After the third attempt, the team finally managed to move the large sum of boxes from the warehouse to the gym. By this time, everyone was extra tired from having to move more than their share of work. Wataru, Ryosuke, and Nippori returned to their beds, promptly passing out until dinner time.

Yuta and Kaneko were tempted to do the same, but ended up stretching and keeping themselves busy for the time being.

Kiyama sat in the bleachers near the football field, seeming to be deep in thought. He didn't say anything as Satoshi took a seat next to him, only giving him a side look of acknowledgment. The team's manager took a breath, watching as another school's team run past on the field.


"Do you think he hates me?"

"Hates you? Who, Kiyam-" Satoshi stopped, realizing what the other man was referring to. He quickly shook his head, "No! Of course not! How could you think that?"

Kiyama kept his gaze down, "Maybe because we weren't in the same club but... this isn't the first time he's acted this way." He finally lifted his head, "That must be the reason. I don't know why, I barely talked to him." An image came to mind, Kiyama picking up a school ID that was quickly snatched away. Mizusawa never once looked him in the eye.

Satoshi clenched his jacket in his hand, wishing he could at least tell the other man the real reason. Only he promised he would keep it a secret. Kiyama had kept his own problem from the team, and he would respect Mizusawa's wish.

The other man noticed the gesture and quickly turned, "Tsuchiya, are you alright? Do you need your medicine?" He faced the field again, "Oh, but your bag is in the room..."

"Oh!" Satoshi lifted his hands in mock surrender, "No! I'm fine, really I am, don't worry about me!"

Kiyama fidgeted, his bracelet now off his wrist and entangled in his fingers, "Are you sure?"

Satoshi gave a smile, "Of course!" He let the smile waver once Kiyama slipped his bracelet back on, "I was just thinking. I really don't understand what the coach is doing, having you guys move boxes from one area to another..."

The man beside him let out a puff of air, "Hm."

Satoshi tilted his head, a frown now evident on his face, "Kiyama-san...?"

Kiyama gave a nod, his face visible, "When I see him again, I'm going to apologize. I don't know what I did wrong, but I hope we can become friends."