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Chapter 36

The Hokage sighed placing his hat on the desk in front of him, and felt the tingling sensation of Nami's tail twitching up, he'd forgotten the cat was on his shoulders, he glanced quickly to his shoulder spotting a blue eye cracked open at him, slowly closing and going back to sleep. He released a breath and looked up to his assembled shinobi. It had been fifteen days since the end of the second part of the chuunin exams, and he along with his two advisors were holding a meeting.

"It is with sadness I must inform you all that Hayate Gekko's body was found this morning by Kikyou castle. We do not believe it was Orochimaru, however it was a possibility that he was tailing the sound spy Kabuto, it is clear to us that Orochimaru is up to something," he held up his hand stopping anyone from interrupting him. "He revealed himself to Anko for a reason, and urged us not to cancel the chuunin exam."

"What are you implying?" Homura asked look at his former team mate out the corner of his eye.

"Orochimaru has the power to destroy a small country himself. Since escaping this village many countries must have set their eyes on him. Coincidently he has a grudge against our village... any village would want him."

"So you're saying that one of our allies has joined with Orochimaru to betray the leaf?" Raido asked.

They all tensed when Nami uncurled from the Hokage's shoulders slinking onto the desk and cleaning a paw.

"It's a verbal agreement, not set in stone, besides it hasn't stopped wars from happening before." A gravelly voice spoke out, causing everyone to look around. Nami stretched and circled sitting back down and cleaning the other paw and settling back on the Hokage's shoulders claws digging in and blue eyes rolling in annoyance.

"Either way we don't have enough information for now, so let's not worry needlessly." The Hokage let out a wince as he spoke.

"We have ANBU gathering information in other countries. We shouldn't focus on this too much; the enemy may use that against us." Koharu added.

"Besides I trust you guys." The Hokage smiled.

The assembled jounin looked grim but determined at this exclamation. "If the time comes we will assemble all our strength and fight!" the Hokage stated.

"You fight?" a sinister voice hissed around the room. "How do you expect to put up a fight, you who have become complacent in this time of peace? You have grown old and weak, the village of the leaf isn't as great as it once used to be." The shinobi all tensed recognising Orochimaru's voice. "You trust them how quaint but do you really think that will be enough, having an old man's misguided trust kukuku." The voice faded away.

Outside the room Konohamaru and Naruto smirked at each other, they hadn't used they're impersonation skills for a long time. They waited a few minutes before bursting into the room. "Please tell me you're finished with your meeting grandpa." Konohamaru pouted.

"You are supposed be in school!" the Hokage shouted. "And you," the Hokage pointed at Naruto, "Shouldn't be encouraging him after the whole fiasco with your schooling!" The Hokage snapped.

"One he is at school, two don't blame me for your ninja's sabotage." Naruto counted off on his fingers as Konohamaru nodded in agreement. "Three I don't encourage him I'm another bench mark he has to overcome. Four all shinobi have to overcome those that came before them, that's what's so great about our village we have so many amazing ninja that when we do overcome the previous generation we make it that much harder for the next generation. But people should strive to touch the stars, dream big and work hard, protect your precious people that will give you strength to fight." Naruto tilted his head watching as the Hokage narrowed his eyes at him, he suddenly punched Konohamaru in the arm and the room watched as he burst into smoke.

"First step to beating me learn shadow clone." Naruto smiled. "Can I have Takeru sensei now I need to train?" Naruto edged out the room.

'I think Naruto just played a trick on us, but the spark is definitely in their eyes.' The Hokage thought, looking at his shinobi. 'Now I just have to wonder who else those two can imitate.' He sighed, 'I'm getting too old for this. Genius grandsons be damned.'


