River, in the middle of Wood Buffalo Park in Canada, that was all Castiel had. There was something that Castiel was holding back from Dean, but he was too drunk to actually care.

Dean sighted and sat up. He grabbed his cell and dialed Bobby's number. He got a concerned voice, something Dean wasn't used to, however when he looked at his cell, he could see that Bobby had tried to call him a few times, a few 20 times. At least it made sense why Castiel was there now. Bobby had done some heavy research and this little place, had been the only place that for over 2 years, had not had a death, or anything unnatural about it. It had been a demon fortress some 14 years ago, and there had been demon activity all the time, nothing concerning, just the average little town in the middle of nowhere activity, then 2 years ago it all stopped.

No more weird deaths, no more storms or anything out of the ordinary, which in it self stood out. Bobby was already on his way to meet with Dean, so Dean knew he had to take a shower and get a shave. However when he got up, the world spun around, and he had to sit down for a little, before giving it another go. When he reached the toilet, he notices his hair had grown, so it was longer than the normal Sammy length, that alone made Dean force the tears back. He frowned and grabbed a knife, he just cut his hair, not really caring if it would look good after wards, he had done this so many times by now, that he rarely got it wrong. He shaved, but was to drunk he managed to cut himself a few times, one of the cuts were bad, and Castiel had to heal him.

Now Dean didn't like when Castiel got into his private sphere, and with him being without a shirt, and Castiel still in his trench-coat, it made the situation, at least for Dean, awkward. Castiel was back in the room, as Dean took a shower, the water was hot, damn hot. He couldn't really take the cold water, he would every time, just turn on the cold one, to wake up, however he was awake, and he was fully aware that Sam didn't need the hot water, so he didn't need to take the cold shower. However those days, and there were still a few. Dean would still on pure gut feeling get groggy up and turn on the cold water on, he would most days remember it when the water hit his body. However there were still those days, where he he brushed his teeth and called for Sam to get up, and shower fast.

Those days killed him. Bobby and Castiel would most of those days, leave him alone, as all he could do was break down. He would go to a bar, flirt and get into a fight, however it didn't matter how pathetic a fighter the other one was, he would always get Dean down, as Dean never fought back, he just looked like he tried. However that was a risky business, as Dean was still wanted by the police and FBI. Getting arrested for bar-fights would be the end of him, or so he hoped. However those weeks were he was on a suicide mission, he would be closely watched by Bobby or Castiel, and those few times they couldn't take care of him, they made sure others did. Other hunters gave a hand, all were looking for signs for what had happened to Sam's body. The only hunter that didn't help out, was Gordon Walker. He was convinced that Sam was evil, and had only faked his own death, something he went to great length to prove, but as the rest, he came up short.

Dean had gotten some clothes on, and he had packed, when Bobby knocked on the door, and Castiel opened it for him, Dean had his back to them, he really couldn't take their looks, each time it was the same, the exchange of concerned looks, mostly from Bobby, as Castiel usually was not in tune with emotions in general. Bobby looked at Dean, and demanded to know when he had eaten last, Dean just shrugged his shoulder, and just grabbed his duffel bag, well it had been Sam's. But these days Dean used it, as it was one of the few things he had left, of his little brother, the brother who, he had failed.

Dean rubbed his forehead as he just walked out to the Impala, however Bobby told him he was to drunk to drive, Dean gave Castiel the death stare. Bobby just grabbed the keys, and got into the Impala, and they drove of, Dean grunted something, but just pulled his leather jacket closer and fell asleep, as the comforting sounds of Metallica was echoing from the tape-recorder. He had his arms tight around himself as he had barely an idea of where they were going, and he couldn't be bothered to listen to the case, if they wanted him in it, he would be in it, on his terms.

