Alternate Methods of Affection

"Seriously, why don't you ever rub my head?" Terra said as he watched Ventus dash off on his own.

"Excuse me?" Aqua said, unable to stifle a giggle. "You can't possibly be jealous of Ven over that."

"Why not?" Terra crossed his arms to demonstrate how serious he was. "Look at how happy he gets whenever you do that; I'm missing out on something, and I want to know what."

Aqua sighed with feigned exasperation. "All right, I'll rub your head, but just this one time, all right?" Terra nodded, so Aqua walked up to him. She assessed the challenge before her, for Terra was a fair bit taller then her, and thus there was no natural way for her to reach out to his hair. She decided to come in close, just short of pressing into him, and raised her hand almost straight up and placed it down on the crown of his head. She ran her hand back and forth a few times. "Well?"

"Hmm, it's….okay, I guess." Granted, Terra did like Aqua being so close to him, letting him study the details of her face, even picking up on the scent of her own hair. But still, from the way Ven acted about it, he was expecting something…more.

"I see." Suddenly, Aqua got what Terra could only describe as an impish expression on her face. But before he could process that, she put her hand behind his head, and pulled him down so that their lips would meet.

A brief moment of time.

"And how was that?" Aqua said after she pulled away.

"…Better." Terra had nothing else to say; Aqua could see in his eyes that he had a lot to think about, so she decided to go let Ven know now, so that he could get used to the official change between her and Terra.

And if he got upset? Well, unlike Terra, he was just the right height to have his head rubbed.