Naruto twirled his chakra blade as he waited for Takeru to meet him in the training ground. Ume and Riku had been sent out on a mission to Wave and should be back at the end of the week. He was bored and had too much energy to spare. He moved as Takeru appeared in the middle of the clearing, there was a clang as Takeru managed to get a kunai out to block Naruto's first strike, he noticed the smirk on Naruto's face quickly deducing that Naruto was in a playful mood. He ducked under the punch aimed at his head catching his shoulder instead and felt it go numb; he pushed Naruto back switching hands as his shoulder hung limply by his side. His eyes widened as he realised Naruto wasn't in his normal stance, but that of a Hyuuga. There was no way he could know that stance and how to turn off the chakra points in a person's body. Naruto dropped his blade, and moved towards Takeru, proceeding to hit him in the opposite leg's thigh and the knee making him drop down to the ground as he failed to stand. He stared up at Naruto as he smirked.

"I don't have their eyes but I can do it just as well as any Hyuuga." Naruto punched Takeru's shoulder and aimed at his thigh and knee, "I'm not so good at putting you back to normal so you'll have to tell me how that feels," Naruto looked down at his jounin sensei.

"Why am I teaching you again?" Takeru asked rolling his shoulder and massaging his thigh.

"Because I don't want to humiliate the Hyuuga's by performing their style, I need to drive the point home with Neji. He needs to know that we make our own fate, and that it can always be changed. Do you want to go again I won't use their style this time?" Naruto smiled.

"I think you're going to make my hair turn grey, more than the other two." Takeru nodded standing ready, a kunai in hand. He smiled as Naruto spun at him chakra blade flashing.


Kakashi sighed, he'd been pulled into the jounin meeting on time, where they'd all got freaked out, disheartened and then inspired; he got caught out by the other council members after the meeting was over as well, he was mentally exhausted, he didn't understand how he had let this all happen, he stopped half way up the mountain, one hand tied behind his back, reflecting on everything.

Koharu and Homura had made eye contact with him as the meeting ended, so Kakashi had met them in the usual room where Danzo normally stepped out from the shadows, like now. The man just made Kakashi's skin crawl lately, since he'd started learning about Naruto in fact. He sighed putting his hands in his pockets and waited his eye narrowing as the two advisors walked in behind him.

"What do you want now?" Kakashi sighed

"You're not training the Uzumaki are you?" Homura asked.

"His name is Naruto. And no I'm not; I'm training Sasuke, as soon as he gets out of the hospital."

"Good, Uzumaki isn't important to these exams. You're main focus should be Sasuke, after all you are the only one who can teach him about his sharigan." Koharu stated.

Danzo nodded. "You should forget about the Uzumaki, he is a lost cause, he is a weapon not your teachers son. He ceased being that when the Kyuubi was sealed inside of him. Concentrate your efforts on Sasuke think of it as penance for Obito's sacrifice and your guilt."

"Naruto's not just a weapon," Kakashi's hand curled around the scarecrow in his pocket. "He's going to show the world that he's not just a weapon, that he is a person, he is an amazing person who will accomplish brilliant things in his lifetime." Kakashi got louder and firmer in his belief and defence of Naruto.

"Naruto will know where we stand soon enough. He is a demon and a monster to be used as our weapon and that is what he will be!" Danzo slammed his stick down.

"You forget your place Hatake!" Homura raised his voice.

"No! I realise my place now. I'm a shinobi of the leaf; I am loyal to the Hokage, not you!"

"And yet you've been listening to us for years might I remind you. How do you think the Hokage will take to the fact that you've not been the loyal shinobi you claim to have been? Do you really think it will be a slap on the wrist? Oh no Hatake you are in too deep. You will have your team taken away from you, you will be stripped of your rank, thrown in irons and never be able to regain the Uzumaki trust, is that what you want?" Danzo smirked watching as Kakashi was pushed into a corner.

"What do you want?" Kakashi gritted his teeth.

"You are to train the Uchiha, forget about Uzumaki, when the Uchiha is promoted to chuunin you will teach him everything you know about the sharigan, is that understood?"

"Yes." Kakashi looked at the ground ashamed that he had fallen so readily into their trap.

Kakashi released a growl and flipped up the last part of the mountain he landed unsteadily on his feet and noticed he wasn't alone.

"So you finally woke up, ready to begin?" he asked.


