Dramione One Night Stand by HPFangirl71

Hermione entered the club, casually perusing the dance floor. Since her breakup with Ron, this had become a weekend ritual. Checking out a lovely backside, she was shocked that it turned out to be none other than Draco Malfoy.

Smiling nervously, she quickly looked away. A bit tipsy she wasn't quite drunk enough to settle on Malfoy of all people. Going to the bar she ordered a drink when moments later, who should appear but the stuck up prat himself.

"What do you want Malfoy?" she asked rather ungraciously.

"Now is that anyway to greet a gent Granger? Especially a gent you were surreptitiously just checking out." he said with a playful wink.

"Look, I'm not in the mood for your idea of playful banter, so why don't you be a good wizard and make yourself disappear?" she retorted back.

"Ah that hurts Granger… and after all we've shared." he said, feigning a look of hurt.

Draco eyed her up and down. He had a particular itch that needed scratching tonight. Not put out by blood status nowadays, he was determined to bed the beautiful witch.

"At least let me buy you a drink" he said invitingly.

"Fine" she huffed "After all…a free drink is a free drink even if it's bought by a slimy git like you."

A coy smile passed faintly across her lips as they ordered. Several hours and drinks later, the atmosphere between them was finally beginning to thaw. Hermione, feeling rather relaxed ignored his feeble attempts at flirting. That is until she felt a hand sneaking up her thigh, then she questioned his motives.

"What is it you want from me Malfoy?" she said accusingly.

"The exact same thing you want Granger. Only difference is I have the courage to admit it. And you're supposed to be the one with Gryffindor bravery." he stated with a smirk.

Next thing Hermione knew, she was in Draco's bedroom, caught within his hungry embrace. Her kisses were pure sweetness and he couldn't get enough of the taste of her upon his tongue. Pressing himself suggestively into her thigh, he pushed her down upon the bed. His hand slipped beneath her skirt, tugging at lace panties, which were soon discarded upon the floor.

Slipping his fingers into her wetness, she moaned involuntarily. He worked his fingers furiously against her core, making her moan uncontrollably. He groaned as he felt her nails digging into his shoulders. Positioning himself between her thighs, he sunk deep within her moist heat, letting out a shudder of gratification. Her hips arched upwards to match his movements.

"Fuck me harder Draco…!" she mewled out breathlessly

Happily, he obliged her, thrusting deep into her at a steady pace. Her core gripped his cock tightly. She all but begged for release but he only fucked her harder, making her scream delightfully. Finally, he felt his own downfall and released profusely into her beautiful body. With a string of uttered obscenities, he fell panting into her warm embrace.