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Volume 3 takes place a few weeks to a month after Kair was injected with the Mew DNA…


Volume 3:- The World is Changing

Some time ago:

Morning smiled down upon peaceful Viridian Forest, bringing much welcome sunlight to the treetops that never seemed able to filter it down to the forest floor.

It was in these treetops that Pidgey and Rattata liked to spend their morning, warming their bodies in the sunlight before starting a busy day of forage, play and avoiding the occasional Pokémon trainer.

This morning, there was a strange presence in the forest however…

Entei bolted through the underbrush, feet pounding, chest heaving. It raced at top speed, barely comprehending the trees that came rushing up at such a speed.

Something was after it, a mechanical monster created by the hands of Humans- an abomination to this world. WHOMP WHOMP WHOMP! It tore through the forest behind it, shredding trees and shrubs alike as though they were nothing more than paper.

A small family of Pichu and Pikachu were just emerging from their little home in the safe confides of a tree. Pichu played about, romping around in dead forest foliage as their older brothers and sisters- the Pikachu, kept a careful lookout for predators.

Pikachu's ear gave a twitch, suddenly sensing that not all was right about this morning. The blur rushed past him so quickly that he barely got the chance to blink; it was a Pokémon he had never seen before.


WHOMP WHOMP WHOMP. The sound was getting closer… like a giant, mechanical heartbeat. The ground started to shake beneath his feet.

"Pikachu!" he sounded out a warning alarm to his brothers and sisters. Something was on the approach and it was coming in fast.

All at once, the little ones followed by their older siblings made a dash for the safety of home, all but one tiny little Pichu who was notorious for wandering off on its own.

"Pikachu!" Pikachu called, hurrying to meet with his little brother and pushed him along with him. He stuffed the little Pichu into the hole in the tree.

The monster tore through the forest so suddenly that it caught Pikachu off guard. With huge, gnashing teeth and a snarl engulfed in toxic fumes, it took no note of the creatures that fled, sweeping up everything in its path. The Chu family was safe however, as it merely brushed by their tree. Leaving all but one little Pikachu behind...

"Can one of you halfwits explain why my latest mechanical marvel failed to do its job?" Giovanni was a force to be reckoned with this morning as he burst into the laboratory, sending every one of his scientists scurrying for hiding.

Only one was brave enough to stand up to him. "It took our best efforts to find Entei, sir. But unfortunately, our best efforts were not enough to capture it."

"Incompetent fools! Do you have any idea how much money I've put into this project! This chance may not fall into our laps so easily again!"

So far, things looked promising: heads weren't rolling yet meaning they possibly wouldn't. The scientist took a chance and exhaled. Giovanni himself knew it would be a long shot, there was a reason why a Pokémon such as Entei hadn't ever been caught yet.

"We'll catch him next time Sir, I promise," he lied.

Giovanni's eyes scanned the lab, as if to search it for any signs of slack. What they fell on was a little cage containing a Pikachu spraying sparks of electricity all over the benches.

"He got caught up in the mechanics, Sir," the scientist noticing his Boss's gaze filled in. "I can only assume he got separated from his family. He's scared out of his wits."

"Dispose of it."

"Yes sir," the scientist nodded, flicking a finger and signaling to his assistant to carry out the order. He had to go through the specs of the machine and attempt to coax Giovanni into handing over more funds to have it refined.

What no one expected was the moment the assistant lifted the little Pikachu from its cage it sent a thundershock right through him, completely stripping him of his lab coat. Then wriggling from his grips, it leapt down from his arms and bolted for the door.

Another scientist took a dive in attempt to block the little Pokémon's exit but suffered the same fate.

What the Pikachu failed to realize however, was that the door was not wide open as it had expected, in fact it was very much closed and made of glass. Bomp! It hit the door with such force that it knocked itself senseless.

Giovanni allowed an amused chuckle to escape his lips even in spite of the fact that he'd just watched the little rodent turn his lab upside down in a matter of minutes.

"Strong little Pikachu," he mused. "That's an impressive thundershock."

The head scientist scraped the dazed Pikachu off the floor, angrily handing it to one of his colleges. "Get rid of it, now."

"Wait," Giovanni's abrupt order stopped him in his tracks. "This little Pikachu would make the perfect starter for the boy." Finding a Pokéball in his jacket he tossed it to the scientist, making no effort in explaining who this 'boy' in question was. "Micro-chip it and take it down to Pallet Town. Deliver it to my sectary. She'll know what to do from there."

Present day:

The Viridian City Museum was a hive of activity. This night a special one- greatly anticipated by its curator. Tonight, the city's elite class of business men and women flocked to the Museum in celebration of the unveiling of its latest exhibit, namely a handful of very valuable and rare DNA rich Pokémon fossils- also a good reason for one prominent member of the Pokémon G-Men to be present.

I scanned the crowds of overly dressed aristocrats but so far my search had turned up fruitless. He wasn't here yet, but certain he was on his way.

I shifted on my feet, almost staggering in the thin heels that stuck out from the bottom of my shoes. I felt so exposed; like a clown putting on a show for the crowds as I watched the eyes of single nobles and married gentlemen alike take note of my scantily clad presence. I was new meat on the market.

My hair was tied up in a fancy bun and the black, backless dress I wore left little to the imagination and gave an impression of me that I greatly disagreed with. But this was all a part of the plan. This was my first assignment in weeks… I couldn't screw this up.

"Stop touching your neck, its still there." I didn't want to admit he'd startled me as Giovanni came up from behind, handing me a glass of champagne.

