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Sam looked at Callie, as he tried to stop the blood. However he heard the soft Latin speech. He looked at Callie as she looked at him. However the blood on Sam's hands started to vanish as he looked at her, She was pale and sweating, yet she gave him a smile. She closed her eyes, as she continued to chant. She had no power over healing, however she was learning damn fast how to control her blood. That was one thing she was learning in a pace, that most would barely understand what was being told. Sam looked at her, she was passing out, yet the blood stayed in her body. Sam looked at her, knowing if she died he would have failed, yet there wasn't much he could do. Possessing her would not help.

Kubrick felt his jaw break when Sam knocked him out. However the bullet had not been meant for the girl, it had Sam's name on it. Now a little girl was dying because of Sam. Kubrick knew Gordon was right. The Winchester kid was evil, he had to be put down like a rabid dog. However right now God had to save the child. The Winchesters weren't going to be right about her, she was barely in her teens, and already dying because Sam would rather let a child catch his bullet than take it himself.

Kubrick got up on his knees, as he looked at Samuel and the girl. What ever was happening, was beyond Kubrick. However he was convinced the girl was touched by the Lord himself. When he saw the blood being pulled back into her little body. He looked at her, as she was clearly passing out, however he could save her, he grabbed his sawed of, and knocked out Samuel. He picked her up, and walked into the church, where he started to pray. She was almost clean, however she was still breathing in small pants. As if she was in grate pain. Kubrick knelt in front of the altar, lifting the body up over his head. Her body limp in his hands.

However his prayer made her cough, and he pulled her down to his arms, telling her she was safe. She looked at him, her blue eyes where like the sky on a cloudless day. She had a drop of blood on her lower lip, yet he knew she was fine. There was no more blood. However her wound was still yet to heal, however he knew the Lords work when he saw it. He pulled his jacked of himself, and wrapped her in it. His jaw hurt like hell, he wasn't even able to speak right, yet the Lord knew what he meant. He had saved the girl, he would kill Samuel Winchester and save this poor girls soul. He would make Sam pay for his devil worship.

He wrapped the jacket around her. Her moans made him want to hurt Sam even more, however he would save Sam, for when Gordon was there too. The girl whimpered. The name that came over her lips sounded like a premonition.


Kubrick tensed up, could it be? Had the famous John Winchester finally come back from hell, to walk this earth with his youngest. It wouldn't surprise anyone. The Winchesters were all godless. Dean was probably in on the entire deal too. Kubrick placed the girl on the altar, as he rubbed his jaw. As he text'ed Gordon where he was. He even warned Gordon that Sam was outside, hopefully still passed out. However he wasn't about to risk the girl. She could not be evil. She was just a child. How could a child of the Lord, be evil, she was so innocent. It reeked from her. He would save her body and soul. It would be his mission in life.

He received a text back. The graveyard was empty. He turned around just in time to be knocked out by Sam. When Gordon woke him up, the girl and Samuel was gone. Gordon helped him up, was Dean and Castiel entered the church. Kubrick looked at them, trying to see if Bobby was there with them, however he wasn't there. Gordon and Kubrick sent each other looks, as the supposed angel and brother of the hell spawn walked towards them. However they didn't say a word, they just looked as the Winchester and the angel looked at them.

Sam held Callie close, he was in the forest, however he could not move her, as long as she was passed out. She didn't bleed, however he needed her awake. He needed more protection, as he had seen Dean walk into the church with the stranger. He had seen Gordon walk into his buddy Kubrick. Bobby was gone, so there was a chance he was out here, waiting for Sam and for Callie. Sam could not take that risk. In this picture Callie came first, they had a lot of riding on her. Seeing her hurt made something in Sam turn. He knew he didn't care deeply about Callie, she was his job, nothing more nothing less. Yet he would like to think he could still have some of his human emotions left, as he was in his own body.

Sam grabbed his cell, and called the 911 code he and John had made, in case of an emergency. Given when they had made it, they never thought they would be needing it. It was just how they worked, from before they were turned from hunters, to hunters. However a more demonic kind of hunters. He had hidden himself and the cold body of Callie in a bush, knowing there was five traps right around here, that hadn't been deactivated. However he didn't take any chance, he would be on the rack, screaming in pain if he failed this mission.

