Oh my God, you guys, RHGS airs tomorrow! In the mean time, have the last chapter of this fic ;D After this, I'm taking a looooong break from fanfiction. I'm just so busy, and I don't have time. That's why my chapters have been so short. Anyway, I hope you enjoy, and thanks so much for reading :)

Returning to the chaos of backstage, I only had one goal - find the kid who just kissed me. It was a pretty impossible goal, though. Everyone was running around, screaming, with feathers and sequins everywhere. Multiple people were trying to get my attention, for, on top of being RiffRaff, I was also the stage manager. I ignored them, though. I needed to find Sam.

I soon realized that he wasn't backstage. He wasn't in the bathroom either. Suddenly, I began to worry. What if he had gone home? What if he regretted what he did? But in the back of my mind, I knew the truth - Sam really liked me, almost as much, if not more, than I liked him.

I ran down the hallway, peering into different classrooms, but all of them were empty. I was about to run outside when I heard the unmistakeable sound of guitar strumming. I skidded to a halt and ran back in the direction of the sound.

It was coming from the choir room. Sam was sitting on the piano bench, playing his guitar and singing quietly. He was looking down, and still wearing his gold shorts. I laughed, and listened harder. The song sounded familiar, but it took me a while to realize what it was.

"...long but I ran it. There's a fire in my heart, and you fan it. If there's one fool for you, then I am it. Now I've one thing to say, and that's dammit..." he mumbled something I couldn't understand. "...I love you."

That was it. I opened the door and quietly crept inside.

"You know, of all the couples that hook up in this show, Rocky and RiffRaff aren't one of them."

Sam jumped, startled. Then he sighed, looking down nervously. I sad down next to him, smirking.

"Listen, Kurt," he began. "I know I've been asking a lot of you, and I didn't really thank you properly... and I know I have the worst timing in the world, and I probably ruined the show, and my house is gonna get egged by angry Rocky Horror devotees, but I couldn't help myself. You're probably gonna think I'm crazy, hell, I even think I'm crazy, but I need you to know, right here and right now, that I love you."

My insides exploded with joy, and I chuckled. "I know."

"I'm sorry, but - wait, what?"

"I know."

Sam's face turned the color of Magenta's hair, and he held his face in his hands. "Well shit, Han Solo, was it that obvious?"

I giggled. "I knew you'd appreciate that reference."

He sighed, half laughing, and slumped against that piano. "God, I'm such a loser."

I scooted closer to him, placing my hand on his cheek gently. His eyes fell shut. "Hey. You're not a loser. For the record, I really like you too."

He sat up, his face brightening. "You do?"

I nodded. "And I really did enjoy that kiss."

He smirked. "Really?"

"Uh-huh," I told him, grinning. "In fact, I'd like to try it again."

"Do you, now?"

"Yes, I do."

"Really? Are you sure?"

"Sam," I said sternly. "Shut the fuck up and kiss me."


And with that, he snaked his arms around my waist and pulled me in for a sweet, delicate kiss. I brought my hand back up to his cheek, stroking gently as he probed my lips with his tongue. I gladly allowed him access, which caused the kiss to heat up very fast. I absolutely could not believe that I was kissing Sam Evans, dressed as Rocky Horror, who had just told me he loved me. I couldn't think about it too much, though, it was ruining the moment. The two of us were trying to get as close as possible without climbing on top of each other, but Sam threw that to the wind as he attempted to pull me onto his lap. Somehow, after what felt like hours, we found ourselves cuddled up underneath the piano, lips swollen and skin covered in love bites. Sam held me in his strong arms as I placed innocent kisses on his shoulder. How I got that lucky, I can't even begin to know.

"Hey, check this out."

"What?" I followed his gaze, and noticed what he was looking at. Underneath the piano were hundreds of little carvings with couple's initials and hearts. Sam looked at me, then back at the carvings, and smiled. "I've always wanted to do this."

I laughed. "Me too. It's so corny and cliché, yet never manages to lose its romantic meaning."

"Can I?" he asked. I nodded, handing him a safety pin from the back of my costume and curling back up against him as he carved.

"Say, Rocky," I whispered. "Shall we, ahem, finish up that Touch-a Touch-a rehearsal my dad interrupted this weekend?"

Sam grinned goofily. "That sounds like a really good idea." He bit his lip then pointed upward. "Alright, I'm done, look."

My heart melted. He had carved, in small, messy letters -

S. E. + K. H.

(aka Rocky and RiffRaff)

In just seven days, he made me a man x3