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Title: Pale Reflection

Story: NCIS/ slight crossover with Supernatural, in which none of the major characters appear or are mentioned by name.

Rating: T/PG – Gen

Genre: Supernatural/Angst

Warnings: General weirdness and gratuitous pop-culture references.

Set in Season 7 after Endgame

Summary: One of the team disappears and shows up in a very unlikely place.

Disclaimer: Don't own, just playing, yadda yadda.

And now for a last little bit of silliness and then the explanation, for you SPN fans at least ;)


McGee stepped off the elevator and glanced around, inwardly sighing in relief at how normal the NCIS bullpen appeared. He had awoken that morning with the lingering concern that it was not over. Even after a visit to Abby's lab and a very enthusiastic greeting from the forensic scientist, he had still held his breath before the elevator doors opened.

As he walked through the room, he reveled in the noise and activity of his second home. When reached his desk sat down he found his first surprise of the day: someone had hung a large and rather ugly mirror on the wall of his cubicle. He bit back a laugh as he caught his reflection.

DiNozzo grinned as he leaned over McGee's shoulder and met his gaze in the mirror. McGee glared at him, barely able to keep the amused smirk off his face.

"Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who is the fairest Probie of them all?" intoned DiNozzo.

"I am!" exclaimed Ziva as she appeared over his other shoulder.

"You guys never let up, do you?" asked McGee with feigned annoyance.

"Nope." They all looked at their reflections and grinned.

"If you three are done admiring yourselves," cut in Gibbs, "grab your gear. Dead Marine at Quantico."

"Got it, Boss," they replied in unison and each moved to get their bags before following Gibbs into the elevator. As the doors closed, McGee looked at his team, his family, and chuckled to himself. Some things never really change.

He knew that he wouldn't have it any other way.

Unseen by the team, a figure watched them as they processed their new crime scene. It was probably just as well their attention was focused elsewhere. If they had seen him, they would have recognized him, even though only one had seen him in person.

The white-haired, blue-eyed old man chuckled to himself, finally able to admit that he was actually rather fond of this strange little group. They were proof that it wasn't blood that made them close, but the fact that they cared for each other without the need for blind loyalty, something which his own family could take note. They had all just needed a reminder of what was important. He had to admit that they had impressed him, learning and absorbing the lesson quickly.

Unlike some chuckleheads he could mention.

Granted, this lesson had not been as…sharp as most of the others he had given: relatively simple, with barely any pain and suffering. No need for aliens, wormholes or time loops here.

Maybe he was just getting soft in his old age.

As he watched the team do their job, he let his mind wander to his newest concern, or rather, who was concerning him, and decided it was time for a new lesson.

Suddenly his image shifted: the white hair morphed to brown and the blue eyes darkened to a roguish hazel. His wrinkled faced smoothed out, and his nose took on a slightly more pointed appearance. Finally, his clothes changed from an old man's cardigan and slacks to jeans, a t-shirt and stylish jacket. He reached into the pocket of the jacket, pulled out a candy bar, quickly unwrapped the treat and took a large bite, just before fading out with smirk and a shimmer of blue light.

He had work to do.

The End

And there you have it, a NCIS/SPN crossover featuring The Trickster, a character known for playing (sometimes deadly) pranks in order to teach a lesson.

Pop-culture references:

Part 1: the name of the Chinese restaurant is from the song Werewolves of London, by Warren Zevon, and is referenced again by Tony and Abby in Part 3.

Part 2: Supernatural episode Mystery Spot

Part 3: The Twilight Zone (original TV series), Candyman, Wizard of Oz, Peter Pan, Hocus Pocus, Hellraiser. Also a sort of reference to the Supernatural episode Weekend at Bobby's, andalso Bloody Mary.

Part 4: Men in Black, Zombieland and A Few Good Men.

Epilogue: Snow White (or Shrek, take your pick ;) ), and Supernatural episodes Tall Tales, Mystery Spot, and Changing Channels, which in the timeline takes place right after this story.

Thanks for reading! Please let me know what you think. As always, reviews are greatly appreciated.