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Chapter 1

Bella Pov

So here I was on a plain to Alaska, where my best friend Alice's family lives. We're going to her family"s get together for Christmas, she was bouncing in her seat with happiness. I honestly think she was going to try to set me up with this cousin of hers, but I just hope not. I looked out the small window as the plain landed, my stomach twisting I was kinda scared of meet Alice's parents. She giggled with happiness as we landed grabbing my hand and pulling me off the plain.

"My brother's getting our bags Oh there he is" she said as she bounced over to him. God, I thought to myself just weird he was huge and tall and Alice was...Small and short big difference.

"Emmet this is my Best friend Bella" she said smiling cheekily.

"Nice to meet you Bella" he said his voice cheerful like...Alice, I smiled.

"Nice to meet you too" I said, we all walked to the car. Gosh why oh why did I let Alice talk me into this, I HATE THE COLD AND WET. I shook the thought, and waited as we drove to Alice's house.

The huge cabin looked, homey and cozy like I should be expecting a turkey dinner kinda feel to it, I smiled as I looked up at the place.

"Its pretty isn't it?" Alice said, I nodded and we made our way into the house, everyone waiting in the living room, smiling laughing. At that moment I felt like I was barging in on a family get together and I shouldn't be there, but I pushed that feeling down deep down.

"Hello sweetie I'm Esme Alice's mother you must be Bella" a woman with caramel hair said smiling brightly, I nodded.

"Nice to meet you" I said softly, she smiled more.

"I'm Carlisle Alice's father nice to meet you Bella" he said his tone fatherly, I nodded.

"I'm Rosalie Emmet girlfriend" a blond woman that looked like a model said flashing me a pare of white teeth, I smiled back.

"I'm Jasper Rosalie's brother" A honey blond man said with a hint of a southern accent. I smiled noticing the way Alice looked at him. Then a guy with messy bronze hair and bright green eyes walked up to me.

"Hey sexy, I'm Edward" he said smiling crookedly, I guess every girl within a one mile radius LOVE that smile but it didn't effect me...maybe. I rolled my eyes at his cockiness, and leaned up to his ear everyone leaning in to hear what I'm gonna say.

"Cocky much?" I whispered my lips brushing his neck as I leaned back, I smiled slightly as I saw him shiver.

"Yea, you know you want me" He said wiggling his eyebrows, I huffed God, he's really full of himself.

"No I wouldn't want you if you were the last man on earth...not even then you cocky ass" I snapped back.

"Meow feisty, just how I like em" he said winking, I rolled my eyes.

"Come on Bella lets get you settled into the guest room" Alice said her face blank. I walked away know he was looking at my ass, God its sad I only just met him and I already hate his ass.

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