I put my hand down, swallowing with visible discomfort. The diamond necklace felt so heavy on my neck, heavy and worth enough to feed an entire starving village for a year no doubt. I'm told it originally belonged to my mother.

We seemed to be waiting for something as Giovanni watched the front entrance where there, a well known and respected Pokémon Professor had just arrived. To his side was a sweet looking woman whom I immediately recognized to be my father's personal sectary. She wore an elegant, rose coloured dress that went well with her light complexion. Gentle eyes smiled at us from across the room, though while in the presence of Oak, she feigned ignorance. And I could only wonder how in the world could someone so seemingly innocent wind up involved in an organisation such as Team Rocket.

Professor Oak was the special guest of the evening, having made a huge contribution to the research behind the Pokémon fossils that still lay hidden in the next room. So the moment he entered the hall, he found himself swept up by fellow experts in the field and businessmen alike.

My father's sectary subtly detached herself from the gaggle and slowly made her way over to us, greeting Giovanni with an official nod and a respectful bow of the head.

"So this is your daughter?" she asked though it was obvious what the answer was.

I nodded nevertheless, giving her a pleasant smile.

"It's nice to meet you," she offered a hand to shake.

Giovanni didn't have the patience for small chatter, not when we had a job to do. "We have company."

He signalled me across the room to the figure standing cautiously at the bar. He must have snuck in when I wasn't looking and was watching us already. Fortunately though, the Dragon Master's fame got the better of him and he soon found himself recognized and cornered by Pokémon League fanatics.

"Make sure everything is in place, I want this plan going down without a hitch, do you hear me?" My father's order snapped me from my stare. "Don't let me down."

And with that he slunk off through the crowds.

I made my way through the party, keeping close to the wall- careful so as not to draw attention to myself. Wide French doors opened out to a sparsely populated balcony overlooking the Museum's botanical gardens. Stopping at the rail, I pretended to catch some of the evening's fresh air while I searched the darkened gardens for the figure I knew should have been there.

The only indication of this I saw was the brief flash of a yellow light coming from behind a cluster of native bushes, but it was enough to tell me the agent was in place and awaiting the next phase of the plan.

I sensed his quiet approach from behind but chose to ignore him until he stood close enough behind me that I could feel his breath on the back of my neck.

"So what's your father got you doing this evening, Kair?" Lance questioned me with a playful whisper.

I kept my back to him, continuing to look out over the gardens and sipped my champagne. "What makes you think we have anything in mind at all, Lance?"

I felt the light touch of his fingers as they toyed with the end of my necklace that hung down the back of my neck. Fingers that soon moved on to more interesting things; tracing the path of my bare skin down to the small of my back and immediately bringing back a wash of thoughts of the times we'd spent together.

"You're not going to even let me in on a hint?" his breath on my ear made me tingle.

Before I knew it, I'd tilted my head and he dared to risk it all as I felt his gentle kiss on the side of my neck.

I forged a cool smile, desperate not to let it show that the longer we stood there, the quicker I was losing control of myself to him.

"You best get your hands off her, Lance," a dangerous hiss broke us apart and we spun to face my father stepping from the shadows.

"Giovanni," Lance nodded, giving him a bow that hardly showed him any respect before slinking off under the watchful gaze of the crime lord.

My father waited until he was sure we were alone before approaching, giving me the chance I needed to quickly pull my head back into the game.

"He is trouble, are we compromised?"

"No," I replied, calmly. "He has no clue."

"Then come on, we're ready for phase two."

I followed him back into the party, my eyes quickly scanning the room for Lance who had since made himself scarce. I spotted security guards standing around, having emerged on the scene as the unveiling came closer. Speeches started, giving a detailed explanation into the history of what was about to be uncovered for the world to see. The shroud came down and the crowds politely gasped at the two chunks of rock that lay before them in glass cabinets.

"The city forked out how much money to pay for this junk?" I mused which was silently ignored by my listener, he was more intent on concentrating on the Mayor who was quickly making a beeline toward us.

"Ah, Giovanni!" the large balding man greeted him with a hefty handshake. "I'm glad you could make it to our little gathering."

My father extended a smile, switching to business man mode. "Wouldn't miss it for the world. Can I introduce you to my daughter, Aisha?"

Attention focused on me and I played my part, offering a quiet greeting.

"Lovely, she is. You best not let her out of your sight, Giovanni."

Our laughter was short and superficial. We had a job to do. Pleasantries aside, the Mayor glimpsed this way and that, pulling a yellow envelope from his jacket and handing it to Giovanni. His voice quickly fell to a low whisper. "Security shift change over is at twelve midnight. You've got a five minute window. Are you sure you can do this?"

"You just worry about keeping the party going. I'll worry about making sure my people get the job done."

Giovanni slipped me the envelope, excusing me from the conversation.

That was my signal… time to put phase two into action. But first, I needed to get one Dragon Master off my tail. I glimpsed him from across the hall, standing quietly at the bar. His intense gaze was devoted entirely to the envelope in my hand.

I needed to create a scene. He watched me offer him a cheeky grin, one that told him he was going to have to work hard for his pay this evening. I gripped the champagne glass in my hand, making sure it was full to the brim. Then bringing it up, I pretended to toast the Dragon Master before letting it slip from my fingers.


It was like I'd just sounded the alarm or something as from nowhere attendants came rushing at me with towels and questions of my wellbeing. People stopped and watched the commotion. Glass scattered across the floor, and guests were abruptly ushered away from the disaster zone as the crew got to work at cleaning it up. I found myself swept away into a gaggle of people that now completely obstructed Lance's view of me.

By the time the disaster zone was clear… I was gone…