An Adventerous Style Valentines Day

(Narrarator POV)

We left off our last story with the party arriving in New York City, adding a new party member, Nagumi. Now, after spending some sight seeing, the party comes up on Valentines day where they've decided to spend the day off.


Today's gotta be the best day ever! Valentines Day! Love is in the air and romance is here and there! I can't believe we got the day off! I hope Josh is as excited as I am. I gotta get close to him today. He's already outside so i'll go catch up. I went downstairs off the hotel and went outside to find him. He was laying underneath a tree...eating a hamburger...

"Hey Josh!" I yelled out.

"Huh? Hey Kaarii. What's up?" Josh asked.

"Just got out. Where's everyone else?" I asked.

"They took off and did their own thing." Josh replied.

"Ah. What about you?" I asked.

"I was hungry, so I grabbed a bite." He spoke.

"Huh. You're just relaxing? You're not, you know, doing anything special, for today?" I asked.

"Hmm? Na, i'm just gonna rest for tomorrow. Don't feel like doing much today." He replied.

"I mean for Valentines Day..." I said slightly angered.

"Na, Valentines Day isn't really my thing. I prefer Halloween, or Christmas." He spoke.

"Hmph! I SEE!" I yelled.

(Normal POV)

Kaarii then stormed off, leaving Josh behind. Josh, stumped pulled out his phone and made a call.

"Hey, did you get what I asked you too?" Josh spoke into the phone.

"Alright, you know what to do next." Josh spoke once more.

(Kaarii POV)

The nerve of that guy! Being lazy all the time! How could he just call off Valentines Day, even for his friends? I'm so, just, fustrated! Gah! How could he! I don't even wanna think about it. I'll just look for a different valentine, or have fun on my own.

(Normal POV)

Kaarii walked on. But everywhere she looked, there were couples everywhere. She went into an amusement park, young couples were having a good time. She went to a park, old couples were spending time together. Kaarii grabbed lunch at a diner, where there were plenty of dates. She kept moving, spot to spot, trying to avoid the romance walked around the big apple for well around 4 hours, thinking to herself. Then, out of the blue, five asassins dropped from the sky. The five surrounded Kaarii in a quick circle.

"You, pretty, are coming with us." One spoke.

"Heh, look guys, its gonna be a happy Valentines day after all!" Said another.

A nerve sprouted from Kaarii's forehead.

"She's kinda cute. Can't imagine why she's alone." Spoke one more.

"Come with us, we'll take good care of you." The first spoke again.

Then Kaarii snapped.

"GET OUTTA MY WAY!" Kaarii shouted.

She then pulled out a Katana, and knocked out each and every last one of them, all in a single swing. She walked away mumbling with the asassins passed out on the ground.

"Stupid ninjas...huh? Wow its late." Kaarii spoke.

Then, Nagumi walked up behind her.

"Hey Kaarii." Nagumi spoke.

"Huh? Oh, hey Nagumi." Kaarii spoke.

"What's wrong? You look kind of down." Nagumi asked.

"Oh, i-its nothing..." Kaarii replied.

"I see. Well, then would you mind coming with me? There's something I wanna show you." Nagumi asked.

"Uh, sure thing." Kaarii replied.

The two walked up to the Empire State Building and went to the top. Kaarii stepped out of the elevator to see, Josh, standing there, with a bouquet of roses.

"Took you long enough." Josh spoke.

"Sorry, it took awhile to find her. I'll just be going then" Nagumi spoke as she walked off.

"What's going on?" Kaarii asked.

"Sorry about earlier today. I needed you distracted so I could get these roses, do you know how hard it is too get roses discreetly on Valentines day? It's very, very hard..." Josh complained.

"Wow, I-I don't know what to say..." Kaarii replied.

"Say you'll go out with me." Josh said with his eyes closed.

"Josh..." Kaarii spoke, face red.

"Will you be my Valentine?" Josh asked

"Hell Yeah!" Kaarii replied, hugging Josh.

The two looked out towards the ledge of the Empire State Building, looking at the view. Thousands of lights shing brightly like star's in the nightime sky.

"You know, i've always liked you since we've been kids. But I didn't know what you felt about me. Beleive it or not, i'm a bit clueless." Josh spoke.

(Oh, I beleive it...) Kaarii thought to herself.

"And, I was afraid to ask you out, I thought if you didn't feel the same way, it'd ruin our friendship..." Josh spoke.

"I definetly feel the same way." Kaarii replied.

"Happy Valentines Day Kaarii." Said Josh.

"Happy Valentines Day Josh." Said Kaarii.

The two shared a kiss in the night.

All done! This was a story for Cakedecorator. Next chapter will start from a new point, although a chunk will be skipped, it will be told. Probably in a flash back.

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