Alright everyone here is my apparently well anticipated story Summons one half! As a reminder, the main crossover is Ranma and Naruto Sailor moon isn't supposed to play a major role in all of this. Sure her group is important for a big part of the story but it is only for that part.



"Demon and techniques"

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More than you bargained for

Ranma walked down the street whistling a jaunty tune he had heard at a festival that had just stuck in his mind. Stopping mid stride he perked his ears up. "What's that?" he asked himself as he hopped onto the fence. "Oh it's the freak." He muttered darkly as he narrowed his eyes.

"What a haul what a haul!" Happosai shouted in joy as he twirled around some unfortunate woman's underwear as he carried a large sack over his back. "Ha, Ha, Ha you'll never catch me you losers!" he declared as he ran from the enraged mob of women who wanted their undergarments back.

"Give those back you freak!" they shouted in unison as they brandished various weapons of the household kind threatening to beat the diminutive old man if he didn't return their belongings.

Happosai laughed loudly as he jumped away from them "No way these are mine!" he shouted in devilish joy as he stuck his tongue out at the women. He made for a large leap to finally lose them only to blink when he noticed a shadow getting larger and larger. "What?" he asked surprised as he looked up, only to meet a foot face first as Ranma landed on him lightly catching the bag of stolen goods in one hand.

"Don't you have enough underwear?" Ranma asked casually as he tossed the bag towards the women who nodded thankfully. "I mean you do this everyday! At this rate none of the women will be able to afford to buy new ones."

Happosai grinned at the thought despite his loss "Braless pretties…" he drooled as he imagined himself rubbing himself against their bare chests. "Paradise." He mumbled dreamily.

Ranma blanched realizing his mistake. "Oh brother…" he mumbled as he rubbed his forehead in annoyance. "Look why don't you go get a job!" He roared as he kicked Happosai hard enough to send him into LEO. "Good riddance." He muttered to himself as he went on his way whistling his happy tune.

Happosai grunted in annoyance as he flew through the air. "Tch…Ranma got lucky" he muttered darkly as he folded his arms. "Looks like I'll have to teach him a lesson he'll never forget." He thought darkly as he began to cackle.

Ranma sighed in annoyance having been slapped again for refusing to eat Akane's cooking. "Not like anyone else does either you know." He mumbled to no one in particular. "Besides I only stated the truth yet she still hits me." He grumbled as he stared out at the pond.

Kasumi noticed him and walked over to see what was wrong. "Ranma-kun is something the matter?" she asked worriedly as she checked over his bruise. "You normally bounce back quicker than this." She mentioned as she rubbed some alcohol over the wound causing him to wince.

"It's just she hits me even though I do what everyone else does and avoids her cooking like the plague." He stated knowing that Kasumi understood who he was talking about. "I mean if she's going to hit me then it's only fair she hits everyone else right?" he asked trying to point out how stupid Akane was being.

Kasumi rubbed her chin. "True…her cooking…needs work" Kasumi admitted slowly trying to figure out how to phrase it nicely. "But I do believer she's trying to impress you."

"She's doing a mighty fine job…I'm impressed how fast she can jump to conclusions that I'm sleeping around when I haven't done anything of the sort!" he stated bitterly.

Kasumi sighed unable to think of a way to defend her youngest sister. "True…therapy doesn't work with her unfortunately." She stated casually as she stood up. "I'm going to fix dinner try not to get attacked again."

Ranma scoffed "Easier said then done when you're me." He mumbled dejectedly as he sensed something coming at him at high speed. "A message on an arrow?" he asked puzzled as he caught the projectile easily enough. "Ranma, I will put you in your place tonight with the aid of a mighty demon be prepared to beg and grovel at my feet. Happosai" he re-read the letter many times before scrunching it up and tossing it away. "Yeah, tell me exactly what you're going to do I won't stop it at all…idiot."

Nabiki glanced over her shoulder from her spot near the TV "You say something Ranma-kun?" she called out.

"Nothing, just the old freak says he's going to use a demon to put me in my place or something like that." Ranma responded as he lay down. "Nothing new."

Nabiki shrugged "All property damages will be coming out of your pocket!" she announced lightly before turning back to the TV

"Cheapskate." Ranma muttered.

"I heard that!" Nabiki shouted causing him to freeze as he glanced over at her. "You owe me…two-thousand yen or the equivalent in goods."

Ranma slumped his shoulders… 'Damn it.' He thought helplessly as Genma and Soun glanced up from their game. Ranma sighed as he made his way towards the Dojo. "At least I can train in peace." He mumbled to himself as he began his kata.

"Airen!" Shampoo busted through the wall as she launched herself at him only to be knocked out of the way as Ukyo came in.