The vibrating response he got back, didn't make a sound. Still Sam felt edgy and nervous, not that he had any problem with killing of any of the hunters. However just like John, he wanted to drag Dean screaming to hell, and put him on the rack till he turned to their side. Then once and for all, the Winchesters would be gathered again. However of course they would miss a few key members, however one could not get all served on a silver plate.

Sam looked at the sweating and pale face, of the girl in his arms, she had been the center of his life ever since he had come back. He knew she loved him, however if it was only brotherly love or more. That was the real question, not that she would get a chance to decide on her own. The plan had been set in motion, and there would be more things she would be forced to, that she would not agree upon. However Sam didn't care, he liked her yes, love well he loved her as much as a demon could ever love something else. He felt another vibrating message, and he pulled the cell from his pocket and looked at it.

John was at the church, he had found Kubrick and Gordon, and with some of the males from the town, he had pulled them to the local jail. The girls were having their fun, on the stupid hunters accounts. John had sent out scouts to find Dean and Bobby, and the last stranger. However the text said one thing that made Sam frown. The scent of the stranger had a pure scent to it, John could swear it was angelic. Not something Sam wanted to hear. How the hell had Dean managed to find an angel.

Sam looked around, making sure no one would find them, however there was never any guaranties. Callie was still passed out, she would offer no help, and Sam wasn't about to take on an angel, not even one stupid enough to team up with Dean. They would find Dean and they would make damn sure he went down. One way or another. He would never leave this town alive, at least not walking. They would drag him to hell and at one point back. They would team up like the good old days, and then start hunting.

They would hunt down hunters, and they would make sure that hunting would become a dying trade to join, and they would make all living hunters extinct. There was nothing like a head on a pole as a warning. If all played out right, there wouldn't even be a reason to hide that the demons walked the earth. God didn't care, and the angels were falling faster than anyone had could predict. Sam heard a branch break and held his breath. This was one of the side effect of still having one's body. One needed basic things like air, blood and food. Sleep was to some extent needed too, however Sam got his sleep, when ever he had done Ariette. He faked his sleep, however he always got a few hours before he woke up in rage and pain. Nightmares where so vivid, they made him nausea and sweating, staggering for the bathroom to shower every time.

Sam was brought back to his situation, when another branch was snapped close to him. However he heard one of the town folks curse about stepping in something, and Sam just looked up. It was the shop owner Henry, he always did have the best milk. Something that even Sam liked, and something that Callie loved.

"Hey Henry, I was worried it was one of the other, I need your help. The assholes have shot Callie, she needs to be taken to the doc's place, and be patched up."

However Sam barely had finished the sentence before he was covered in Henry's blood and entrails. Someone behind Henry had shot him in the back, like a coward. Sam had left Callie on the ground, when he had gotten up. He used the back of his sleeve to get Henry's blood of his face, when he looked at Bobby and two boys he could barely recognize as the Clarson twins, Jimmy and Johnny. Sam had once liked them, now he loathed them, and they had just moved up on his "to-kill-list". He would start with Johnny, who had ruined his clothes and killed a town man. Not that Sam cared about Henry, however he could not get Callie alone to the doctors place, or even back home. He was also sure the twins had heard what he had said about Callie.

"We had heard rumors that you were back,"

Johnny said, while he had his riffle ready, and pointing straight at Sam's chest. The young hunter looked strangely scared, yet fascinated. It was clear that they would try and kill Sam and Callie if they spotted her behind Sam. Sam just faced them, shielding her with his body, seeing she was out, she would not move or make a sound. She would be covered just fine, all Sam had to do was to step out of the bush and make sure they didn't break the branches to see if he was hiding anything.

"We even heard you have found a family here, of course there has been some strange killings, I bet you would know a little about those wouldn't you Sammy."

Johnny's voice was ice cold. However he never took his eyes from Sam, who just stood there calm as if there wasn't a riffle pointing at him, or that his soon to be girlfriend was on the ground with a gun-shot hole in her stomach. Johnny had seen Callie, however he didn't say anything. If Sam believed she was safe, he would be easier to bring down. It was the same with all animals. If they had something to fight for, they where harder to bring down.

