Sorry guys, I quit this story!


1.I'm too young for (I was 9 when I wrote this and 10 now)

2. Some random flamer commented and said "WIRED" which was supposed to be "


3. Someone trolled me

troll hurt my feelings and laughed at my story

(out of character)

OC is a Mary sue

7.I ran out of ideas

8. I'm too busy with school

9. I don't like dinosaur king anymore…..

expects me to put mushy stuff (pairings, "yududuuy stuff" (only pinoys would know what "yududuuy means)

11. I… Used my real name for my OC's name!

12. The medieval characters names are similar to the d-team's names!

13. wizards didn't discover time travel…

14.I'm into other animes now…

15. My cousin Andrew can do better than me…. (He wrote his own book!"Silver Heart Chronicles")

year, two racists insulted me in youtube and lowered my courage.

17. I'm busy taking care of my dog and visiting my games.

18. This story is old and forgotten.

19. Dinosaur king is over.

alpha gang attacks every day so the d-team are not bored.




My reply: its "weird"


Let there be next chapter! (infinite)

My reply: Sorry but I wont continue it anymore.


Uuh...interesting, but I think there were some parts that don't make any sense.

I was surprised how the D-Team accepted and trusted Helen so quickly. I mean, wouldn't it be normal for a person to be suspicious of a person who says she's from the past? Well, there's Rex...but you just can't trust someone in a split second just because of 'escaping a bossy prince' or something of the sort. You should have put more reactions to make it more realistic.

Second, I do not get how Zoe would sob over finding out she was a witch. Sure I can understand the surprise but crying? That doesn't really fit...unless she perceives witches to be bad. You should have mentioned something about that to make it more clear for everybody.

Next thing, don't scrunch up all the dialogues together. It makes it hard for people to read...especially the ones that have headaches and bad eyesight. *lol* Anyhow, the usual rule applies here. Make a new line one nearly every dialogue you do.

"I knew it was a time machine because there was a big clock on it." Now that, that was just plain weird. Did machines like that even exist in that time? Either Helen doesn't want to explain the full situation to the D-Team or you're not doing a good job trying to explain the story as quick as possible.

My Reply:

You should have said "no offence" because that offended me


is this going to be a Max x Zoe, Rex x oc story

My reply:

No. I hate mushy stuff!

Just Mein:

witch Zaria Drake...prince Roru Orusa...Duke Maximus Taylor...

Zoe's a witch! Cool! This is interesting from the 1st chapter! Continue, onegai shimasu! (Please)

My Reply:

Thanks!, but I wont be continuing it, sorry!


Anyway, I will be back in 2014! So wait for 3 years for another story from me!

(I'll be back, just wait and see, I'll be back with better stories,just wait!)