Isabella's Pokemon Adventure

It all began on a warm summer evening. Esme and Carlisle were out hunting when they came across a baby. Carlisle slowly walked over to the baby and picked up the baby girl to examine it to see if she is injured. After he examined her he stated that she was a healthy one month old baby girl and she was not injured. About 15 minutes later they arrived at there house and immediately went to the fridge to get her some milk then she remembered that they do not have any bottles until Alice came in and handed Esme a bottle and some formula. Esme asked Alice if she had a vision and Alice said she said that all she saw was that you would need the bottle and formula and did not know why. So after they fed the baby they put her on the bed wrapped in a blanket to keep warm while the family was having a meeting about wither to keep the baby or send her to an orphanage.