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Bella's Point of view (BPOV)

What was happening to me? This is the moment I've dreamed about that I thought would never come. I was in his arms again. In his arms where I thought I belonged. But I feel nothing; just nothing. I should feel happy shouldn't I? Or sad since he might leave again? But I just don't feel anything. I could feel his lips pressing against my hair; his cold hands touching me again as if I'm the most fragile thing in the world, precious to him. Was I precious to him? He left…. He said he didn't love me anymore.

May be he wants me back. May be he doesn't. But I just don't care anymore. I should care shouldn't I? Oh! It's just too confusing. May be I should try to sleep. But my eyes don't want to sleep. I stare at his beautiful face. Yes, he was still beautiful. He had dark circles under his eyes. He must have not fed for some time. His smoldering gaze was devouring me. Was he thirsty? His cold lips once again touched my forehead; once that touch would have set my world on fire. Shouldn't my heart rate increase? I was amazed that I only felt the coldness not the familiar current running through me. His hand cupped my face, his forefinger grazing my lower lip. His gaze fiery… he desired me.. I could see it in his eyes… more likely my blood but not my soul. I was nothing to him. Just a distraction… but surprisingly it didn't hurt me anymore. We were on our way to Forks after our long flight from Italy. I finally felt myself relaxing and my eyelids grew heavier.

Edward's Point of view (EPOV)

She was alive.. her heart beating in a steady rhythm. I listened to the sound that brought life back into my dead soul. Yes. I had a soul. If Bella believed it so will I. I could never be apart from her again... What a fool I was to have thought otherwise. I had decided to come back to Bella when I received that fateful call from Rosalie. I could still feel the piercing agony of those words that put an end to all meaning of life for me.

"Edward, you have to come home. Bella is dead. Alice saw a vision of her jumping off a cliff. It's time you put an end to this foolishness over a human girl. She's gone now. We all miss you. Just come home."

It had taken me some time to actually comprehend what was said I was unable to believe that my love was gone. When it finally hit me I had called Bella's house in desperation thinking there had to be some mistake. Then someone told me that Charlie was at the funeral. Everything that happened after that was just a blur of activity to me. My only mission had been to end this unworthy existence. I had thought I had driven Bella to suicide over me. It was something I never thought could happen when I left. The guilt and regret had overwhelmed me. I will forever be grateful to Alice and Bella for saving me giving me a second chance at life.

I looked at the sweet little angel in my arms..she had finally fallen asleep...so brave.. a little human girl amidst a group of blood thirsty vampires. My heart swelled with pride. She must love me a lot to have come to my rescue like that.

I couldn't help placing a kiss on top of her head again. She felt so wonderful; so soft and warm. I felt that my love for her has grown much stronger while I was away. The only thing I didn't feel was blood lust. I craved something else much more than her blood now. I was feeling guilty admitting it even to myself. But the feelings of desire that I had kept under control for so long even when I was first with Bella were threatening to break loose.

Yes. I can finally give Bella everything she ever wanted. I still had doubts about changing her. But as for everything else….. I felt myself hardening. This was humiliating. I was acting like a human teenager. I hoped Alice wouldn't notice. I gave her a side ways glance. She was staring at me in surprise. Then slowly a huge mischievous grin spread across her face. She knew! I adjusted Bella in my lap so that she was covering my embarrassment for now. I feverishly hoped she didn't wake up! That could become…..ahem .. very awkward.

The little pixie gave me a nudge to get my attention. "Oh come on Edward it's a natural reaction. You don't have to feel embarrassed about it." Oh! god, she was talking to me about it now. I was mortified.

"Please Alice let's not talk about it."

She nodded and smiled. This was not the time for this type of thoughts. I have to get my Bella safely home and make sure she was comfortable in her sleep.

I focused on Alice hoping to make sure she was not thinking about my … mishap anymore. Her thoughts were on her reunion with Jasper. Urgh….wrong thoughts to be reading right now when I had these crazy urges about my Bella. I looked down at my precious angel and I noticed that I was holding her much too closely. I felt ashamed and loosened my hold on her to try and put some distance between us. She got disturbed by my movement and turned in her sleep and pressed her soft breasts against my chest.

Oh! god no. I didn't dare move again. I would be in deeper trouble if she woke up now and found something else nudging her. Oh! How I wanted to touch her softness. Really touch them. I've felt them so many times in the past whenever we hugged but I have never really purposefully put my hands on them.

I don't know whether Bella was ever aware of how much control I had around her those days. I never once let her feel my need for her. I did kiss her passionately a few times but never let the all consuming raging desire I felt for her take control of me. It was always the blood lust above everything else which I focused on. Now that there was no blood lust I had plenty of space for the desire.

I looked at Alice again. I wanted to ask her about the future. I felt a bit ashamed of my thoughts and scared that she would see intimate details between Bella and me, but I had to know what was in store for us.

I asked her a silent question like I always do and Alice knew exactly what I wanted she started looking into Bella's future. I felt a jolt of fear pass through me. She couldn't see Bella that clearly. She saw glimpses of Bella studying and at school but other than that nothing. Where was I? I was not there. She couldn't see me in Bella's future. But I wasn't going to be apart from her now. I was going to be with her every second of her future. May be Alice can't see it because it hasn't started happening yet. I tried to console myself with this reasoning. But for the first time since leaving the Volturi I felt scared.

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