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The final chapter of this little RallenXJeena, so enjoy! :)

Rallen sat in his command chair, helping co-pilot the ship as they cruised around Sector R, though he couldn't see the controls well because of the low lighting, which said it was near nighttime now. The problem was that there was nothing out there at all, so he was completely bored. Sure it was part of his job, but he was still bored as he lazily steered with one hand, the other holding his head up. On his right, Jeena also did her job of scanning the sector for any traces of Krawl. The slight glazed look in her eyes suggested that she was just as bored as he was. By his feet, Komainu was sleeping on this little blanket he had put there (He had had to pet the child Spectrobe to sleep before he would stay). He sighed a little loudly, saying, "Man, what's the R in this Sector stand for? 'Roughly nothing here'? Commander must have gotten some bad intel".

"Won't hear me complaining" she whispered, and he glanced at her in surprise. She smiled at him, even as she continued to do the routine scans, which she could do in her sleep, let alone the low lighting they were currently in. "The less activity out here, the more I can focus on you, Rallen". He raised an eyebrow and grinned to himself as he carefully put the ship on autopilot. With that, he stood up and stretched, making an excuse to get near her. She didn't react when he slowly stepped closer to her, but maybe she was pretending on that one. With that, he carefully leaned in and kissed her hair, which he knew must have brought a small smile to her face. He slowly and gently applied more pressure on his kiss, slowly moving her head to the right, and making it harder for her to do the scans.

At one point, she stopped the scanning entirely. With a small giggle and a playful tone, "Rallen, I can't keep scanning with you doing that", she said. He chuckled as he withdrew slightly and whispered coyly, "I know". When she giggled again and slowly lifted her head up, bringing her lips near his, he gently and gladly starting kissing her again. As they were kissing, she was slowly turning her chair towards him, while he was slowly moving himself forward. After awhile of this, he gently broke away to pant against her shoulder, and her to pant against his neck, which he enjoyed the feeling of her warm breath. "...Rallen?" she whispered, still panting softly. She sounded nervous, but determined. "Yeah?" he murmured, still panting slightly.

"...Come with me" she whispered, gently taking his hand as she stood up. He gently moved aside for her to do so, and so she led him by the hand into her room, closing the door behind her. Now, he was really curious about that, but he didn't ask. After removing all their unnecessary clothing (shoes, gloves, their jackets/vests, and her tights), they both sat on her bed fully clothed. He tilted his head, "Jeena, do we really need to be in here to make out?", he said in a slightly cocky tone. She gave a nervous giggle, and it showed in her face as she whispered, "No, but... I had something else in mind, Rallen". His head still tilted, he gently whispered, "And what's that?".

She continued to look nervous as the seconds went by, but she finally managed to say, "Rallen, I... I want you to... I want you to t-take me". (You all should know what she means by that)

He blinked, confused as he tilted his head further. "Take you?" he said, not getting it. "What do you mean by ta-" he stopped as his brain finally got it, and while his eyes widened, he was instinctively backing away. But he didn't get far, as he fell backward off the bed, which really jolted him. "Ow" he muttered, rubbing the slight bruise on his head. He was glad their rooms were carpeted, or that would have hurt worse. Above him, she was laying on her stomach with her feet in the air, tilting her head and smiling slightly at him. She knew he was too thick-headed to really be hurt from that. He slowly sat up as he recovered, simply staring at her.

"Jeena" he whispered softly, his voice full of the surprise and shock he was feeling. "Do... do you mean... what I think you do?"

Looking as nervous as before, she didn't answer right away as she slowly shifted herself into a sitting position, her legs over the edge of the bed. "Rallen, i love you" she whispered. "And i have for some time, even though i never showed it much". He slowly blinked, but not out of confusion, "I love you too, Jeena... b-but what if you get..." he whispered, yet he couldn't quite get himself to say it. She smiled gently as she softly looked at him, but she was also leaning back toward her dresser, reaching for something. But he could blink, she pressed a hidden button, and then a hidden compartment snapped out. Taking what was inside, she then leaned forward and rattled the thing near his face. "Don't worry, I took one this morning when you weren't looking" she whispered coyly, but his eyes were caught instantly on two words: birth control.