"Well I see you and Jimmy are here, so I am guessing that Dean needed a full brain instead of a half one."

Johnny frowned as he cocked the riffle, to get some respect. However Sam wasn't scared of the twins, he would kill them easily, however he wanted to play with them, but the current situation didn't leave place to play, so he could make them walk into traps, and remove their weapons. It would make it so much more fun, when the girls would come for them, and drag their sorry asses back to the basement. The cat was out of the bag, Bambi knew what they were, or at least that their agenda wasn't as sweet as the rest thought.

His dead girlfriend was something of the past, and if he had any regrets about her, it was that he could not have used more time on her unfortunately early death. Sam looked at the twins, he wondered if using his powers would be unfair, seeing they both had their weapons pointing at him, not that it would kill him, but it would ruin his nice body. Now Sam liked his body, and he worked out pretty much every day, just to stay in shape, being in ones own body, required some maintenance, nothing fancy, just a few basic things. Staying in shape was one of them.

While Sam was handling the Clarson twins, John was back in the jail letting Ruby and Meg work on the twins, while he tried to figure out on a map, where his oldest and Bobby could hide, or make trouble. However there were too many places they could hide, and the most obvious would not be the ones. There was no way his oldest was like a stupid hiker, that thought safety, could be found at an abandoned mine or well. He would put his money that they already had the house under surveillance and probably the cemetery. Even if they had been over the place inch by inch.

However just because you had looked one place, didn't mean they couldn't hide where they had already been. John would however have a man to man talk with Kubrick and Gordon. Neither where people John had trusted when he had been living, and he certainly didn't trust them after his resurrection. Gordon's obsession with vampires, had more than once put other hunters at risk, Sam was a living proof of that. However John didn't hold a grudge against Gordon. He had his own discussions with Sam, back when they were a family with different morals than the average Joe.

John grabbed a chair and sat on it backwards. While his elbows rested on the back of the chair. He smiled as he just looked at the pathetic hunters who thought the Lord was on their side. How could he be, when he didn't try and rescue them. John mocked them for a little while. Until Ruby asked if she was allowed to play a little, and Meg already had some different torture instruments in her hands. John laughed as all he did was make a gesture to the girls to have fun. He would watch them, see if he could pick up something new. Though he doubted it, as he could be learned new tricks from his time on the rack.

The Clarson twins had both their riffles pointed at Sam's chest. He didn't move, he liked his body, and would prefer not to use it as a pincushion. He didn't move, yet he could feel the power around him, the wind was shifting, and there was a stench of rotten meat in the air. Sam however didn't move, he wasn't sure if the smell was from a carcass of an animal trapped in one of their traps. However the sound of staggering steps from behind made Sam smile, and he knew what ever was coming would be on his side. The twins also knew it, as they pointed at Sam's face telling him to call of who ever was coming at them.

Sam stood his ground with a smug smile. He had no idea who was coming, yet he wasn't worried. He could take out the twins alone, however if he got hurt, it would only slow him down. He couldn't risk Callie, however he couldn't look down at her, to check to see if she was fine. Jimmy looked over his shoulder while Johnny kept his eyes on Sam. However the weird sound that Jimmy made, made Johnny look over his shoulder too. That was all Sam needed. The riffles where ripped out of the twins hands, before Sam got the chance to do it himself.

The corpse behind the twins was more effective than either the twins or Sam had counted on. However Sam was sure that Callie was still passed out, so he wondered who had summoned the zombie. It wasn't something that you could just do, without him and John noticing. The summoning spells required a lot of things, things that would be spoken about in this little town. Sam grabbed a large branch and clubbed the twins, ignoring the sound of breaking bones. They were only gun-fodder, and he would be the one that took care of them. However he had things to do, that were more important right now. He put the twins in a few bear traps and cuffs and gagged them, to make sure they would not attract some unwanted company.

Cas was outside the sheriff's office. Watching and listening to the muffled screams of the hunters in the jail. He knew he should help them, three demons would not be a problem for him, however this battle was not for him. This battle was the Winchester┬┤s and he hoped by God, that Dean would be able to look past his family and kill them, and then find out where the remains where so he could make sure they would never return. Cas wasn't entirely sure how to kill Sam and how to treat his corpse afterward.

