Max, Rex, and Zoe were sitting in their houses as usual ,Rex was listening to music ,Zoe was reading her magazines Max was watching television and the dinosaurs were playing with their favorite toys. until Max noticed a portal in front of the TV and decided to call Rex and Zoe. They were shocked when a girl with black hair with pink and yellow streaks with a purple dress with yellow curls on the purple dress came out of the portal, the girl said: "Hi, I am Helen." Rex said "I am Rex, this is Zoe, and that boy is Max" "Hello!" said Max "Nice to meet you" said Zoe."I am from the past year 1525, in the medieval times. I am the princess of their kingdom." Said Helen . "I sneaked into the wizard's room and found a time machine , I knew it was a time machine because there was a big clock on it. Unfortunately the time machine broke when I was in the Stone Age and I ended up here." "Well, Our friend Rex is from the future .Year 2157" said Max and Zoe."Unfortunately we are in a war with witch Zaria Drake, and my dad forced me to marry at a very young age,12, He says I need to marry prince Roru Orusa or else the war won't stop. Duke Maximus Taylor said I will marry him next month and I think prince Roru is bossy. He always treats me like his servant. I escaped from that time. I hate him. But I have no choice." Helen said with a big sigh. "cheer up" said the D-team all at the same time. Later at dawn, Zoe says Helen could stay at her place, but Zoe was shocked when she knew she was related to a witch, Since she has experienced many situations that relate to witches that she thought it was just her imagination, and she thought to herself that if a witch has her last name and about her experiences she might be a witch.

The next day, she asked her mom about the witch situation and her mom said:"Well, Zoe I think you are old enough to know, that you are a witch on my side. But only when a witch turns 14 you are able to use your magic." ,Later, Zoe sobbed in her room and thought to herself:"THAT ALL MAKES SENSE!But,I want to be a nice witch.

The next day Zoe told Max ,Rex, and Helen about her witch situation and told them to keep it a secret.