The Swan's Song

Summary: AU, all human. Nothing to do with the episode, Swan Song. Dean and Sam are brothers who own a lounge bar called Supernatural. Castiel is their friend who shares a large house with them and works with them. When he finds a girl on the street, he's compelled to bring her home and help her out. Sam agrees with his choice and Dean...well...not so much, until the girl makes an offer: She'll bring in more business for the bar if she gets to stay with them. All goes well until she starts bringing in trouble as well.

Rating: M

Disclaimer: I don't own the Supernatural boys. It breaks my heart to say that. Damn, I wish I did, that would be sweet. I own what I make up though so at least that's something.

"Where'd you find her, Cas?"

"In the street."

"Do you know who she is?"

"Yes Sam, because she's been unconscious the whole time, I was able to find out her whole history."

"Geez, no need to be sarcastic about it."

"Don't ask stupid questions then."

" think it's a good thing to have her in here?"

"Dean should be out all night with God knows what woman this time. He won't notice."

"Guess so. But he'll probably be pissed off when he does find out."

"We'll deal with it then. I couldn't leave her out there."

"I know, I know, I get it. I'm totally for your decision here, man."

"Good. I think she's waking up."

Sadie groaned as she opened her eyes slowly to look for the source of the voices. The room she was in wasn't overly bright and she was glad for that as her head pounded. Everything was blurry for a moment and she blinked a few times to focus. She found two dark haired men standing at the end of the bed she was on. One had shaggy brown hair and was only wearing a pair of sweat pants that rested low on his hips. He looked as if he had been asleep not too long ago. The other had a more neat appearance in a button down shirt and pants. There was some blood on his shirt but Sadie didn't think it was his own. As her eyes drifted downward over her own body, she realized she was right, it wasn't his own.

It was hers.

There was a stitched up gash near her hip that looked as if it had been pretty bad. Her shirt was pushed up just enough to keep the wound uncovered. Her shorts were ripped up and there were bruises on her legs. Her knees were wrapped up and the bandages were starting to stain through. Her boots had been removed and she didn't know where they were.

"Hey, are you okay?" The sleepy looking man asked. Sadie sat up slowly, being mindful of her wound. "Do you need anything? Water maybe?"

"Uh...sure." Sadie said. The sleepy one nodded and smiled at her before walking out of the room.

"I'm Castiel." The neat looking man said. He slowly moved around the bed to stand next to it. "Do you remember anything? I found you in the street."

"Umm...I remember running." Sadie said. "There was...these people. They were talking about something and saw me nearby."

"Mobsters maybe." Castiel said. "This city is getting more and more of them every day."

"Are you guys..." Sadie started but wasn't sure how to keep asking.

"No, we aren't." Castiel said, smiling slightly. "We just run a bar. Me...Sam, the one that's getting you the water...and his brother Dean."

"Oh." Sadie said. "Do...all of you live here?"

"Yes." Castiel said. "Dean's the only one with a car since I uh...lost mine." Sadie raised an eyebrow then laughed slightly just because of the implied tone. Castiel smiled slightly again.

"So...three guys living together." Sadie said. "That's very..."

"We're not..." Castiel started.

"Modern." Sadie finished with a smirk.

"Oh." Castiel said.

"I didn't figure you guys to be into each other that way." Sadie said. She tucked her hair back behind her ear and raised an eyebrow when she felt something wrapped around her head.

"Your head was bleeding." Castiel said. "Not much but I figured it would be better to wrap it up then to have Dean bitch about there being blood on his pillow."

"Ah." Sadie said, nodding slowly.

"Here we go." Sam returned and held out the glass of water. Sadie took it gratefully and sipped the cool liquid. "I don't know if Cas already gave you my name but I'm Sam Winchester."

"Sadie Swanson." Sadie said.

"I think she has some mob trouble." Castiel said, looking at Sam.

"Oh geez." Sam said.

"It might be a bad thing if I'm here." Sadie said. "For you guys, I mean."

"No it,s okay." Sam said. "You're in no shape to take care of yourself, no offense."

"But..." Sadie started.

"No buts." Sam said. "Mob guys would be stupid to bug you with us around." He looked at Castiel. "Did you tell her about Dean?"

"Not really." Castiel said.

"Cas..." Sam said. Sadie just looked at them, unsure if she should ask any questions.

"I told her he was your brother." Castiel said. "And that he would bitch if there was blood on his pillow."

"And that he had a car." Sadie said.

"That too." Castiel said, grinning at the girl.

"Hey...umm...guys, can I ask something?" Sadie asked. Castiel and Sam looked at her. "How did I get...bandaged and stitched?"

"Cas used to be in med school." Sam said. "He knows basically everything, he just can't legally practice."

"Ah." Sadie said.

"I...liberated some supplies." Castiel said. "For emergency purposes of course.

"Of course." Sadie said, grinning.

"I think, if you're good to keep your questions until later, then maybe we should all get some sleep." Sam said.

"I can wait." Sadie said. She put the now empty glass on the night stand and laid back down, glad the bed was so comfortable. "Thank you Castiel...and you Sam."

