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"Szayel?" Nnoitra sighed, "what the hell, why do you...you switched bodies with Ulquiorra?"

"Yes," Szayel smiled, though it was still quite...wrong, "how else did you expect me to get past him," he frowned as if he smelt something foul, "though I do regret loosing my body once more."

"Well, where is he?" Aizen asked, before restarting , "never mind, it's not important right now. We need to get this sorted out first."

"He's knocked out, to answer your question," Szayel said, going over to where Aizen stood with Gin on the work table, Nnoitra following in tow, "I woke up before him after the transformation. I think my body is getting faster at processing the change or something. As if it's developing an immunity."

"But...how did you do it?" Nnoitra was curious; Ulquiorra wasn't just powerful, but also quite smart, as well. Szayel couldn't have pulled the 'hey, drink this!' trick on him.

"Forced it down his throat," Szayel said, "I've had practice with such techniques against my Fracciones. It's almost a talent," he rolled his eyes, "anyways. He shouldn't be waking up any time soon. I had a spare sleeping mixture in my pocket; I had totally forgotten about it."

"What are you a witch, with all these potions?" Nnoitra mumbled under his breath. Szayel glared at him.

"Technically I'd be a warlock."

"Let's not get off the topic," Aizen said anxiously, "what do you think, Szayel? How can you reverse this?"

"Hm..." Szayel cocked his head to the side, staring down at the sleeping shinigami, "why is he sleeping?"

"I don't know. We found him like that." Nnoitra shrugged. Szayel frowned, and opened Gin eyes with his forefingers. The man's eyes were racing back and forth, as if he were watching a ping-pong match.

"Well, he's dreaming, which is good because that means he isn't dead."

"Oh, really?"

"The problem is, I don't know if we can do the body switching process while he's knocked out like this. But...hm, I wonder if it would work..."

"What is it?" Aizen asked, tapping his foot, which was very unlike him. He had his hands shoved in his pockets, and he was sneering, most probably unintentionally.

"Well, the reason you, Aizen-sama, can't go back into your own body is because it is being occupied by Gin's spirit. And since he's knocked out like this, we can't get him to switch with you...you cannot switch an unconscious and a conscious mind, it's just not compatible. However, we do have spirit-stealing machines over here." He walked a few paces over to a scary-looking piece of machinery that slightly resembled an anteater. Or a mosquito.

"What...what's the point of that? Why the hell do you even have one?" Nnoitra stared at the thing, a single eyebrow raised.

"It's coming in pretty handy right now, no? Any ways, you can't fight very well if you have no soul."He patted the side if the metallic monster as if it were a loved one. It was taller than he was, about six foot; Ulquiorra was short. It was made of silver stainless steel, with a pointed limb on the front like a syringe. There was a large, clear holding area in the middle that resembled a fishbowl; it was attached to the pointed end by a yellow tube. The whole thing was held up by four metal legs that had claws on them.

"So you're going to take Gin's soul and excavate it into that thing?" Aizen frowned, "is it safe? I mean, I've been training him since he was a child. It'll be hard to find someone with that kind of devotion...who isn't blind."

"No. I mean, yes, it would be hard to find another slave. But no, it's not entirely safe. Especially in this situation, when there's a chance the 'I'm Aizen-sama!' thing is permanent," he sighed, restarting since Aizen was frowning, "it's a small chance! I'm sure it is just a...a very small possibility," Aizen was still frowning so he said, "there's no way to know unless we try."

"I suppose not," he said quietly, "yes, go on."

"Alright, bring him over here." Szayel pulled a gurney from apparently nowhere, positioning it under the needle end of the machine. Before Nnoitra could lift Gin, Aizen was already doing it, carrying him over to the machine and placing him gently on the gurney. When the Espada looked at him oddly, he said:

"What? It's my body after all!"

"Yes," Szayel nodded, though a smile played at the corners of his lips, "I shall turn on the machine, now. It will bore into his body and extract his soul."

"Okay, yes, but my body won't actually be hurt, right?"

"Yes, Aizen-sama, you will be fine." Szayel walked around to the side of the machine, flipping open a control-panel like thing and pressing a bunch of buttons on the side, "you might want to stand back, though." He smiled, almost maniacally, and flicked a big green switch. The machine whirled to life, humming like an off-tune viola player. The needle point started to move, lurching down towards Gin's unconscious body. Nnoitra grimaced, then smiled, thankful it wasn't him that was having his soul, or what was left of it, extracted. He wasn't even sure if he could have his soul extracted; he was pretty sure he didn't even have one. Maybe being in Gin's body was having an effect on him. He shuddered; that was a scary thought. The needle went into Gin's mouth, and for a moment, Nnoitra wondered if it had been sterilized first. But the thought was cut short; Gin started making a horrible moaning noise as the machine whirled away. His body started convulsing.

"Uh...Szayel..." Aizen started, but Szayel was staring intently at Gin's body, a creepy-ass smile on his face. The words dried up in Aizen's mouth. A bluish-white liquid started flowing up the needle and down into the glass middle section through the connecting tube; it oozed much like honey, but it smelt like flowers.

"Hm, I didn't know Shinigami souls smelt like lilacs." Szayel said. He brought a black-nailed hand to his face, attempting to push up the glasses that weren't there, forgetting for a moment who's body he was in, and in turn poking himself in the eye. He grumbled under his breath, trying instead to make it seem like he was merely scratching his nose, hoping no one was watching. His eye was still watering a minute later, though.

Nnoitra watched the glass center, nearly full now with the silvery substance. The machine ground to a stop, and Gin's body lay still and dead looking. The air hung stale between them.

"Er...now what?"

"Now we do the same thing to Aizen-sama and hopefully get him back into his own body, while Gin will be inserted into yours...then you two will drink the potion, and this mess will be over."

"Er...what about Ulquiorra? You're still in his body, you know?"

"Oh, I know," Szayel said with a smile, flicking the black hair out of his new green eyes, "I was thinking of keeping this body."


"Fuck, no, you really think I would?" Szayel turned dramatically, busying himself with the machine, "you don't know me at all, Nnoitra."

"To be honest, Szayel, I'm confused at hell about who anyone is anymore."

"Just help me move Gin's body so we can excavate Aizen-sama's spirit and make the switch."

He flicked a switch, releasing the glass fishbowl that contained Gin's spirit. He placed it carefully on a table; although dumping it down the toilet would be a handy way to get rid of Gin, Aizen-sama seemed to be rather attached to the fox-face. He set down the bowl and went to fetch a new one from under a work table.

"Uuu...hey? What is this?" An oddly familiar, oddly annoying voice said. Szayel hit his head on the table top. The voice was coming from the filled fishbowl. It was Gin.