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Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Follower

Chapter 2: Awakening

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"Is anyone here?" Ask a little boy in pitch black darkness.

"Hello?" He asked and answered by silent. There is nobody there; even sound of cricket cannot be hear.

"Please… I need help!" Silent still answer his call.

He starts sobbing real hard and tears coming out from his eye. "*sob* Please… *sob* help me…"

Suddenly he heard something moving. He stop crying and wipe all of his tears.

"Hello?" he asks with cheerful face.

After he asked that question, he heard something hissing and also some stomping sound with a growl sound. That suspicious okay, but he walks into the source of the sound.

A couple of minutes walking in the pitch black darkness, he see something unusual. He see a Ritual place, but the strange thing is not there. He could see it very clear even he in the pitch black darkness.

He walk into the ritual place. It's not big but he could feel familiar feeling in there. The ritual place has a big throne and White is painted all over that place. He sit on the throne and lean back.

Is something brother you?

He surprised with sudden voice surrounding that place. "W-who are you?"

Me? I can't tell…

"What do you mean?" he ask with much calmer voice.

You will know shortly. Now is something troubling you?

He nodded. "Yes…" he then looks upward to the pitch black darkness. "I need a friend."

The mysterious voice chuckle when hear the boy problem and something laughing too but with a hiss.

Well, we always are your friend.

"'we'? Don't you alone?"

Oh, yeah. He doesn't talk too much. Don't worry him too much. Now tell me your name.

The boy closes his eyes. "My name is Hayato Kanazawa."

We are always with you Hayato.

Suddenly the ritual place becomes pitch of darkness. He couldn't see a thing but he could see two figures. The left one is a big snake with hissing sound and the right one is a big dog with something chaining him.

We will wait for you…

Hayato's vision become blurry, then he black out.

Place: Kanazawa's Residence-Hayato's room

Date: 21st April 2032 (D-6)

Hayato slowly open his eyes. He sit on the bed and look into his hand's palm. "That dream again."


The train of thought crashed when he heard the knocking sound from his room's door.

"Brother, Wakey-wakey!" said a girl from ouside his room.

He gets up from his bed on open the door. He see his sister smiling face with a blue backpack on her back.

"Good morning, bro! Breakfast already prepared!"

Hayato just give a weak smile than ruffle his sister hair. "Well, I'm gonna change first Kaori. Wait for me, 'kay?"

Kaori nod and leave his brother. Hayato close his room door and walk into his toilet. He pick his Asakawa high school uniform and he change his clothes. He then pick the long coat uniform that almost over his knees.

"Hmm… I feel like wear the long coat today." He mumbles to himself.

He pick the long coat uniform and put it over his shirt. He walk into sink and wash his face and brush his teeth. He spit out all of the foam and gargle sink water.

After he finish all of that, he walk into his desk to pick his bag. Suddenly his head feels dizzy.

He put his right hand on his head. "Ugh…"

He can't focus his body. His legs feel so weak like he going to fall. He bumps into his desk and hear something shattered. He looks into the source of the sound and found that a picture frame falls. He shake his head and he can hear some voice.

Now… you… ours…

After hear that voice the headache gone. "That's more painful than yesterday…"


"Brother! Are you okay!" Kaori ask with very worried tone.

Hayato open the door. What he saw is not his sister smiling face but a worry face. "Are you okay?"

He nod a little then give her a smile. "I'm fine. Don't worry."

"Are you sure?" she ask him once again.

"Yeah… don't worry to much okay?"

A sigh relieve come from her. "Thank god! I thought you hurt or something."

"Nah, I'm fine…" he said with slightly smile. "Now, I'm gonna cleanup first."

Kaori nod and turn away from Hayato's room. Hayato just close the door, when suddenly he see a picture fly away in front of him.

"What the-"he grab that photo with ease. When he look at the photo, his expression changed. A small tear curl down from his eyes. What he saw is a 12 years old Hayato stand beside a woman who sits next to hayato that looks very young and her smile seems calming the hearts.