Naruto walked down the hallways of the ANBU head quarters he found it funny that he could do so without being detected, he side stepped a pair of ANBU and slipped into Ibiki's office. He walked up to the desk where Ibiki was going through paperwork; he flared his chakra making Ibiki look up startled.

"Brat. How do you do that? What do you want?" Ibiki asked sitting back in his chair.

"There was a girl in the exams I want to know what her name was?" Naruto asked playing absently with papers sitting on the corner closest to him.

Ibiki blinked at Naruto sure he hadn't heard that right, in fact he was sure he hadn't heard that right. There was no way Naruto was coming to him and asking about a girl just no way.

Ibiki looked back at Naruto, "What did you just say?"

"I asked you about a girl in the exams, I want to know her name." Naruto repeated.

"There were lots of girls in the exam." Ibiki watched Naruto carefully.

"This one was from grass, about my age, glasses and red hair." Naruto stated as Ibiki began rummaging through the files of everyone who entered the exams this year he stopped hearing Naruto mention red hair he turned round eyes wide before quickly returning to his blank face, that was an interesting little tibit.

"And why do you want to know out of curiosity," He turned round leaving the files.

"I'm umm interested in knowing the name of the girl I saved from the bear." Ibiki raised an eyebrow, now this was interesting.

"I'm not allowed to give you that information."

"But you were going to; please I've never asked you for anything, just this once." Naruto pleaded.

Ibiki slid a folder over to Naruto and waited as Naruto quickly opened it and read the name, while looking at the picture.

"Thanks Ibiki." Naruto bowed and walked out the room. Ibiki turned the folder round to see the file of Karin Uzumaki, 13 years old, from Kusagakure.


The Hokage was sat in the room off to the side of his office, he often came here to reflect on things while staring up at the pictures of the Hokages, his eyes drifted to the fourth and he sighed, he had a bad feeling about Orochimaru returning now, his eyes travelled to his predecessors and sighed, he wasn't strong enough to handle Orochimaru, Hikaru wasn't ready yet and Naruto was too young, to have to clean up this mistake. He sighed, leaning back in his seat as he felt a familiar presence approaching him.

"Hokage sama." He turned to see Anko hovering in his doorway, he reached out to the cat lying on his hat stroking along its back, as he waited for her to edge further into the room. "I'm sorry. I"

"You're angry that you came back from the forest of death alive? Something I have learned with having two grandsons is that people can change, and their relationships with others can change. There is no relationship between you and Orochimaru; he is just your former teacher, that doesn't mean you have to take on the burden, which is my mistake I have to fix. There isn't a shinobi in the leaf that can stand up to him now, most likely including me, I doubt I'll have time to train Hikaru or Naruto up to do it, and neither would I want them to."

"If the fourth were alive..."

"Don't say that. He has already given up so much for his village, his life included. He is no longer here we must rely on our own powers, this is my mistake to fix." He stood taking his hat carefully and finding his pipe. "I'm going to get some air," he placed a hand on her shoulder, "Try not to blame yourself, and would you check up on Naruto for me, Hikaru is busy." The Hokage smiled.

"Yes, okay." Anko nodded almost eagerly.


Iruka and Naruto lead their class up to the top of the Hokage building; the perfect view of the Hokage monument. Naruto looked up at Iruka and smiled as the class settled down on the floor, he walked over to Iruka moving to the side so Iruka could begin the lesson.

"We decided today we would have our history lesson outside. Now then you know that the faces of the Hokages are carved onto these stones from left to right they display the first to the fourth.

"Grandpa looks so young up there," Naruto muttered.

"It's a big difference from today, there's more hair." Konohamaru snickered, making Naruto smile.

"Be polite the pair of you." Iruka scolded.

"But sensei who's the fifth?" a bun wearing girl asked, looking at Naruto.

"Well the fourth never picked a successor, which is why we have the third again but no one has been nominated for the title yet." Naruto shrugged.

"Yeah it could even be one of your senseis," Iruka laughed smiling at Naruto.

"Well you never know." The Hokage smiled as he walked up the stairs. "But a joke from time to time is good. Looks like a nice class boys."

