Chapter 1 - Prologue

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"If you can still move in that condition, I suggest you leave immediately. If you can't move, then die there. Either way, you're finished, Shinigami."

XXX Bleach XXX

Rukia's POV

Everyone had finished their battles and had gathered at the agreed meeting place, well, almost everyone. I slowly scanned around the room. Unohana-taichou, Nii-sama, Zaraki-taichou and Kurotsuchi-taichou, Isane-fukutaichou, Renji, Yachiru-fukutaichou, Nemu-fukutaichou, Hanatarou, Sado, Uryuu and... Ichigo? Where's Ichigo? I looked around frantically, thinking that I had missed him, but he was not in the room. I closed my eyes, searching for his reiatsu. I gasped in shock. His reiatsu level was deteriorating fast, I almost can't feel it anymore. I ran out of the room, not looking back as I faintly heard Renji calling out and running behind me. The only thing that mattered to me now is finding Ichigo.

XXX Bleach XXX

I stopped running and gazed up at the hole in one of the white towers in Hueco Mundo. I flew up and went through the hole, not caring if Renji was collapsed outside gasping for breath or if he'd stopped following me a long time ago. Ichigo's reiatsu was barely noticeable now, although I was in the same room as him. This is bad. I quickly scanned the room and saw a figure dressed in black lying on the ground, unmoving. I ran over, not believing what I saw. Sure, it was Ichigo, that I believe. His orange hair can be spotted a mile away. What I couldn't believe is the hole in his chest. Blood was pouring out of it. His chest was still, he wasn't breathing. His eyes were wide open in shock.

I was too shocked to notice that Renji had brought the rest of the group up here. Only when Renji called me did I notice. Everyone looked shocked. Some had their mouths dangling open, big enough for a gigantic mutated fly to enter. Others had looked away. I know what they're all thinking: The great Kurosaki Ichigo, the human that defeated two Taichou-class shinigamis and one Fukutaichou-class shinigami, is dead. Renji ran over and knelt down beside Ichigo. He gently shook him.

"Oi Ichigo, get up! This isn't funny. Get up and say this is a joke. Come on, get up and quit making everyone worry."

Renji kept shaking him until the blood started flowing out of the hole in his chest faster. He gasped in shock.

"Well, well, isn't this a party."

XXX Bleach XXX

Ichigo: (Glares at me)

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Ichi: (Continues glaring at me) Why the hell am I dead?

Me: (Glares back) Cause it's part of the story so shut up about it!

Ichi: (Prepares to slice my head in half) Why you little br-

Me: Little? I may be 3 years younger than you but I'm not little! Die, you! (Types on keyboard)

Ichi: How can I d- (falls to the floor dead).

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Ulquiorra: (Walks over and stare at Ichigo) You killed him?

Me: No, a flying truck smashed him.

Ulquiorra: (Looks around) We're in your house, in your room, on the fourteenth floor.

Me: Oh really? I didn't notice. I'm being sarcastic, baka.

Ulquiorra: (mumbles) Trash.

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Ulquiorra: Nothing.

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