This is a one shot of Lei and Shan Cai.


Name: Shan Cai
Age: 20
Status: middle-class
Occupation: Student

Name: Lei
Age: 21
Status: first-class
Occupation: Student


4 years ago... they made a promise to be together when they returned to reunite. He would leave the country, while she would have to stay. Both were best friends, and cared for each other deeply. Both loved each other so much, they thought nothing could seperate them. They set a date to meet each other after 4 years.
He gives her a necklace to help her remember him. She offers him something to remember him by, but he gives it back and says that he doesn't need anything to remind him. Now he leaves, and the 4 years pass.
The reuniting date is coming close, and she waits for the day she gets to see her beloved one again...