'The Body and the Bounty' is my favorite episode of the season thus far. It was entertaining and reminded me of why I love this show. Thanks for the feedback for previous fic. I'll reply soon. Real life stuff, you know how it is. As always, anything aired can be referenced.



"Hey, Bones," Booth exclaimed, entering her office. "You're back in normal clothes! What happened to 'The Bone Lady' outfit?" he grinned.

"It was merely a costume, Booth," Brennan replied, tossing a look in his direction. "One that inaccurately depicts the 206 bones usually found in a human skeleton. The hyoid, malleus, incus, and stapes bones were non-existant, as were the phalanges-"

"Bones," Booth interjected with a chuckle. "Kids' science. They think 'big picture,' remember? As long as they understand the basic structure, they're satisfied. For the most part." He thought for a moment before continuing. "You did a great job up there."

Brennan shrugged and tilted her head to the side, making the dimpled-chin, frowning face that Booth considered one of her 'Classic Bones' facial expressions. It wasn't necessarily a negative face, but one of thought and consideration.

"It's called 'Embracing my inner child,'" she replied.

Booth laughed again. "You have an 'inner child?' Since when?"

"Since Angela convinced me to do the show with Dude."

"I thought I was the one who convinced you," he stated, mildly hurt.

She made the same face again. "No, it was Angela. Apparently, she loves me and wanted me to be on the show so that little girls would see me and decide they want to be scientists when they grow up. Blah-di-blah."

"'Blah-di-blah?'" he repeated, grinning. He liked this 'new' Bones, but for someone who claimed she didn't know how to change, she sure was doing a lot of it…

"A synonym for et cetera."

"I know what it means. Anyway, you were amazing."

Brennan laughed. "That's funny, Booth-the way you said 'amazing' like Dude."

"Yeah, that was the point."

A thought occurred to her. "Wasn't Parker supposed to come?"

"Yeah," Booth sighed. "He's sick and Rebecca won't let him leave the house until he's better. He's really sorry he missed you though, and he can't wait to see you on TV. He said it's the 'awesomest' thing you've ever done."

"While I admit that being on Dude's show was mildly fulfilling, it's hardly my greatest achievement. Perhaps I should tell Parker about Guatemala. Or some of our cases."

"Not happening, Bones," Booth argued. "Parker doesn't need to know about any of that yet. He's still a kid, so he should just stick with the kid science for now."

"If you say so. Tell him I hope he gets better soon."

"Will do," Booth said. "Hey, Bones, do you want to grab a bite to eat? It's been a long time since we went to dinner."

"Time, in the manner of which you speak, is subjective."

"We're not talking dinosaurs and cavemen again, Bones," Booth sighed. "It's a simple question. Dinner-yes, or no?"

Brennan thought for a moment. "Just us?"

"Just us," Booth smiled.

"Then, yes, I'd like that." Brennan returned the smile and grabbed her coat from the back of her chair. "Let's go."

"One more question," Booth said as they left her office. "Did you get to keep 'The Bone Lady' outfit?"


Thanks for reading! Sorry it's so short.