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"Demon and techniques"

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Last Time

"That information will cost you." Nabiki replied with his own remark.

"Which is?" he asked as they pressed the play button.

"The information you denied me." She stated as they began singing.


Naruto sighed tiredly as he considered what to do. "This place wasn't as fun as I'd thought it would be." he mused disappointedly as he leaned against the fence of the local park.

"You look troubled." A familiar voice called out to him causing the blonde to look to his left.

"Cologne." He greeted evenly as the matron made her way to where he was standing. "Is there something I can help you with?" he inquired curiously as he tilted his head to the side.

"I'm happy to note that Muko-dono has not shown any dislike towards Shampoo once she began following your advice." The elder stated happily causing Naruto to smile softly.

"I knew it would work, he's just not ready for anything big yet." He mused looking at the sky once more. "I'm considering going back home soon." He admitted surprising the matriarch.

"For what reason would you do that?" she wondered to herself as she sat on the ledge next to him.

Naruto snorted "It's boring around here, nothing of interest happens, and those girl scouts are getting annoying." He stated listing off the things he disliked about the area.

"Is it now?" Cologne asked before looking towards the sky as well. "I always find things to amuse myself with around these areas. "Well if you are serious about leaving you should say goodbye to everyone at the very least." Cologne stated before nodding her head and heading off.

"Right I'll do that." Naruto stated pushing off the fence before walking off towards "Ucchan's"

"Can I help you…Oh it's you." Ukyo stated looking at Naruto with a small amount of suspicion "What do you want?" she asked somewhat rudely.

"Oh come on I didn't even do anything." Naruto whined as Kotetsu poked his head from the upstairs having gone up to fetch something. He pointedly ignored the stare of incredulity that Kotetsu gave him. "I just came to say my farewells before I go home."

"Naruto you're leaving?" Kotetsu asked curiously before covering his mouth as Ukyo rounded on him.

"You know this guy?" she nearly barked out scaring the hapless gender confused kunoichi.

"I bumped into him when I was younger." Kotetsu hastily explained cowering in fear of his employer. "That's all I swear!"

Ukyo growled a bit before sighing as she stared at Naruto "So you're leaving huh?" she asked crossing her arms. "Good riddance not like you did anything to help me."

Naruto sweat dropped as he turned around and left the restaurant. "Well that could have been better." He mused scratching his chin as he headed towards the cat café.

Entering the ramen house he was cheerfully greeted by Shampoo who was energetic as usual. "Nihao!" she called out as she finished delivering the most recent batch of food before bounding up to him. "Fox's tip work good yes!" she declared happily causing Naruto to chuckle.

"I'm glad you think so." He stated pushing her back softly seeing her as a little too close for comfort. "As for why I'm here I came to say goodbye." He stated causing the girl to stare up at him quizzically.

"Fox go home?" she wondered tilting her head to the side. "Why?" she asked hoping to get an answer.

"I'm bored and those girl scouts are bugging me too much." Naruto replied truthfully as he smiled before backing out of the door with a final wave. Shampoo waved back before hurriedly going about her work.

Naruto smiled as he placed his hands behind his head as he walked towards the Tendo dojo. "Well that was certainly better than expected." He mused noting that he was nearing their house. Knocking on the doors he waited for someone to answer.

"Yes?" Kasumi asked opening the door. "Oh, Naruto-san welcome." She greeted allowing him to enter the house. "What brings you here?" she asked as she led him into their living room.

"I'm getting ready to go home, so I thought I'd drop by and say goodbye." Naruto answered simply as Ranma perked his ears up as did Akane.

"You're leaving?" she shouted before pumping her fists into the air "YES!"

"That's rather rude you know." Naruto deadpanned for her as he stared at her as did Kasumi who was rather disappointed in her sister's lack of manners.

Ranma on the other hand was slightly upset. "Why are you leaving man?" he asked concerned. "The old freak doesn't do as much with you around."

"Eh…I'm bored." Naruto stated seriously causing Ranma to fall flat on his face. "Did you seriously think I cared what the old lecher does?" Naruto asked raising an eyebrow. "Hello? Demon here I seriously don't care."

Just then Nabiki entered the room apparently having been out around the town "Hm? What's going on?" she asked curiously looking around the room.

"The perverted demon is leaving!" Akane cheered as she ran out the door.

"What's wrong with her?" Nabiki asked concerned.

"She's delusional." Naruto stated simply causing Nabiki to give an 'Ah I see' look as she sat down in Akane's previous spot. "By the way I'm going home." Naruto stated simply as if it was nothing.

"Oh you are." Nabiki stated uncaringly. "That's too bad I was hoping to get treated to lunch again."

"Unless it ends up at a hotel I won't take you out again." Naruto stated impassively. "Now if you'll excuse me I have one last person to say goodbye to." As he said that he got up and walked out towards the garden before hopping over the wall, just as the Sailor Senshi arrived.

"Halt Demon your reign of terror ends here! In the name of the moon I will punish you!" Sailor Moon announced causing Naruto to sigh as he palmed his forehead.

"Where's Sailor Pluto, I thought she explained everything to you brats." He muttered running his hand along his face.

"They wouldn't listen to me Naruto." Sailor Pluto stated appearing on a different roof than the inner Senshi. "Really now these girls are such handfuls." Sailor Pluto sighed, sounding like a mother concerned that her daughters were idiots.

Jumping up to join her Naruto nuzzled her neck affectionately surprising the others as they all prepared to drive him away from their mentor and friend. "I'll be going home today, thought I'd say good bye before I leave." He stated pulling Sailor Pluto into a hug.

"Get away from her fiend!" Mars shouted aiming a bow at Naruto's head.

"Be careful where you aim that thing!" Naruto hissed angrily as his hair spiked even more. "I will not place the mother of my child in harms way because her students are too moronic to listen to reason!"

"Wait…what?" Sailor Mercury asked shocked beyond all belief. Quickly using her computer to scan Pluto she gasped. "She is pregnant." She muttered in horror.

Pluto rolled her eyes. "Oh stop worrying I consented! You five keep harping on subjects I already declared irrelevant to your duties."

Naruto nodded thoughtfully as he placed a guarding hand over her stomach. "You do anything to put her in danger I will strip you all and dump you in the middle of Tokyo."

The Senshi all grounded their teeth but did as told retreating back towards the Minato district. "I'll continue to work on them." Pluto stated as she kissed Naruto on the lips. "May our child find their father."

Naruto nodded happily as he embraced her one last time. "And may our family live in harmony." He finished before allowing her to leave. Sighing one last time he waved goodbye to the gob smacked Tendo family plus Ranma before opening up a portal between worlds and entered leaving the dimension behind. "Back to work it is" Naruto muttered as he traveled.

End Story

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