He blinked rapidly, his mind momentarily being overloaded with emotions. But in that time, his mouth quickly yelled out a question in shock, "Jeena, why the heck do you have those!". She smiled playfully at him, "Oh, a girl can never be too safe, especially with a partner like you", she whispered very coyly, putting the birth control pills back into her secret compartment, then crossing her arms and tilting her head playfully at him.

He blinked in complete shock and quickly stood up, "But you know I'd never do THAT! I may be me, but even I wouldn't do THAT!". Though she couldn't help grinning playfully, she did respond coyly, "Rallen... you haven't actually answered me yet, you know". He sighed as he rubbed his head, trying to think. He wanted to, he sowanted to, but he couldn't deny that this was a big deal and that he shouldn't act like he usually would. "Umm... Jeena?" he whispered. She merely tilted her head and waited. "Uh, why... why me?".

She slowly raised an eyebrow, then she gave a playful smile as she stood up, crossing her arms. "Because no one has ever gotten my attention besides you, Rallen" she whispered playfully, then closed her eyes and got even more playful. "But if you don't want to, I can go find someone else"

Whatever hesitations he had at the moment broke completely at her playful tone, and with a cocky grin, he jumped her, making them land on the bed. With a surprised squeal and heavy giggling, she smiled playfully up at him. Still grinning cockily, "Don't challenge me, Jeena. I just might take you up on your challenge" he whispered coyly, then he fiercely attached himself to her lips, making her give a soft moan against his lips as she kissed him back just as passionately. At one point, she had managed to whisper, "That's what I was hoping you'd do, Rallen", before their lips were locked again.

(Lemon will start now, so stay away if you can't handle it)

They continued kissing with increasing passion, but she soon reversed their positions on the bed, smiling coyly. "I'll start us off, Rallen" she whispered coyly, already tugging on his shirt. He had to sit up a little before she could take it off, but he didn't mind as she threw it onto the floor. But before he could blink, she had already moved her head down and gave him a slow, gentle lick across his chest like last night. After he had shuddered in delight and lightly gasped, he quickly flipped their positions again. "You do remember that the guy is supposed to be in charge, right?" he whispered coyly, and before she could reply, he was also tugging her shirt up. Rolling her eyes a little at his statement, she sat up a little and lifted her arms above her head, smiling as she did so. But as soon as he got her shirt off and threw it onto the floor next to his shirt, she fiercely jumped him, having them land with her on top and his head near the end of her bed. "Not with me around, Rallen" she whispered coyly, sitting up a little and tilting her head at him, smiling playfully.

Chuckling a little, he grinned as he whispered coyly back, "Well then, I just have to assert myself". With that line, he carefully sat up and quickly jumped himself forward, having himself on top yet again. Before she could reply, he fiercely attached himself to her lips, making her squeal in delight as he closed his eyes. While they were kissing passionately with their eyes closed, his hands quickly went onto her bra, making her moan softly into his mouth, especially when he began to grope them gently. Soon enough, he gently moved his groping to under her bra, and she couldn't help gasping out loud as well as moaning louder. "Rallen..." she whispered in bliss, panting slightly in-between their kissing.

After awhile, he gently drew her up into a hug, still kissing passionately. While one hand was stroking her pink hair, the other was on her upper back, gently running itself over her bra straps back there. With his eyes half open and slightly glazed, he still saw a hint of red on her cheeks from the touch. When she didn't say anything, he took it as a go for it, and so he started trying to undo the thing. Seconds passed as he tried, but he found the thing more complicated than he thought it would be. Soon he was trying with both hands, but he had no more luck than with one hand. Eventually, she rolled her eyes and smiled playfully at him.

"Oh, you're hopeless" she whispered coyly, putting one hand behind her back. "The great Rallen can't do everything apparently" But once her hand came back, she wasn't taking her bra with her this time. Instead, she intentionally crossed her arms playfully and tilted her head at him, still smiling playfully. He slowly raised an eyebrow at her, "A challenge... I like this" he thought, grinning cockily at her. "What are you waiting for? Make a move already" she whispered coyly. Quickly, he moved forward, but instead of trying to take her arms away to get at her bra, he actually started tickling her stomach with both hands. Letting out a loud surprised gasp, she couldn't help squirming underneath his fingers. She was stubborn, but eventually her arms moved away, even as she couldn't help gasping every so often from the tickling. Still grinning cockily, he now tickled her only with one hand, and quickly snatched her bra away from her chest, bringing a slightly blush to the both of them. Once he had done so, he stopped tickling her, allowing her to catch her breath more easily.