"You're welcome Sadie." Sam said. "Sweet dreams."

"Good night." Castiel said. Sadie closed her eyes and listened to them walk out of the room, talking quietly. Since they left the door open a bit, she could hear them.

"What if he does come home?" Sam asked.

"Dean was talking about getting laid, Sam." Castiel said. "He NEVER brings them back here."

"Fair point." Sam said.

"Besides, even if he does come home, we'll hear him." Castiel said. "Intersect him before he gets to his room."

"Okay, okay, I get it." Sam said. He yawned loudly. "Alright, I'm going back to sleep. I gotta meet Ruby tomorrow for lunch."

"You know she's evil right?" Castiel asked.

"She is not evil." Sam said, sighing. "You and guys are just hypocrites."

"At least I've never slept with or dated someone with horns hiding under her hair." Castiel said.

"CAS!" Sam said loudly.

"SHH!" Castiel hissed. "Good night Sam."

"Night." Sam grumbled.

Sadie giggled lightly as she heard two doors close then got herself comfortable. She had to settle with her arm over her head because it kept brushing over the wound near her hip and hurting. She had never been more glad that she was a stable sleeper and didn't roll around. She was asleep within minutes, breathing evenly and feeling calmer then she had in months.

Dean walked into the house, quietly seething. He made no noise for the first time ever in his entrances into his own home. Usually when he was pissed off, he wanted his brother and friend to be miserable, but he was just too tired of fighting all night for that.

"Stupid bitch." Dean muttered, kicking his shoes off. "Bitches at me the whole damn time about not spending time with her. Screw her. Wouldn't even let me fucking leave." He shrugged off his coat and tossed it onto the couch as he walked further into the house. He went to the kitchen and grabbed a beer out of the fridge. "Three-fucking-thirty in the goddamn morning. Bitching at me for almost seven hours." He shook his head and popped the cap off before downing most of the alcohol in the first go as he moved to his room. He was glad the only stairs in the house were to the basement. Just made this sort of trip easier.

He walked into his room and didn't bother to turn on the light. He put the beer bottle on the nightstand, taking little notice to the glass sitting there as well. Pulling his shirt over his head, he paused for a slightly moment when he thought he heard a noise. Shrugging it off, he threw the shirt across the room and undid his belt. It wasn't until he got his pants off did he realize there was a lump on his bed.

"What the..." Dean muttered. He tilted his head and looked over the lump then blinked when he saw that there was a very feminine head and arm poking out the top of the blanket. He could make out blonde hair and a white strip across the forehead but not much else in the darkness. Dean picked up the beer bottle and drank slowly, contemplating what to do with a mysterious female in his bed. He leaned over the sleeping girl. "I wonder..." He gently took hold of the blanket and slowly pulled it down. He was a little disappointed to see her chest covered. There was a dark spot on her abdomen and he gingerly poked at it.

A cry of pain came from the female and Dean looked up to see her head lifting off the pillow. He was about to say something when suddenly her mouth fell open and she screamed. He screamed himself, caught off guard. He dropped the beer bottle and stepped back, accidentally stepping on the bottle and sending himself falling to the floor.

"What, what?" Sam was at the door first, flipping the lights on while Sadie kept screaming. She pointed at Dean who was sprawled on the floor, slightly dazed, in his boxers.

"WHO IS HE?" Sadie asked.

"Who am I?" Dean asked. "Sweetheart, who the hell are YOU, and why are YOU in MY bed?" He looked at his brother just as Castiel came to the door behind the younger man. "Cas, what the fuck is going on? Who is this?"

"We'll hear him, you said." Sam said, turning to Castiel slowly and speaking in a mocking tone. "We'll intercept him, you said."

"Apparently I was wrong." Castiel said. "Sue me."

"Guys!" Dean snapped. Sam and Castiel looked down at him then Sam moved into the room to help him up while Castiel went to the other side of the bed to sit on it and calm Sadie down.

"Relax." Sam said.

"Relax?" Dean asked. "Who the fuck is she?"

"Dean..." Sam said, sighing.

"I want answers Sammy, now!" Dean snapped.

"Let's go to the living room." Sam suggested.

"No, fuck that, this is my room!" Dean said.

"I know but Dean, please." Sam pleaded. Dean went to say something but Sam grabbed his brother's head and turned it to look at Sadie. "Look at her." The older Winchester frowned then paused as he got his first real look at the girl occupying his bed. It was only then that he realized he had kept the blanket grasped in his hand when he had fallen and it was completely off the bed, soaking up the remains of the beer. The bruises on her legs and the gash in her side stood out most and Dean felt a twist of guilt when he saw some of the stitches in the gash had popped. Castiel was trying to coax Sadie back down so he could fix the damage but she was refusing as her wide blue eyes stayed on Dean, scared of what he'll do.

"Living room then." Dean muttered. Sam sighed in relief and followed his brother out of the bedroom.

Heehee, I had to do it. I wanted another Supernatural fic and this idea just came to me.