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The Elevator

What the hell had he just done? Gibbs angrily thought at himself as the elevator ascended. He whirled and punched the wall, causing the lift to shake. Frustrated, he jabbed the emergency stop button and the elevator jerked to a halt. He paced the small space, his anger building up inside of him. It filled the tiny chamber like a foul, pungent stench.

After a few minutes of this, he stopped and drew in a deep breath then slid down against the wall. He really needed to get his act together. It would be understandable and even logical for him to have blown up and hurt DiNozzo or McGee, even Ziva (not that he'd have gotten very far). But Abby? Abby? No, there was no justification there.

Abby's Lab

Abby still stood there, frozen. Somewhere in her analytical mind, she knew that it was from shock. Ziva on the other hand, was extremely uncomfortable in this situation. She knew that Abby still wasn't quite ready to be best buddies, but on the other hand, Abby had just been hurt by the father figure in her life. Then again, Ziva wasn't exactly the best person to go to with problems. Well, problems that couldn't be solved with a gun or a knife. Then again-

Abby interrupted Ziva's useless thought circle.

"I'm not going to get mad." She said her voice relatively stable.

"That is… good," Ziva replied cautiously, but no sooner had she finished that Abby spoke again.

"Because I now have learned to expect the lowest out of the person I thought the highest of," she finished, voice still stabilized.

Ziva stood gaping as Abby stalked over to her stereo and blasted Brain Matter. She fumed silently as she sat at her computer and began typing furiously.

"Abby…" Ziva started, whirling to face the forensic scientist. "You sound mad," she commented.

"I'm not Ziva. I just… need time to think…" this time Abby's voice cracked towards the end.

There was a short, slightly awkward pause as Abby and Ziva locked eyes. Finally, Ziva drew in a deep breath that she let out as a sigh.

"Okay. But… know that if you want to talk…I will be here. I am your friend, Abby."

"Thanks Ziva. For now though… for now I need to be alone."


"Duck," Gibbs called as he entered autopsy.

"Yes, Jethro, what can I do for you at this hour?" the M.E. replied, turning around from his desk to face his friend.

"I just… I just…" Gibbs stammered, knowing that as soon as he said it, it would make it true, and this couldn't be some sort of twisted nightmare.

"Just what, my boy?" Ducky prodded, slightly anxious and nervous to hear the rest of the sentence. He'd never heard Gibbs stammer in his life.

"I just," Gibbs took a deep breath, "I just completely blew up at Abby. I yelled at her, I glared at her, the whole nine yards,"

"Well luckily for you, Abigail is a very loving and forgiving person. I'm sure by tomorrow-"

Gibbs shook his head slowly, his eyes shut tight. "And then I grabbed her arm and twisted it to prevent her from leaving in the middle of our argument,"

Ducky was silent, which was as rare as Gibbs getting mad at Abby. There was a lot of rarity going around tonight.

"What was her reaction?" Ducky asked slowly.

"Ziva had come down to the lab to find me and she saw it. So, as you can imagine, she practically killed me when she yanked my hand from Abby's arm. And the glare she gave me…"

"Abigail or Officer David?"

Gibbs thought about that. "Both," he answered quietly.

"As I told you before, Abigail is both a very loving and forgiving person. I am certain that she will soon put this behind her and forgive you. Once she does that, Officer David will most likely follow suit" Ducky consoled, worry creasing his brow.

"I hope you're right Duck, I hope you're right…"

The Squad Room

"Where's Gibbs?" McGee inquired as Ziva entered the bull pen alone. "What happened?" he altered his question when he saw the look on Ziva's face. It was one of confusion, fury, and sympathy.

"Gibbs is with Ducky." She answered quietly and began shutting down her computer and gathering her things to go home.

"I thought we were going to tell him about-"

"No," Ziva interrupted quietly but forcefully. "He can hear it tomorrow." She stood up and slung her backpack over her shoulder.

"Ziva… what happened?" McGee repeated his previous question.

"Gibbs happened."

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