The woman have a long black hair, black eyes, a very beautiful face, wear a blue gown, and a small kite shaped necklace with sapphire on the middle.

"Mom…" he mumbles with tear falling faster.


Date: 23rd October 2027

"Hayato, you must leave!" The Black hair woman shouts at 12-years old Boy.

"No! I must protect you, mom!" He grabbed his mother hand. "I don't want you to leave!"

His mother releases his hand from her palm. "No! You protect your sister! Leave now or both of you die!"


Sound of Missile dropped from sky could be heard. Hayato looked outside the window and saw houses burned down. "Mom we need to get out from here!"

His mom shook her head. "No, both of you get outta here!"

"Why are you so persistent mom! Please come with us!" Yell Hayato with a tear forming on his eyes.

"You know it son…" she took a deep breath before looking into his eyes, "We just accept death."

Hayato shocked. He couldn't say a thing. His mother who always smiling and teach him benefits of life, now just waitng for her death. His eyes full of anger that could kill a rabbit (is it true?). "Mom…"

His mother hugged his son. Hayato lost in thought for a second. He felt a tear fell from her eyes.

"I'm sorry that I never become a good mother." She said with tears raining from her eyes. "But, this is the least I can do. I want all of you alive."

Hayato look at his mother face. Her black eyes is always beautiful as always and her face is smiling but with saddened smile.

"Mom…I don't want you go. Please come with us." He begged with very calm voice.

His mother kisses his forehead. "I'm sorry, I can't." then she lift hayato and throw him over the window. He can't believe what she do. She threw him from second floor. He could see a glimpse of her mother smiling to him. "Become a strong man… when the time comes your power is needed."

He crashed on the neighborhood tree then fall down to ground. He cry out loud because the pain of his broken leg.

Somebody come after hearing Hayato's cry. "Hey, are you okay Hayato!" Hayato look at his savior face. He have a messy blonde hair with a mustache on his face. "Eric-san…"

Erik carries hayato into his shoulder. "Not now! We need to get outta here!"

Hayato nod a little. Then erik run as fast as he could. When they far enough from Hayato's house, Hayato hear something fall from the sky. He look back and saw a missile fall toward his house.


"MOM!" hayato scream with agony. Tears fell from his eyes. "NO! MOM!"

Eric looks back and saw the flame spread at his neighborhood. "We need to go to the shelter. That's the safest place!" Hayato just keep silent staring where his house should be. In his head ring what his mother told him.

"Be a strong man." He cross his heart like what his mother told him. "I will mom. I will…"

End of flashback

He wipe his tears and look at his mother smiling face. "Mom, I'm become stronger…"

He stands up then go down to have a breakfast. In the dinner table, he saw a scruffy man, with black and a little grey hair, and wearing brown coat with an ID on hanging in its pocket and a black color pants reading newspaper. The id look blurry but it written, 'Kazuya Kanazawa".

"Good morning dad." Hayato greet with a small smile.

The men close his newspaper and look at hayato. "Good morning son. A long coat today huh?"

Hayato sit down across from him. "Yeah, feel like it."

Kazuya smile with amusement smile. "Well, stay outta trouble will ya?"

Hayato nod a little. "Yeah I got it." He picks ketchup from Kazuya side. "Still working on the case dad?"

Kazuya shrugged. "Yeah, it's pretty tiring you know? The 'Ragnarok' case is one helluva pain in the ass case."

Hayato look disgust hear "Ragnarok' cult in the early morning. "Please stop calling that cult name."

Kazuya put an apologetic face. "Sorry… a little carried out there."

Hayato smile then look around. "Where is Kaori?"

"She already go to school. You should hurry up too." Kazuya said with sipping his black coffee.

Hayato stop eating than take his bag. "Yeah, I should hurry up. See ya dad."

"Yeah." Before hayato open the front door he shout. "Don't get into dangerous business, you hear me!"

Hayato nod and go to school. Kazuya searched his pant pocket and grabbed a photo, A photo that show his deceased wife.

"Don't worry I'll protect him…"

Place: ?