Once she had caught her breath, she half opened her eyes and gazed up at him. After a few soft pants, she smiled playfully again, "Spoil the mood, will you?" she whispered coyly. He chuckled softly, slowly leaning forward and making it seem like he was gonna kiss her, "The mood will build back up in no time, Jeena, don't you worry" he whispered coyly. When she closed her eyes, he quietly and quickly changed direction, and instead gave a slow and gentle lick across her right breast. While her gasp had some surprise, it was mostly intermixed with a moan, and she tightened her grip on the bedsheets beside her. He continued gently licking her right breast, soon moving onto her left and making her cry out even as she moaned again. Whatever breast he wasn't licking, he was gently groping it with a hand.

Once he had his fill, he gently sat back up and panted, allowing her to get her own breath back. He was just about to continue when she suddenly jumped herself forward, and now he found himself on the bottom this time. She giggled playfully above him, "Now it's my turn, Rallen", she whispered coyly as her hands began working with his pants, bringing a blush to both their faces. Soon she got the thing off and threw it onto the floor, but then she pinned his arms by his side. He could have broken free, but that wouldn't the mood or anything, and he couldn't help but wonder what she was gonna do as she leaned into position. To his surprise, what she did wasn't what he was expecting at all.

Smiling playfully, she leaned forward and down, then gently touched her breasts against his chest and glided them up the entire length of this chest. Needless to say, he had gasped and shuddered in pure bliss, so great was that feeling. "Jeena..." he managed to gasp out as she continued, which only widened her playful smile. "Yes, you like this, don't you, Rallen?" she whispered coyly, continued to move up and down his chest, still making him gasp and shudder in bliss. He didn't answer, he felt the gasping and blissful shuddering would be enough for her, and apparently she took it as such. After uncounted minutes of this, she finally stopped and sat up, crossing her arms and smiling playfully at him, allowing him to catch his breath.

Slowly he sat up, still pretending to catch his breath. "I could... really get... used to that" he whispered, still fake catching his breath. "Tilting her head with that playful smile, "You want me to continue or what?" she whispered coyly. As soon as she finished, he jumped himself forward and landed himself back on top, to a burst of playful giggling under him. "I would, Jeena, but we can do it all we want later" he whispered coyly back at her. She was about to answer, but she felt his hand on her shorts gently tugging on it, and her blush deepened. He managed to take them off and throw them onto the floor, leaving them both in their underwear only right now, like they had finished last night.

Neither of them were sure what to do now, since they had never done any of this before, so for now, both of them were sitting up. "...Rallen?" she whispered, which instantly got his attention, but before he could ask, she was already continuing, "Umm... how about tonight, we... we just do simple touching and... do it, then leave all the other stuff for the next times?". He was relieved actually, since he wasn't sure he could do everything all in one night. He slowly nodded, and he thought he saw relief flicker over her face, but it was hard to tell with their half open eyes. A few seconds passed, then he decided that he should should start, so slowly moved his hand forward. While both their blushes deepened, she did nothing to stop him as his hand gently touched the fabric of her panties, though she did start panting a little. Soon enough, he gently started caressed the area with his hand, which really made her gasp out aloud as well as giving a throaty moan. He gently continued doing so, making her continue to give throaty moans.

All the while he was doing this, her own hand was slowly and shakily moving it's own way forward, finally touching the bulging part of his boxers. He flinched a little from the unexpected contact, blushing more, and his own caressing briefly slowed. When her hand gripped his dick through the fabric, he couldn't help a loud gasp of his own. And so, both of them continued to caress each others private areas, with her giving throaty moans, and he giving loud gasps (he couldn't quite manage a moan, for whatever reason). This continued for awhile, until they both stopped to catch their breath, as well as try to manage their deep blushing.

After they had done so, he gently leaned forward and gently kissed her, which made her squeal slightly in surprise. They both kissed for about five seconds, then he gently drew back a little, his hands at her waist. "It's okay, Jeena" he gently whispered, his hands slowly moving downward and touching the sides of her panties. While she blushed deeper, "I know... Rallen" she did manage to whisper. With that, he soon starting pulling down her panties, which really deepened his blush as he saw her genitals. Soon enough, he took them off completely and threw them onto the floor, and he was left to sit there and stare at her naked body. Like he had thought before, it was perfect to him.

