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Trying something new here…sort of AU, with an extra human thrown in…I'm a little scared, but please give me a chance. :-) And again, this has nothing to do with Rob Pattinson's movie of the same name. All will be revealed in due time. :-)

Don't forget to remember me

I'll be back so remember me

Please keep me in your mind if we ever have to part

Don't forget to remember me

-T.I. feat. Mary J. Blige, "Remember Me"


Not many people think about how they're going to die. At least no one I knew before I came here to Forks, save for a few clients I had worked with in the past. No one likes to think that this moment may be your last. No one likes to think that this soft embrace with your lover might be your last, that this may be the last time you ever see them. Very few learn to live in the moments. I hadn't learned that lesson…though you'd think it would've been ingrained in my memory. Why couldn't I see it in her eyes? Eyes that I was supposed to know. If only I had believed her. If only I could have remembered her.

My body felt broken and my muscles burned when I tried to move, yet I forced my head to turn to where she lay. Her bones were shattered like the glass around her. I tried to call out for her, but felt thick liquid spill from my mouth instead. Trying to cough and clear my throat only made the burning I felt in my body even worse. I couldn't even cry out in pain, liquid choking my throat closed.

I saw my love's eyes meet mine and I knew…I knew this was it. I had failed her again. The same brown eyes I had failed for centuries knew too. This was the end for us. She seemed so far away and her voice seemed faint as I heard her cry out my name across the room. I lay paralyzed as death descended upon her, while the demon with the fire hair turned and started to advance toward me, teeth bared and claws outstretched. Her menacing smile that spread across her face seemed to increase the heat of the flames that licked at my body. I knew that death had finally come for me.

Isabel…Marie…Belle…Bella…I'm sorry.

I love you.

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