Chapter 1: Pilot

"Drop the cluster bomb! Cluster bomb!" Jirk frantically yelled to his brother, Benks, who was playing a game on the PSP.

"Jirk, shut up!" said Benks.

"What?" said Jirk. "Oh…"

30 seconds later, Jirk was falling from the plane 40,000 kilometers down.

"Note to self," said the blue fox Lucario, "do not say that word on an airplane."

"We shouldn't say it in an airport either," said Krystal. "They will arrest you."

"How will they react to snake, I wonder?" said Renamon.

No one reacted, not even the security guard standing two feet away from her.

In the pilot's seat, Omah, the pilot, drank some red fruit juice from a goblet.

"Dexter," he said to the copilot, "I wish people would stop saying the b word on the plane. That's the fifth this year."

"I know," said Dexter, drinking some blue liquid.

"Is that beer?" said Omah.

"No," said Dexter. "It's Gatorade."

Suddenly, Omah was pinned to the ceiling.

"WHAT'S GOING ON?" he said.

Omah was sliced open. Dexter was pinned against a wall, watching horrified as the man he had flown with for 50 years was set on fire.

The alarm on the plane rang. Parachutes fell. People began fighting to try and get out. One girl had a complete panic attack, trampled a man with her high heel sticking in his ear, and jumped out the plane, only to realize that she had forgot to put on a parachute, and fell.

The plane was moving slower without any pilot to fly it, and so air was not being sucked out of the plane. Taking no part whatsoever in the fight, Lucario, Renamon, and Krystal walked by a man choking a woman over a parachute, a teenager beating an old man with his own cane, and a cat reading a map. Krystal did a double take and glanced back at the cat, but it was gone.

Fires were starting everywhere. With parachutes on their backs, Lucario, Renamon, and Krystal jumped out of the plane. The other passengers were too busy fighting amongst themselves to even put parachutes on, much less jump out of the plane, and it exploded in a massive ball of fire. The three foxes looked upward at the explosion.

They drifted for fifteen minutes before they landed in Lake Erie, somewhere near the shore where a log that looked as though it might have been a tree trunk was visible. They walked up to the log. They could not believe what had happened. A plane had been set on fire and blown up. They knew something vicious and supernatural must have done it.

"What could have done that?" said Krystal.

"Nothing we've ever heard of before," said Lucario. "We'll have to go hunt it down and kill it."

"But we don't even know what this thing is," said Renamon.

"No," said Lucario. "But we'll have to find out."

Now, though this is based off Supernatural many plot points will be changed drastically. But if you've seen the show you can probably guess what killed the pilot.