Baby To You

So I was going to have a whole other set of troubles happening in this story but then I realized that I didn't really want to drag it on. I've done that so many other times and it just loses it's appeal and people stop reading and I stop writing and it just sits and sits. So I'm finishing this story here with a lovely little epilogue of happiness.

Nine Months Later



"You're almost there, Mrs Winchester."


Everyone in the waiting room tilted their heads and looked towards the room where a birth was currently taking place. The woman in labor was loud enough that they were all sure people throughout the whole building could hear.



Dean Winchester, sitting in the waiting room, chuckled to himself at his brother's misfortune. He liked Max, she was about a thousand steps up from Ruby, so when Sam had announced that not only was he moving out with Max but they were also now engaged and expecting a child, Dean was actually excited and encouraging. Of course, as soon as that announcement of there being a baby on the way came out, Sadie had started talking about baby showers and names and everything under the sun.

It helped to have a girlie girl in the group sometimes.

Of course, Grace was also a big help. As things turned out, when the world realized that Alistair Marcino was dead and didn't have a will, everything was assumed to go to Grace who ended up with a huge inheritance of money. She had gone and sold the house and everything in it, getting even more money. She had donated a fair bit of it to organizations meant for helping people who had ended up in her type of position. She and Castiel had also been in debates of moving out in the recent months but they held off on that, mostly because of Dean insisting he didn't want to be left with Gabriel.

Several months ago they had gotten word from Michael, Gabriel and Castiel's older brother. He had ended up spending Christmas and New Years with them and was now living a few streets away with his wife Eve and their four year old son, Adam.

The waiting room was currently filled with Dean, Sadie, Castiel, Grace, Gabriel, Jo, Michael, Eve, Adam, Ellen, Bobby, Chuck and Becky. It was a little impressive how many people had turned out for this but eight hours ago when Max had first gone into labor, phone calls had been placed and people had hopped into their cars and driven in. Dean was impressed that Becky hadn't had any sort of freak out, which just led to the conclusion that she was now completely over her previous obsession with Sam, something everyone was glad for. She had Chuck had gotten engaged just after Sam and Max had their wedding in Niagara Falls.

The trip had originally been for Sadie's twentieth birthday. Dean had decided they should all cross over to Canada so that she could legally drink and gamble and have fun with all of them. They had booked the hotel rooms and went. As it turned out, Niagara Falls was almost like Las Vegas and next thing any of them knew, they were in a chapel for Sam and a six month pregnant Max to get hitched.

"It's gone quiet." Sadie remarked, glancing over to the room.

"Hope she didn't kill anyone." Dean muttered. Sadie nudged him and grinned. Dean smirked and put his arm around her, pulling her to his side and kissing her forehead. When he thought back on how much this girl had changed his life, it gave him a warm feeling inside. He would do, and already had done, so much for her. He still didn't know how she thought on a lot of things but that's what made things with her interesting.

"I have a boy!" Sam announced, coming into the waiting room with the world's largest smile on his face. The group burst into congratulations and hugs.


"He's going on ebay." Dean muttered.

"Oh come on." Sadie rolled her eyes.

"I mean it, I'm sticking him up on ebay, I can't take the crying anymore." Dean complained.

"You sound like your nephew." Sadie scolded, rocking the mentioned newborn in her arms. It had only been a few weeks since he was born but Sam and Max had been slowly losing their minds and Sadie had volunteered herself and Dean (against his wishes) to babysit for the day. The baby had been crying for what Dean a century but for real was only about twenty minutes. Sadie cooed to the little boy and sang to him as she moved around the living room, dancing almost. "Sleep and remember, my lullaby, and I'll be with you when you dream."

"You're really good at that." Dean commented. Sadie smiled slightly as she continued to sing, slowly calming the crying infant and lulling him into his much needed nap. Dean smiled and moved up behind his girlfriend, winding his arms around her waist and leaning his head on her shoulder to look down at his nephew. "He's not so bad now."

"Told ya." Sadie whispered.

"You'd make a pretty good mom." Dean remarked without thinking. His words didn't hit him until he looked at Sadie to see her looking at him with an eyebrow raised. "I didn't...that's not...didn't mean like...that...I...uh..."

"Relax." Sadie laughed slightly, smiling. Dean sighed and kissed her cheek then nuzzled his nose against her neck. "I'm not even sure if I can to be honest."

"Can what?" Dean asked.

"Have kids." Sadie replied softly. "Just...with everything I went through and all."

"You want kids?" Dean asked, curiously. Sadie shrugged slightly. She wasn't sure if she wanted any at the moment or really any time in the relatively near future but she was pretty sure she wanted one or two at some point. "Well...if Grace can have them, I'm sure it's possible for you too."

"Who said Grace could?" Sadie asked.

"The doctor." Dean replied, reaching forward to gently touch his nephew's face. "Cas let it slip after Grace's last appointment for a follow up after the know.."

"Oh." Sadie muttered.

"Yeah." Dean said softly, nodding slightly. "Anyways the doc said if they were ever going to aim for it then they could do it."

"You sound like you want kids now." Sadie remarked, laughing slightly.

"Never said I didn't." Dean replied with a shrug.

"You want to put your nephew on ebay." Sadie reminded him.

"Well not right now I don't." Dean remarked, mocking offense. "Besides...need to eventually have a little me around to get pay back on Sammy." Sadie laughed and shook her head. She put the sleeping infant in the play pen then sat with Dean on the couch. "So..."

"So?" Sadie repeated curiously.

"What do you think?" Dean asked.

Sadie was silent for a while to think about it. In the last nine months a lot had changed, not only with their group but with everything. The prohibition had been lifted which meant they could go public with the bar now. That alone had brought in so many more customers which led to having Grace and Gabriel take up jobs there to help out Dean, Sam, Castiel and Sadie. Even Max, on days when she wasn't working at the hospital, had gone to get all the proper licenses and training in order to help out when needed. Ellen and Jo, who had moved closer since finding out about Max being pregnant, offered their assistance so that everyone could stand taking days off without fretting.

In other words, business was doing good. Chances are, if Grace and Castiel moved out and Gabriel as well, Sadie and Dean would still likely be able to afford the house on their own.

"You want kids?" Sadie asked, looking at her boyfriend as she snuggled up with him.

"Someday, sure." Dean replied. Sadie smiled brightly and kissed him. Dean grinned into the kiss and returned it full heartedly, even going as far as to drag his girlfriend onto his lap and work his hand under her shirt before he remembered that his nephew was in the room. Asleep thought the infant may be, it probably wasn't a good thing to get too into things. He leaned back to look at the blonde girl on his lap and smiled goofily. "So...what's that mean?"

"Well...I think that we could totally have a lot of fun trying." Sadie commented with a smirk. "And if...anything happens...well happens."

"I hope Sam comes to collect his son soon." Dean groaned at the thought of all the 'trying' they could get up to.

The End

So there we go, finally got the end up for this story. I thought I would make it a happy little thing to counter what I have planned for Love Like Sin.