Date: 21st April 2032.

"My lord…"

A pair of red eyes could be seen. "What is it Homunculus?"

"My lord, everything already set. We just need the final player."

"Good… don't worry he will come to us today…"

"I understand my lord. I will make him ours, my lord."

Then the sound of Homunculus couldn't be heard. leaving only the pair of read eye staring at pitch black darkness.

"Soon, the war will begin."

Place: Asakawa high school- backyard

Date: 21st April 2032

Hayato wait impatiently. He wait almost 15 minutes and that what make him impatient. He look at the letter that he found at his shoe locker. He read it once again.

I'll be waiting for you at School Backyard after school.


The backyard is scary place. He still waiting at that place for 15 minutes is very surprising. Well, it's because he doesn't believe at ghost. He sigh and take a sit at bench. He recall what Rei told him before coming here.


"Just accept her will ya!" shout Rei when hearing Hayato's problem.

Hayato shrugged. "It's complicated… You know that I'm this school banchou, aren't you?"

Rei frown a bit. "Aw come on! She love you and you love her too! Just accept it!"

"But she will be in danger if she with me!"

"I know! But you will protect her! Cause you can make her safe!"

Hayato is thinking for a moment. He knew that Rei is true. He will protect her. And that couldn't be changed. He thinks sometimes Rei could be wiser than he is.

"Hello! Down on earth will ya!" Shout Rei with a little annoyed face.

"You're right Rei. I'll protect her"

Rei's face become bright and gave a pat on Hayato's back. "Good! Now talk to her!"

End of flashback

He chuckle a little when he remember his best friend face. He enjoy talking to him though even he always joking around.


Hayato look around and found Nana sitting beside him. "I've been waiting for you." He said with a smile.

Her cheeks redden when she saw his smile. Than he take a seat beside hayato at the bench. "S-so do you accept me?'

Hayato look at her and then kiss her lip. She startled looking at Hayato sudden move, but she enjoying it. He is so good at kissing. Then Hayato break the kiss and look at Nana Red face. "What do you think of that?"

Then Nana face becomes redder, but with a smile. "I-I think that as a yes…"

"Yes. I will become your boyfriend." Then his smile broke when his face turn serious. "And you know the cost right?"

Nana nod then kiss her boyfriend on the lip. "Yeah I know… and I will love you."Hayato grab Nana waist and make him thrust his tongue to her mouth for her. after a couple of minute they broke their kiss and see each other eyes.

"I love you" Nana stated.

"I love you too." Hayato continue. "And I will protect you…"

Meanwhil at the Asakawa High school rooftop

A black cape figure looks at Hayato and Nana at the bench backyard. Then he turned away and look at sky.

"Love… What is that?" The figure looks at Hayato and Nana again. "Will he answer my question?"

After Sitting together for an hour, Hayato and Nana walked home. They grab each other hand and smiling happily. After a couple of minute walking, Hayato heard a familiar sound.

"What is it?" Ask Nana with worried look.

Hayato listen the sound carefully and found out that sound from the alley ahead. "It's coming from the alley."

She gasped. "I think I know this sound Hayato."


"It's Rei!" Then a worried look is coming from Hayato face. "Rei is there! What should we do?"

"Why should you ask? I help him! You stay here!" Nana nod understand Hayato's command. From what they heard Sound of Rei just like he being beaten up.

Hayato run as fast as he could. When the sound is getting clearer, he know that he almost at his destination.

"Wait for me buddy! I'll come for you!"

Place: Alley

Rei is being beaten up by other school gang members. His face is swollen. His eyes almost cannot be seen because the swelling. Blood drip from his mouth. When they make him fell he always wake up and try to fight again.

"Dammit! He never gives up!" a gang member with black pompadour hair keep punching him.

"Hmm… Let's make him talk with this." The Pink spiky hair gang member pull out some katana from his school outfit. "Shall we?"

"Hehe… he will talk." The bald gang member pull out chain from his sleeve.

Rei just smirked even with swelling all over his face. "Heh, even you guys bribe me I will never talk."

