This is something I wrote for Twig and Maugin because I'm a big fan of the pairing!


I don't own anyone.

Alone in an endless white nothingness.

All hope seems lost.

Your smile is all that keeps me going.

You keep glancing over at me, your red hair the only color in this pallid place.

I catch your eye and give an encouraging smile as we turn back to our work.

It begins to get dark.

We stop for the day.

We watch the sunset and you move closer to me.

My arm finds its way around your shoulder.


I whisper your name.

I hold you tighter.

Don't let go you whisper into my neck.

Desolate wails sound from behind us, you jump.

Laughter fills the air as you realize how silly you were.

Light vanishes and the world goes dark.

Exhaustion creeps into your eyes.

Still smiling you fall asleep in my arms.

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