A few seconds passed, then her hands were at his waist, touching the sides of his boxers. While he blushed a little more, he did nothing to stop her as she gently pulled them down. Her blush deepened even more than he had when she saw his erect dick, along with a slight widening of her eyes. Soon enough, she got them off completely and threw them onto the floor, leaving her to sit and stare at his naked body. He couldn't tell what she thinking, but he thought he must at least look good to her.

A few seconds passed, then, "Rallen?" she whispered. He looked up into those blue eyes he loved so much, even as she looked into his orange eyes that she loved so much. Another few seconds passed before, "...don't keep me waiting any longer" she whispered, barely audible.

He didn't answer, but then again words wouldn't really do justice to what she had said. Instead, he gently leaned forward and kissed her, closing his eyes. While she had also closed her eyes, he was gently pushing her forward, forcing her to lean back. To help speed this up, he gently placed one hand on her back and gently helped lower her body flat onto the bed, with her head landing on the pillows. Her pink hair in disarray, not that his own hair was in much better shape, she half opened her eyes and gazed at him. Panting slightly, he gripped his dick and gently slid it forward. She shuddered slightly as he entered, but he soon stopped, for he had come up against a barrier.

With both of them blushing hard, he gently looked her in the eyes, knowing words were completely unimportant now. The look in her eyes was very nervous, but she wanted to keep going, so he carefully leaned forward, gently kissing her and placing his hands on the bed to support himself. She slowly closed her eyes, kissing back and placing her hands on his shoulders, preparing herself for the wound she was about to receive. After doing his best to comfort her by kissing, and after judging that she was as ready as she could be, he braced himself and thrust forward. Her entire body jerked and shuddered, and she made a muffled noise of pain into his mouth, her hands now digging the nails into his shoulders. Though that stung, he didn't say or do anything, knowing she was in more pain than he was right now. In addition, she was breathing very heavily, and tears were leaking out of her tightly shut eyes.

After some time, she half opened her eyes slowly, still breathing heavily. "Jeena, are you okay?" he whispered, intent on knowing the answer, though he had a feeling what it would be. She didn't answer right away, but he felt her slowly moving her hands sideways, and they gently rested on his cheeks. Gently pulling him down, which he didn't resist in the slightest, she softly kissed him again for some time. When she gently pulled away, the comfort of his lips seemed to have steadied her somewhat. Still breathing heavily, "Rallen... I'm okay now... t-the pain is gone... mostly" she managed to whisper, barely audible. A faint smile came onto his face, he was relieved to hear that. "K-Keep... keep going... please"

Breathing a little fast himself, he didn't answer with words. Instead, he prepared himself as best as he could, then slowly and gently began to thrust back and forth inside her. She closed her eyes and moaned again, all the while her breasts were bouncing with every thrust. As they continued and he slowly got faster with his thrusts, she continued moaning loudly, her body jerking slightly with every thrust. They continued for an uncountable while, both of them making noises with each thrust, though she was the loudest in each one. He was dimly aware of a feeling building inside, like a volcano about to blow, and his face slowly got redder as a result. One rather blurry look at her told him she was getting close too, and it would soon stop, and so he got even faster and harder. A few loud moans and gasps later, they both hit their climax, yelling out their partner's names in the process.

(Lemon ends now, but not necessarily the mature content)

Completely drained, he rather jerkily laid himself near her head and stopped moving completely, panting very heavily. He could feel her warm breath as she panted very heavily as well, as drained as he was. For uncounted minutes, they just lay against each other and recovered what little strength they could. Some good amount of time later, he vaguely heard her slowly lift her head up a little, "U-Uh... Rallen?" she whispered, barely audible. It took him awhile to respond, but he slowly and carefully picked himself off her, gently pulling himself out of her. A minute later, he even managed to sit up, while she was still struggling to keep her head up. He slowly surveyed the absolute mess they had made, and he smiled faintly. "It... seems we've made a mess of ourselves" he whispered quietly, then looked at her. She slowly nodded without looking, the she slowly reached out a hand toward him.