The bald getting his nerve. "We just want to know where that Asakawa's Banchou is!"

Now the pompadour is talk. "You choose the hard way. Now we will never give you the tea party again."

Rei spit his blood. "Heh, Bring it on!"

The spiky hair member attacks with his katana. Before the katana touch Rei's body, someone punch his face really hard. The spiky head crashed into the wall.

"Who are you?" Ask the gang members when they saw the guy who punch their friends.

Rei is smiling at his savior face. "Hey Hayato. What make you so long?"

"Sorry, kinda busy with new girlfriend." He said with a smirk

Rei laugh as hard as he can. "Haha… like always you have an advance mind."

"HEY DON'T IGNORE US!" the gang members yell at both of them. "who are you anyway?"

"Me?" Hayato asked.

"Yeah you!" the bald one getting impatient.

"I'm Asakawa's banchou, Hayato Kanazawa. Nice to meet you guys."

"He is the Banchou! Get him!" the gang member attack at Hayato with full force.

Hayato just sigh looking at his enemy. "Man, can't I have a relaxing afternoon?"

The bald attack him with his chain, but could be stopped by Hayato with his left hand. He pull the chain and punch the baldy face real hard. The baldy fainted with one blow. "One down."

Couldn't see his friend fainted the pompadour punch him with left uppercut. Hayato got smacked on the face but he isn't fainted. Then the pompadour attacks him with right jab. But Hayato grab his right arm and crack his finger. "Guah! You little-"

Then Hayato kick his face with his knees and the pompadour pass out instantly. "Huh, weaklings."

Rei just gave a sweatdrop. 'You're monster…'

"Rei you okay?" ask Hayato.

"Yeah, I'm fine…"

"That's good cause I-"suddenly Hayato felt a painful feeling from his chest. He look down to his chest and found out the sharp of katana stab him on the chase. He look at his back and found out the spiky stabbed him. "Y-you…"

The spiky is smirking at Hayato painful face. "Heh… NOW YOU DEAD!" he pull away the katana and blood coming out from Hayato's face.

"Hayato!" Shout Rei.

Hayato felt weird sensation from his body. He close his eyes and fall down slowly to the ground…

"I'm weak…"


We meet again…

Hayato open his eyes and saw him at the similar place at his dream. "Is this heaven?"

Then sound of something laughing could be heard.

I will not call this heaven if I were you.

"So, is this hell?"

Not really…

"Why am I here?"

You seek power, am I right?

Hayato nod. "Yeah I want to be stronger…"

Then come with us.

"Why? Do you want to grant me power?"

Well, sorta. Just sign this contract.

Some contract fall into Hayato's right arm.

He read the contract with serious face.

'I the children of Adam, Will be your servant as long as I live.

I the children of Adam, Will become your protector as you need.

I the children of Adam, Will obey all of your command

With this oath I promise.

To be one as the 'Devil Follower'!'

Hayato wrote his name.

'I, Hayato Kanazawa. Will be part of the Devil Follower!'

After he wrote his name the contract disappear into thin air.

Now you will granted by your inner demon!

A three headed dog symbol appear on Hayato's right hand.

The tree headed dog or Cerberus or I will be your right hand guardian!

Then a long snake figure with wings appears on his Left hand.

The Snake resembles Samael. The pet of underworld!

Hayato felt surge of energy come into him.

Close your eyes…

Hayato close his eyes.

Now open it!

Hayato is falling into ground. But suddenly he recover from the fall and look at the gang member who stabbed him.

"H-how could you?" the spiky hair ask.

The wound of his chest is recovered just like nothing stab him at all. Hayato close his eyes and people around him could feel wind surrounding Hayato.

"Hayato!" Shout Rei.

Hayato open his eyes. His eyes become Black, his hair become White with a sharp slit, on his face appeared something like tattoo, his upper clothes dissapear and leave his upper body naked with some tattoo like his face, and some dark aura could be seen clearly at everyone eyes.

"Now feel the wrath of Demon!"

To be continue.

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