Cas looked at the jail, as he heard the screams. Cas was one second outside the jail the next moment beside Dean. Who was hiding near the church. He was looking around, seeing if he could see a blood trail. Kubrick had shot the girl, straight in the guts. Yet there was no blood trail, something didn't add up. Dean turned around and beside him was Cas standing looking at him. Dean almost screamed like a little girl. This town was not cool for his image, nor his nerves. He looked at Cas,

"Dude, personal space. Try and remember it!"

Cas looked at Dean and stepped a few steps back. Cas looked at Dean with the confused look as always. He didn't feel he had the time to argue, so he didn't say a word, he would let Dean lead the way for now. He would make sure that Dean was ready for the job he was about to face.

"I need to track down the girl, and Cas I need to find a way to save Sam. Cas you are going to help me!"

Cas looked at Dean. Fully knowing there was no rescue for Sam, there was no happy ending. However Dean wasn't ready for that just yet. So he just kept his mouth shut, and just looked at Dean with the look he always gave him. He was confused at how the human mind worked. However he understood the need to save ones family, yet there had to be a limit, a line that not even Dean would cross, however right now there wasn't one.

"Dean there is no way to help Sam, right now we need to kill the girl, before she becomes stronger. If she raises a corpse she will be almost unbeatable. That is our main concern, Sam and John are our second concerns. I would say that Bobby and you should team up and kill this Callie, and I will free Kubrick and Gordon and get them to cooperate with the twins and let them kill John and Sam."

Cas looked at Dean before his hand was on his shoulder and they were in the middle of the forest. The twins were on the ground, each one with a foot in a rusty bear trap, and their hands bound behind their backs and gagged. Dean was at their sides at once, helping them free. Cas just stood and looked at the hunters, and before the twins could scream from the pain, it was gone. They all looked at Cas as he looked like he had no idea why they were looking at him.


Dean just shrugged his shoulder and looked at the twins. Cas was a puzzle for him yet, even though they had been working together for a while. Cas was anything than normal, however Dean didn't know how the angels worked normally.

"We need to get to the girl, we need to kill her. That is our prime targets, and if someone comes between us, kill them."

The twins just nodded as Cas looked at Dean. The girl had been here, he walked over to the bush where the branches were broken, and the soft moss and grass was broken. It had a size of a little girl. He knew where she would be later, however he didn't know where she was now. Something was protecting her, and shielding her, something stronger than Cas. This was very bad news for all.

"What happened to you guys?"

Dean asked as he looked at the ground. The grass and moss told a story, however Dean needed to make sure that he got the information. Beside all he could see was a fighting scene, that didn't make sense.

"It was Sam, he was alone, until.."

The twins shuddered and Dean felt a chill down his spine. Something was up, there was no way Sam had done this alone. Unless... Dean shook his head, he wasn't going to kill Sam, he would find a way to save his soul. Dean knew deep down inside of him, that there was a way, he just needed to find it, and find it fast.

"We had our riffles on Sam, but something sneaked up behind us."

Their voices shivered and Dean knew this was bad news, very bad news. Dean knew he wouldn't like this one bit, yet he had to know what had happened. He was set on killing a child, a little girl that looked like an angel. She sounded like one, yet it was becoming clear that she was anything but innocent. Dean had to be sure, there was no room for doubt. He would kill her, yet he had to find out how to save Sam, then John. Even if John didn't have his own body. He knew his family could be saved, the other option. Was unthinkable.

"It was a zombie, not like the normal one either. She looked perfectly rotten and the stench was even worse."

Jimmy and Johnny looked pale, as they shared looks before they were ready to continue. The next part was something they would never forget. The next thing that had happened was something both twins would never be able to over pass. Both twin knew they could never tell Dean what had happened next, the kiss, the seduction. The way they had been taken down, by a teen zombie. A girl that had made the gargling sound from her dead throat. A sound that would haunt them forever. They would never be able to out live this.

"So what happened next?"

"Sam and the zombie took us out, when we woke up we were trapped."

"Cas do you have any idea what happened?"

"I do, kill the girl. She is getting more and more powerful, I am not even sure you can take her out alone anymore."

Cas vanished, and left the hunter standing there, leaving them to find the truth, and for Dean to accept what had to be done.

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