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Personally, I think Spectrobes needs more fanfiction, and i saw that Rallen X Jeena didn't have one M-rated work, so i decided to do one. This fic features sometime after Spectrobes: Origins, so Rallen and Jeena are around 17 (i think). Now, here we go, and i hope you enjoy this RallenXJeena piece. :)

This was my first story, so give me a break. And I'm well aware I used 'coyly' way too much... plus, if you see this story centered in the middle, I couldn't get it to stay on the left. If it's left-centered, ignore that part.

The Nanairo Planetary Patrol cruiser sped it's way through Sector W (The same one that threw them into the story of Origins :)), and it's inhabitants dutifully flew the ship and kept their sensors out for Krawl activity. But after they had defeated Krux, the Krawl had just seemed to disappear. But the Spectrobes were still with them, which meant the Krawl were still out there somewhere, so they kept up the patrols.

Inside the cruiser, Rallen idly petted Komainu's ears, and the child Spectrobe gave a contented sound. He slowly sighed: there just wasn't much to do, and he done what had needed to done already. The cruiser was semi-automatic cruise, and it was starting to get late, according to the ship's time. But he didn't notice; his mind kept whirling with some turmoil, though it was mostly emotions and not thoughts. He glanced over at his pink-haired partner.

Jeena sat in the other chair, helping co-pilot the cruiser. At the moment, she was doing a routine check of everything, the same one she had done a hundred times already. But the slightly glazed look in her eyes said that she wasn't really focusing on what she was doing. Playing with a strand of his orange hair, Rallen looked back down at Komainu.

The reason for his turmoil was simple: during their time battling Krux, Jeena had hugged him like she would never see him again. He had acted as normally as possible when she did so, but afterward had changed how he felt toward toward her. He remembered the scene vividly:


They had just watched Krux fall into the pit of the Krawl Sphere, but they were suddenly off-balanced when the place shook very violently.

Jeena looked at her arm and cried out, "Rallen! We'll be in Wyterra's gravitational field in... less than 10 minutes!" That was bad, even as he moaned to himself, "Oh man, oh man!"

She looked at him as he thought. "Anything?"

For a few seconds, he didn't answer. "Yeah..." he said slowly, then he brightened as he faced her. "Yeah, let's split up!"

Even as she gave him a 'Are you crazy!' look, she let a surprised "Huh?"

Looking over at the pit, he continued, "I'll find the core and when I do, I'll activate the Geo". Then he turned to her, "Meanwhile, you get back to the ship and get ready to peel outta here the second I'm on board".

She shook her head, even as she said, "No way. You know I can't let you do that!" She even took a step forward as she tried to talk him out of it. "Come on, we're a team!".

But he was ready for that, "Exactly, you're making my point! I need you to pull this off! I can't do what you do!". But Jeena had shook her head before he'd even finished.

"Listen" she said, opening her eyes. "I know you're trying to protect me, but I'm going with you!" she said, putting a hand over her heart as she did so.

But Rallen wouldn't be talked out of it; he was so stubborn. "Jeena, please! It's the only way!" he nearly yelled. She slowly stood straight, her face showing some strains of her deciding.

"Jeena, we're losing time!" he yelled. A violent quake added emphasis to his statement.

She slowly breathed in and out. "Okay..." she whispered, slowly looking at him. Rallen fished in his right pocket, drawing out the ship entry card and holding it out for her. "Just get the ship ready. I'll be fine" he said.

Her hand reached out, but it didn't grab the card. Instead, she grabbed Rallen's wrist and drew him into a hug, her arms around him.

"Jeena..." he whispered, surprised.

"Now you listen to me" he heard her say, her voice a little choked. "If you don't make it back here in one piece, I'm coming in after you". He could feel her hug tighten slightly just before she finished.