Using him as support, which he was glad to give, he slowly helped her sit up. Anytime she moved her hips or anything nearby, she would flinch slightly, which was natural after what they had just done. She slowly looked them both over, then she looked at him with a faint smile, "...Would you like to join me in the shower? We both could use one" she whispered faintly, with a hint of coyness. He smiled at her and nodded, then he got off the bed and stood up, then turned and helped her stand, holding her hand. While doing so, she nearly fell over, but he easily caught her, making her smile up at him. She was leaning on him as they slowly walked toward the shower, and he was sure neither of them really minded. Inside her bathroom, she slowly reached over and turned on the hot water, though she carefully checked and adjusted it before they stepped in.

Slowly, they both walked into the hot water, sighing in content and relief as the hot water really loosened their muscles and their worries. Smiling, she leaned against him and slowly closed her eyes, enjoying the moment. As the water gently washed away their various fluids and slowly turned their orange and pink colored hair, respectively, into a darker shade, he was soon doing the same as he leaned against her. For a good ten or fifteen minutes (neither could really tell how long it was), they just stood there leaning against each other in the hot water, and thoroughly enjoying it. Afterward, the shower turned itself off as it was programmed to do, but neither teen responded to this. It took the normal air of her bedroom flowing against their skin (the air is cold after the hot water) before they finally noticed.

Shivering slightly, they slowly stepped out of the shower. By pressing their bodies against each others along with the towels, they quickly warmed themselves up as well as drying up most of the water. Covered in towels, they leaned on each other again and walked out of the shower, though she was still flinching with nearly every movement. "You okay, Jeena?" he whispered in concern, to which she looked at him with a smile. "I'll be fine, Rallen. I just need some time to rest and recover" she whispered back, then she glanced at the still messy bed. "But I'll have to put that in the ship's laundry system tomorrow" she whispered, then looked down. "And I definitely can't sleep on that tonight" she whispered, to which made him think slightly on the problem. (Yes, Rallen is thinking right now :)) He smiled as he turned to her, "Hey, why don't you just sleep with me on my bed?" he whispered with a hint of coyness.

She looked at him and faintly smiled, then nodded and whispered, "Okay". At that moment, they heard a faint scratching noise come from her door, which was still closed. They slowly turned to her door, where the scratching continued, but then a familiar cry came from the other side, which at the moment sounded a lot like begging. They looked at each other smiling faintly, "Looks like Komainu is begging to sleep with us again, Rallen" she whispered. He nodded, then with a jolt remembered that they were both still naked, "Umm... how about we get dressed first?" he whispered gently. She blushed faintly and nodded, "Just help me sit down first, it will be easier for me" she whispered, to which he smiled. Picking her up bridal style, he gently placed her on an untouched part of her bed, then he got to his knees and threw the bottom parts of her clothing at her, which she caught.

With that, they both began dressing, though she had some slight trouble with her underwear and shorts, with Komainu scratching at door with increased begging (since he could sense they were in there and moving). While he was dressing, he couldn't help turning himself and looking at her dressing herself. He had to admit, watching her get dressed was really appealing, but he forced most of his attention on dressing himself. After a minute, both of them were fully dressed in their main clothing, and he gently helped her stand again. "Come on, let's get Komainu, Rallen" she whispered with a faint smile, to which he nodded and slowly walked them to the door. Opening it, Komainu pretty much jumped for joy when he saw them, and eagerly followed his two friends into his bedroom and onto the bed, making those cute noises he was known for.

Like the gentlemen he was underneath all the impulses, he gently picked her up and sat her down on the bed, putting the covers over her. As he walked over to his side, he heard her giggle softly and whisper, "You didn't have to do that, Rallen" though not without a glint of playfulness. He chuckled slightly as he settled into bed, gently holding her in his arms, "But I wanted to, Jeena" he whispered with a hint of coyness. She giggled softly again, and they simply looked each other in the eyes before kissing softly again. "I love you, Rallen" she whispered, to which he eagerly whispered back, "I love you too, Jeena". With that, they snuggled closer and closed their eyes, gently drifting off to sleep.

Still watching them, Komainu gave a soft noise of approval before settling down between them, careful not to wake either of his longtime friends. Spectrobes could easily see what others could not, and even though Komainu was only a child Spectrobe, he could still see that these two had loved each other from the start. And it was about time that they realized it and done something about it.

"Finally" thought the child Spectrobe as he gently fell asleep.

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