"Ran-chan try this new Okonomiyaki recipe I made!" she cried out only to be knocked aside as Kodachi came in laughing the entire time as she suddenly pulled out a stuffed turkey and offered it to Ranma.

"Ranma-sama a present for your poorly fed stomach." She was quickly pushed aside as Shampoo muscled her way back into the dojo as the three girls vied for his attention.

"Ranma no baka!" Akane shouted as she charged in Mallet already in motion.

Ranma quickly dodged out of the way not wanting to pay for damages as he tried to flee only to freeze when Happosai suddenly appeared in front of him. "Damn it why right now of all times?" he cried out as Happosai produced a scroll and began pumping his aura into it.

"Oh, great demon of the netherworld here my call come forth and bring disaster upon this insolent brat!" he chanted as he threw the scroll onto the ground causing everyone to pause when it started to smoke. "HA, HA, HA, it's working the summoning is working!" he cackled as everyone tensed for a battle.

There was a loud POOF as the smoke began to clear. Everyone watched intently as a figure started to become visible. "Hm?" a male voice could be heard as the smoke cleared enough to determine that the demon was sitting down eating something.

Happosai laughed evilly as he pointed at Ranma "Go my minion destroy that fool!" he shouted in glee as he waited for his order to be carried out.

The only answer he got was aloud slurping noise as the smoke cleared completely revealing that the 'Demon' was a blonde teenaged boy eating Ramen. "Yo you say something?" he asked lightly as he put the bowl away in subspace.

Ranma got a good look at the boy and realized he was dressed rather modernly wearing blue jeans and a white T-shirt, a black bandanna around his forehead with a kanji for nine on it. "This is the demon you were going to beat me with?" he asked Happosai incredulously.

Happosai snarled "Demon I order you to take out the fool!" he roared as he pointed at Ranma.

The boy tilted his head. "Now why would I do that?" he asked in confusion as he glanced back and forth between Ranma and the girls and Happosai. "After all I'm more tempted to help the side with the pretty ladies." He admitted with a shrug. "But then again I'm engaged…" he seemed to think about it. "Nope still prefer helping the pretty ladies."

Akane and the others blushed at being called pretty, even if it was a demon who said it. "What the hell is this pervert saying?" Akane asked fearfully as she backed away from him knowing full well that she as always the one being kidnapped.

The boy turned towards her. "Hey that's not very nice." He mumbled sadly. "I'm not a complete pervert." He stated with a smile "Only with my wives." He seemed to pause "Hmmm maybe I shouldn't have said that?" he questioned noting the aura of anger rising out of Akane.

Roaring in anger Akane charged him her mallet in hand "Oh a berserker?" the demon questioned as he lightly jumped over her, he tilted to the side "How rare for this dimension." He stated as he dodged around her only half trying. "But you lack training I see." He observed as she paused to catch her breath. "Not even half the stamina of a real berserker…maybe you just never got proper training."

"What are you doing beat Ranma up!" Happosai shouted still believing himself in control. "I summoned you here I can easily send you back!" he shouted as he held the scroll up threateningly.

The demon disappeared and reappeared next to Ranma. "Hmmm…looks like this summoning scroll was a scam…" he mumbled reading the scroll over scaring Ranma who hadn't noticed him. "Looks like whichever demon created this, created it with the intent of screwing the summoner over…look there's nothing on here granting the summoner power to send the demon back." He showed it to Ranma and pointed to the scroll in general. "Sorry Jii-san, but there is nothing you can do to me."

Happosai shouted in fury as he pointed at Ranma "Beat him up I demand it! I freed you from hell! You owe me!" Happosai suddenly gasped in pain as the demon pinned him against the wall in an amazing show of speed.

"Listen here Jiji" he stated harshly. "You don't order me around, got it? If I wanted I could've traveled here on my own power." He pointed at the scroll which Ukyo was looking over in interest. "That thing was created to teleport the nearest demon to it here, which happened to be me one of the strongest. So I suggest you keep your mouth shut I can wipe you off the face of this earth in the blink of an eye if I so chose." He released Happosai who fell to the ground coughing violently as he glared weakly at the blonde.

"What are you?" he wheezed. "You're no Demon." He stated catching everyone's attention.

The blonde grinned "Oh I assure you I am a demon…partially." He allowed his illusion to fall away. "I am a half demon…of the Kitsune clan…you may call me Naruto."


Alright I hope everyone liked this beginning. This will start out relatively slow as Naruto talks with everyone and answers various questions before he meets those who aren't here right now, after that he gets into a bit of trouble with the Ranma group before the Senshi arrive.