Adventurer's Re-birth

This story takes place in one of many worlds. In this world, a young man who dreams of adventure, who craves new sights, and experiences. He is in a modern world, a modern time, where adventurers and explorers no longer exist. Our hero's name is Josh. Josh Jones. He is a 16-year old highschool student attending a public school. The spirit of adventure lie's within him. Although he is impatient, he has good intentions.
Today starts off as any normal day at school. Asleep in 1st period, we find our hero once again drifted off.
"Its dark..." "...josh..." "What was that?"JOSH... Suddenly a hooded creature wearing a dark robe appeared. Two yellow glowing eyes sheered out of the darkness within the hood. "Who're you?" asked Josh. "Greetings young adventurer" the creature spoke. "Adventurer?" Josh asked excitingly. " catious young adventurer, for things shall soon take a turn for the worse..." said the creature. "w-wadaya mean?" Josh asked. "Goodluck...your going to need it..." spoke the creature slowly fading away. "wait, Wait, WAIT!" "what's goin' on?" said Josh

Then silence.


"WHA?" gasped Josh awaking from his dream. "Mr. Jones if you wish to pass this class, I suggest you stay awake and pay attention." said Mr. Evon. "Yessir" Josh hazily replied Josh. "Guess I kinda dozed off there, huh?" Josh asked. Mr. Evon raised his glasses and continued. "What the hell was that?" "something about luck...and adventure..." Josh asked himself.


Josh sat outside in the school's courtyard eating his lunch underneath a tree. A hamburger, and an iced was still thinking of the dream he had in 1st period. While he took a bite, a shadow cast over him. He looked up and saw a brunette girl, with magenta eyes, wearing a pink shirt and pink skirt. "Oh hey-

Kaarii: Age-15 Occupation- high school student Bio- Josh's childhood friend friend, lives down Josh's street, has 1st, 4th, 8th period and luch with Josh. Loves sweets.

-Kaarii." "What's up?" asked Josh. "What happened back in 1st period?" "Seriously, you need to stay awake more." said Kaarii. "1st period..." said Josh "whats wrong?" asked Kaarii. "Back in 1st period, when I fell asleep, I had this wierd dream, but I can't remember the details." "something about luck, and change, and...and adventure!" exclaimed Josh. "Oh not this again, listen, theres no need for adventurers, or explorers anymore." "Now people just go to college, get a good job, and raise a family." "And thats the only thing you can do. Go to colledge, get a good job, and raise a family. Then save up and go to Paris with me." lectured Kaarii. "What was that last part?" asked Josh. "YOUR FAMILY! Go to Paris with your family..." exclaimed Kaarii. "Yeah but thats no Adventure." "I mean, I wanna explore and fight wild creatures...Like in a game!" said Josh. "Geez, lost in your game world again..." said Kaarii. "Plus it's too boring here...i'm in a rut, its the same thing everyday after day, its pointless!" "When the chance comes for an adventure to happen, i'm gonna take it!" exclaimed Josh. "Well until that time comes, you've got work to do, come on, we have homework for 4th period." said Kaarii.

8th period came along, and while Kaarii was on her way to class, she caught Josh lazing around underneath a tree. "Get up!" ordered Kaarii as she kicked Josh in his side. "OW! What the hell Kaarii!" exclaimed Josh. "What're you doing? Class is about to start, and I find you lying down out here!" exclaimed Kaarii. "Sorry, guess I drifted off again..." said Josh. "Well come on, we gotta get to class." said Kaarii. And in that instant, a group of ninjas drop in from the sky, and landed in front of Josh and Kaarii. "Whoa! What the?" exclaimed Josh. "Mr. Jones, are you not?" the supposed leader spoke. "I am..." Josh responded. "Good, but i'm afraid that our time will be short." the leader spoke. Just then, he lunged at Josh for an attack, which he blocked instinctively. "Kaarii! Get behind me!" ordered Josh, "I see you know a thing or two about fighting." the leader spoke.
"Who are you?" shouted Josh.
"I suppose we can tell you since you are about to die. We are assasins. We were hired to take your head!" the leader shouted. "But before I do, I wanna have a little fun..." he spoke as he dropped his wepons on the ground. "You ready?" asked the leader. The two jumped towards each other. Josh threw a punched, which was dodged then countered with a kick. Josh was knocked down, but he quickly got up and dodged the next throw. He then uppercutted the ninja, who flew back onto the ground. K.O. The other ninjas stared at their leader, in amazement. Josh took the chance he saw, and nabbed the wepons left on the ground.



Then Josh drew his sword, then the ninjas turned around and drew their wepons. Kaarii went around behind a tree and watched. "All right, you guys wanna fight? Then GAME ON!" exclaimed Josh.
Then commenced the combat.
Major fight, and epic clashes!
Its to graphic to describe!
Song "Lost" by Avenged Sevenfold plays in the background.
Josh knocked out all the ninjas, walking away with a few cuts and bruises. Josh interrogated the leader when he came to, shortly before the police came. "Who hired you?" questioned Josh "An anonymous man, who put a hit outon you. High price, but free-for-all. First one to kill, gets the prize." explained the leader. "Where did you here about this?" Josh continued. "Caught word up in New York City, I swear, thats all I know!" the leader said. "Then thats where i'm going" Kaarii watched as Josh started to walk home, with a serious look on his face. She blushed at Josh's seriousness and maturity. Then her sweat dropped as Josh jumped in the air and joyfully yelled out. "ALRIGHT! I'M GOING ON AN ADVENTURE!"