A/N Okay so really random. I dound this song/poem that I wrote about a year and a half ago and thought it applied well to the Doctor and Rose. Hope everyone likes it :)

Summary: The Doctor's misery over losing Rose in poem form.

Disclaimer: I own no rights to Doctor Who, I only wish I did.


She was my friend,
My love, my only one.
My everything, I'm nothing,
Not without her.

She kept me tall,
Through it all,
She never ran away.
I took for granted,
She'd be here forever,
But now it's too late.

Can't say the word cos then it's real,
Can't dream the dream cos then I'll feel,
Can't stand this silence drowning me,
Just come what may and be what be.

Want to say all I didn't say,
And do all I never did,
But I see her, there she lays,
And all that strikes me is silence.

Death touches the hearts that want to live,
But I am left wanting,
Destroyed by the night, repressed by the day,
My hearts someday will find their way.

To her,
The murmur in my ear,
Come with, be with me,
And see all you want to see.

There were no goodbyes,
She left too quickly,
Now all I hear, murmur of flies.

Tormenting and tempting...

The only talent I ever had.

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