Dean barely noticed when they held in, to get gas and something to eat. He hadn't eaten in days, he couldn't even remember when. He just got out of the car, and managed to walk straight into Castiel, Dean looked at him, and at the back seat, where the angel had been seated seconds ago. Dean walked inside and ordered pie, so did Castiel, while Bobby came back with a burger to both, and eggs for himself. Dean didn't even bother to point out, he wasn't hungry, and Castiel never commented on anything, he had long time ago, well not so long ago. Learned to mimic Dean or Bobby, when in public.

The burger tasted good, and Dean actually got to hear, what Bobby had managed to find out, this place was in the middle of nowhere, and about 14-15 years ago there had been a mass explosion in demon activity, a lot of women and kids had died. Then it had gone quiet, not entirely dead, but about the normal activity, as these kind of towns tended to have. However then it started to pick up, and everything stopped from day to day, two years ago. Not one single death, not a car accident, nothing had happened to this town, from that day.

It was like the town had gotten a guardian angel, however that was not the case. Castiel had taken this to his superiors and they had not only not done anything, but the entire town had gone missing, the angels could not see it anymore. This had in it self weird enough, so Castiel had gotten the job, seeing he had brought it to their attention, beside if the town was out of "sight" it would most likely be, under some kind of angelic lock-down. Castiel had gone to Bobby, and they had agreed on pulling in Dean, this could be something, he could throw his mind at, that could get his thoughts of Sam. However Bobby had to come along, after Sam's death, Dean had gotten into the habit of just rushing in, and pretty much not care about his life, which both Castiel and Bobby had told him, would not help those he tried to help. It had been like talking to a wall, a very drunk wall.

They seemed to somehow get through to Dean, something that was rare these days. He nodded as this was in deed weird, and weird was good. It could be a way that he could explore, new ways, new demons, to find out what happened to Sam. To find and torture. Dean ate, and he even smiled at the waitress when she brought him pie, he gave Bobby a smile too, and ate his pie. He nodded as he looked at the maps, there was a pattern, it just avoided his eyes, he let Castiel and Bobby point and talk again, there was something there, the way Castiel looked as if there was something he was confused about, pretty much told both hunters, that this was no joke, Bobby called in a few hunters to be on stand-by or have other hunters that were near by to call in.

One name kept popping up, one name neither of the hunters wanted to have near them, Gordon Walker. A man that had hated Sam so much he had pretty much hunted Sam on any given occasion there was. Now Gordon didn't have anything outstanding with Dean, it was only Sam, and with Sam being dead, it shouldn't be a problem, but it was. Dean hated Gordon these days, he pretty much hated anyone that said ill of his father or Sam. Sam was his Achilles. Dean looked at Bobby, when he declined Gordon's help, both knew he would most likely not turn up, as there was no vampire sightings.

They paid and left the place, when they hit Peace point. The city limits were all covered in various signs, and there was no way for Castiel to cross the lines. However that had been seen before, and Bobby had actually found a way around the angel traps. A demon amulet, it was crude and simple, yet it worked like a charm. Seeing it was one, the irony wasn't wasted on either. As they drove down the main road, Dean rolled down the window, and looked out on the empty streets, there wasn't much life here, however as they turned a corner, he could swear he saw Sam. Just walk around the corner they passed.

"Bobby! Stop the car, I saw Sammy!"

"Listen Dean, we all see him now and then, yeah not you I know Castiel. This is a chick-flick moment so just can it on the back-seat you idijt. Dean you have to let go, it's been 5 years since his death. Let go son, let go."

"No Bobby, stop the car I saw him, I swear it, stop the damned car!"

Dean was out of the Impala, before Bobby, had stopped it, but as he ran around the corner, there was only a few women with strollers, and nothing else. Dean looked into the windows and asked the women if they had seen a tall guy come around the corner, he got a weird look, and let his hands run through his hair as he felt the tears press again. He stopped and looked around, he knew he was slipping, but there was something here, something that was stalking him. Dean rarely got paranoid, but he was feeling the prying eyes. He looked around once more, before tracking back to the Impala. They headed for the local dinner, before they would go to the motel, and get some rest, and go over what was going on in Peace point.

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