(End Flashback) (For those of you wondering, that was taken straight from Spectrobes: Origins. I own the game, I've beaten it, and I love it :))

Back in the present, Rallen sighed softly, trying to think of what he was gonna do. Then he thought he should at least talk to her about it. Within 10 secs, his instinctive nature had taken over his mouth. "Um... Jeena?" he said, glancing over at her. She was startled slightly, but she turned to him somewhat. "Yes, Rallen?" she said, trying to act normal. Unknown to him, her heart was pounding slightly.

Rubbing his head, Rallen tried to find the right words to say. In the meantime, his mouth kept saying words for him. "Um... you remember when... we defeated Krux and... how you thought we wouldn't see each other again?" he whispered.

Jeena's eyes widened slightly even as she blinked, and a faint red appeared on her cheeks. Looking away slightly, she whispered, "You're talking about when we... hugged, right?".

Rallen gulped slightly, and managed to nod. "Yeah" he whispered, his own heart starting to beat faster. "I... I-I haven't felt the same since... we hugged". There was an uncomfortable silence between them, and Rallen thought she wouldn't answer. But then, "...Neither have I... Rallen" she whispered.

Surprised, he looked over at her, his heart still beating fast.

She was still looking away slightly, slowly breathing in and out. Suddenly, she turned to the controls and worked at something. He blinked, but then she backed away, just sitting there in the chair with her hands in her lap. Curious, he looked over at the controls. He blinked in surprise: she had set the controls to Full Automatic Cruise. They had never used that mode before, since the ship was no good at blasting Krawl out of space (that's what semi-automatic was for). So why would she be doing this now?

All of a sudden, she stood up and walked a short distance away from the co-pilot chairs. Concerned, Rallen gently picked Komianu up (ignoring his displeasure) and stood up himself, placing Komainu on his seat. The child Spectrobe was displeased, but he soon curled up in the chair anyway, liking the warmth of it from Rallen sitting on it. Rallen slowly approached her, unsure of what was wrong.

Jeena slowly breathed in and out, then she turned around to face him. Her eyes were strangely bright, then she put herself about a foot from him. He wasn't sure what to do, but his heart beat faster as he just stood there. Slowly, her arms moved up and wrapped themselves around his neck, still staring into his eyes. Breating a little faster, Rallen on an impulse put his hands on her waist. He was beginning to get an idea of what was gonna happen, but he didn't want to ruin it.

Slowly, Jeena leaned in and closed her eyes. Rallen did the same when it became obvious, and their lips meet with each other's. Feeling like he was in heaven, Rallen gently pulled her closer, even as he continued to enjoy her sweet lips. She didn't mind, even as she pulled Rallen closer, kissing him softly. Soon they were pressed up against each other, and Rallen's heart beat faster. Perverted thoughts started to enter his head as Jeena's chest touched his. He pushed them away, thinking "Not now" as he just wanted to enjoy her lips right now.

Soon enough, they broke away to breathe. Panting slightly, they just looked at each other, both of their cheeks a faint red. After they had caught their breath, they were kissing again and more passionately this time. Surprisingly, Jeena was the first one to use her tongue to lick his lips, which he enjoyed. Afterward, their tongues danced with each other for a good while. While they kissed, Rallen tried to adjust his footing for better balance, but it caught on something. He yelped in surprise as the force of it started to have them fall toward the floor, making Jeena gasp in surprise when they landed, Rallen on top of her.

They stared at each other, their cheeks turning red, but neither of them moved. To his surprise, Jeena giggled and she looked up at him coyly. "Not that I don't like it, the floor really isn't the best place for this" she whispered. He chuckled, then he got up off of her, sitting on his knees while Jeena did the same. He was about to stand up when Jeena grabbed his hand, making him look over in surprise. She was smiling coyly as she said, "I know a better place for it".

He blinked, not sure of what she meant as she stood up and guided him up. Still holding his hand, she gently walked their way through the ship toward their rooms. It was about that time when it hit Rallen: "Wait... is she really gonna...?"

The moment she came within her door, it opened itself; a side project of Jeena's when she had free time. Smiling coyly, she led him inside, and in the meantime Rallen was breathing heavily from the implications this was leading to.

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