A/N: No, this first chapter isn't a story. Otherwise we could probably genuinely say that I'd completely lost my marbles. But anyway, I finally realized that in the gigantic pile of I-forget-how-many chapters, there are many different universes and plotlines floating around, and it can get confusing what goes with what where when.

So. This will be the first chapter from now on, and it's purpose is going to be to group things into their appropriate timelines and universes. So if you ever wanted to go back and find a particular set, you can just come here and look for the little labels instead of spending five minutes going "Oh god what was that one called?" I'm going to update it pretty much everytime a new oneshot gets put up, so there will hopefully be no more confusion.

Oh, and some oneshots fall into more than one set, just to clear that up.

Thank you guys so much for all of the support and reviews and kind words and everything. I swear I perpetually feel like I don't deserve it.

"Evil Angel" Universe – a question about religion leads to more than Ciel originally expected, including one of my personal favorite origins for Sebastian

"Angels", "Silence", "Sleep", and "Wings"

"Little Ciel" – these don't necessarily go together, but all of them are pre-series, featuring a younger Ciel

"Touch", "Taste", "Magic", "Touch II", "Monster", "Faces", "Perception"

"Soul" and "Fire" Universe – one possible exploration of the events after the end of season II

Fear Universe – an exploration of an alternate ending to season one. The "Evil Angel" stories can be read into this universe as well

"Monster", "Fear", "Finale", "Comparison"

"Ownership" and "Life" Universe – another possible ending to season one, and a much happier one at that.

Labyrinth Universe – an affectionate parody of the movie of the same name. Because my brain is odd like that.

"13 Hours", "Wandering", and "Masquerade"

Affair Universe – an alternate universe where Ciel is the Prince of a grand kingdom, and while he is expected to marry Princess Elizabeth, his affections are for another…

"Affair", "Caught"

Music Universe – in modern times, Ciel and Sebastian live on as demons, with all of the odd entertainments and complications that that entails.

"Hate", "Flying", "Music", "Partnership", "Lyrical", "Recollection", "Waltz"

New London Universe – another AU, set in a somewhat bleaker version of London. When Sebastian comes across a boy named Ciel Phantomhive in the strangest of circumstances, how far will he go for a child who won't even form a contract?

"Cuisine", "Lust", "Confrontation", "Adoption"

"Loved" Universe - another alternate ending to season 1, this time exploring the idea of what Hell would be like if Sebastian didn't take Ciel's soul.

"Loved", "Pet"

"Price" Universe - an alternate beginning to the series. Sebastian lays claim to Ciel after a mistake on the part of his parents...

"Price", "Bargaining", "Payment"

Other Characters - Stories focused on people other than Sebastian and Ciel.

"Trifecta", "30 Minutes", "Inevitable", "Death", "Storm"

The rest of the stories stand on their own. If I've forgotten anything, please please tell me! I'd also like to make a special note of "Nightmare", because it's the only one that became its own story. But that's really not one to read unless you're in a grouch-tastic mood. I don't call it the "torture-story" for nothing.

Hugs and happy reading!