This is kind of just a filler chapter – the wedding chapter is coming up soon, I promise. But I hope you enjoy this anyway.

Peach stared in distaste at the pink dress in front of her. Bleck.

It was the night of a Mushroom Ball, and Toadsworth had told her to put on her gown. She had managed to slip through the past few weeks back at the castle mainly in a new set of tank top and jeans Daisy had secretly snuck over to her one night. Whenever Toadsworth or anyone else would ask her to put on a more royal outfit, she'd breeze away with a "no."

But there was no way she was getting out of this one. Not that she wanted to be publicly seen in her normal-girl outfit, because somehow none of the Mushroom Kingdom except for the castle knew she was pregnant. She would be announcing it tonight. They all knew that the plumber and the princess were getting married, because most of the Kingdom had been waiting impatiently for that to happen.

The tank top made it plainly obvious she was pregnant.

Peach sighed and lifted the dress. It was so… ugly. How had it once been appealing to her? How had any of her princess clothes been appealing?

"Yo, Peachy!" Daisy burst in, Rosalina in tow. The Sarasaland princess was dragging the Cosmo ruler by the hand.

"We brought you a little something," she sang, shaking a shopping bag in her left hand. She placed it on the bed. "Open it."

Peach took out the contents and gasped. "Oh… it's beautiful!"

It was still a dress. But it wasn't the same. The purple fabric was studded with diamonds along the skirt's end and the panniers around the waist were made of soft velvet. The top of the dress was a lot like her old one but a whole lot prettier – it had a beautiful design down the chest and it was sleeveless, similar to Rosalina's dress. Lace split the skirt in two and in between was a sheet of white ruffles.

"Thank you!" The Mushroom Kingdom princess squashed them both in a bear hug.

"Oh, dear," Rosalina breathed. Daisy poked her arm until she let go.

"You get all dolled up, girl."

"Didn't you two get new dresses, too?" Peach asked them. They nodded.

"We're not getting dressed with you, silly," Rosalina said gently. The two left the room.

Peach smiled lightly. They were fantastic friends.

She took off her current clothes and slid on the gorgeous new gown. She found in the bag a pair of matching light purple gloves and a set of dark blue heels.

Looking in the mirror, she tied the sparkling jewel around her neck. Peach looked down at it and gave a small, sad smile.

"I wish you could see me now, Mother," she whispered.

Then she slipped out to catch up with her friends.


"But I don't wanna wear a tuxedo!"

Luigi crossed his arms and pouted. Mario rolled his eyes.

"C'mon, Luigi! You're gonna have to wear one eventually, at my wedding." He said.

Luigi shook his head wildly. "No, no, no!"

"Fine," Mario said darkly. "Wear your plumber clothes. I don't care. But Daisy might." He threw the tuxedo - lightly so it didn't hit Luigi in the face and like kill him – and left the room.

Toad was sitting on the couch, watching TV. "Hey, Mario! You and the princess are on TV!"

Mario leaned on the arm of the couch and watched. A Toad reporter was talking about him and Peach's engagement.

"In recent news, Princess Peach and Mario have finally decided to tie the knot. The two, who have been missing for about a month and a half, have returned safely to the kingdom and announced the engagement at Mushroom Castle yesterday."

What about Peach's pregnancy? Mario thought briefly, and then threw the thought away as unimportant.

"Are you going with Princess Toadstool?" Toad asked. He alternated between "Toadstool" and "Peach" quite often.

"Yeah," Mario said. He had no idea about the new dress Peach was wearing or even where she was at the moment, although the ball was starting in just a few minutes. He knew that she was going to greet the kingdom before coming to dance with her, however.

"We'd better head down there," the mushroom kid said.


"Ooh, I'm so nervous," Peach rubbed her bare forearms. Rosalina's arm was around her shoulder.

"Why, Peach?" Daisy asked. "There's nothing to be nervous about."

"Well, I don't know if Mario will like this new dress, and I have to announce that I'm pregnant! It was hard enough to do it to my closest friends, but my whole kingdom?" The Mushroom princess shivered.

Rosalina looked at her with shiny eyes. "What's it like being pregnant?"

"It's wonderful," Peach said lightly, smiling dreamily. "I'm always so happy, and it's sweet knowing there's someone inside of you who loves you." Then she frowned a little. "Though the morning sickness and cravings suck."

"I thought you said the morning sickness was starting to subside."

"It is, but it sucks anyway."

The three girls giggled and hugged.

Rosalina and Daisy both had new dresses as well. Daisy's was a silky yellow sundress with orange ruffles and transparent sleeves. Lace spread across the collar and her arms were completely bare. Flowers hung on her ears. Rosalina wore a thin, three-layer dress that was a deep blue with sparkly studs down the skirt and up the chest.

"You two look beautiful," Peach told them.

"You do, too." Rosalina and Daisy grinned.

They all smiled, but Peach's eyes went wide when she heard Toadsworth's voice erupt over the speakers in the ballroom. "Please welcome… Princess Peach."

"Get 'er, tiger," Daisy hissed. Smiling nervously, Peach stepped out onto the stage.

The ballroom went quiet as they caught sight of their beloved, conservative princess in a new gown. The dress wasn't sexy or skimpy in any way, but it was certainly a change from the big poofy dress she usually wore.

"Hello, Mushroom Kingdom." Peach said into the microphone.

Mario was kind of just staring at her. She looked radiant.

"I have a very important announcement to make," she continued. "You all know Mario and I are engaged, right?"

The kingdom mumbled a stunned 'yes.'

"Well…" she said. "There's more. I'm pregnant."

The crowd hushed again.

"I know that's weird, but I have to get it out there. You all will be very dear to my baby. Thank you. Now everyone start dancing and have a blast!"

The music started, and Peach stepped down to Mario.

"Hi," he whispered breathlessly.

"Hi," she said back.

"Oh," Mario muttered, realizing he had to start the dance. He fumbled with his arms for a few minutes before starting with her.

"You know, the wedding is coming closer," she cooed. Her eyes shone.

"Yeah," He said, staring up at her. She reached down and kissed him.

"It's going to be fun marrying you," she whispered.

This was fun to write. :B I suppose it could be taken as a real chapter since it is important because Peach tells the whole kingdom she's preggers, but mostly it's just a cute little additive to hold you guys over until I write the wedding chapter – there's only a few more until the wedding and the baby! I think the wedding will be next and then the baby will be the final chapter. I might write a little sequel too. :D

I hope you liked it. It's a nice little romantic thing to put in.

If you want to get a good picture of Peach's new dress, picture Rosalina and Peach's Brawl dress combined in purple.

I also put Peach's jewel that hung on her neck as a necklace, even though it probably isn't. It's never been properly stated aside from in the anime movie, where it was a necklace. And yes, Peach's mother isn't around anymore which is why she says that.

I like this chapter even though it's nothing special.