"Hokage sama." Iruka blushed embarrassed rubbing the back of his head sheepishly as Naruto ducked his head hiding the blush there.

"Oh it's the Third!" the third chorused.

"What are you doing up here, grandpa?" Konohamaru asked.

"I just wanted to look at the faces too." Naruto and Konohamaru shared a look as Iruka got a bright idea.

"Actually this is perfect timing, Could you come over here please?"

"Of course."

"So as you correctly pointed out this is the owner of the third face on the mountain our current Hokage the Third. The third was said to be the strongest of all and such a genius that he was often called 'the professor'." Iruka explained.

"Now just because the third is an old man doesn't mean you can underestimate him, he's still the Hokage, the strongest person in the village."

"He doesn't look it." The class shouted.

"So I can become the fifth Hokage, 'cause you'd be strong and cool."

"Not with your current grades Koji." Naruto smiled.

"Well you have to work hard, but you kids are really young, so the person who becomes Hokage may be amongst you yet. You only get one life there's no reason to choose an impossible path, it's fine to live as you like and die as you like, however you must always protect a precious person, no matter the path you choose."

"A precious person?" Futaba asked shyly.

"Someone that you acknowledge with your heart, who you trust and love. Do you have a person like that?"

"Yeah... my dad... mom and brother though sometimes I don't like him... and my dog Gonta."

"For me it's my friends." Daichi nodded, "Me too." Nobori agreed.

"Then Hokage Sama do you have someone like that?" Matsuri asked, raising her hand.

"Yes of course I do."

"Who?" the class asked.

"My grandsons Konohamaru over there and Naruto here," The two boys smiled sheepishly. "And everyone in this village." The Hokage smiled, causing the children to not understand, as he turned his head to look at the fourth's face.

"What the Hokage means is it's his job to protect everyone in the village, not just those that he loves, but everyone. A village is made by the people who live in it, not the buildings. Buildings can be torn down and replaced but people can't that's why we hold them close and make them precious to us, that's what makes us strong." Naruto confirmed.

"Wow, you'd make an amazing Hokage, Naruto sensei." Akane smiled up at him.

"Nah, I have other plans," Naruto shrugged. "Besides, Konohamaru wants to be Hokage when he's older, who am I to stand in his way. But he's my brother so I'm going to help him get there."

"Even by teaching him the shadow clone jutsu, and playing pranks on jounin shinobi?" The Hokage turned a steely gaze to Naruto.

"Well..." Naruto rubbed the back of his head in embarrassment.


Anko found Naruto training with Takeru in a clearing with another Naruto sat off to the side with Jiraiya papers scattered all around them with Naruto drawing intricate seals as Jiraiya looked on. Anko hovered on the edge of the forest watching as Naruto danced around Takeru a small blonde blur appearing every now and then.

Naruto angled his head to where Anko was and dropped to his knees spinning under Takeru's extended arm.

Takeru pressed his advantage seeing Naruto's attention pulled elsewhere, he twisted his body into a crouch aiming a punch up at Naruto's chin, from his lower position, Naruto flipped up away from the punch throwing shuriken where Takeru had been moments before; he twisted around as Takeru appeared behind him his eyes widened as he was caught unawares and sliced in two by Takeru, before popping in a 'poof' of smoke. Takeru landed on the ground a second kunai in hand as he searched the area for Naruto.

Anko watched in awe as Naruto moved with a speed and grace she barely recalled seeing, she glanced at the other Naruto and Jiraiya that were sitting down and noticed Jiraiya's twinkling eyes watching, as Naruto showed just how agile and adept he was as a shinobi.

"You know it's rude to stare right?" Naruto smirked as Anko turned to look at him a blush forming on her cheeks at being caught.

"You're pretty good kid."

"Thanks, I practise a lot. Watch for the stray shuriken?" Naruto returned to the seal Jiraiya was instructing him on.

"What stray shuriken?" Anko turned just as a shuriken flew past her cheek cutting a shallow line as it embedded in a tree behind her.

"You did that on purpose, you slimy little..."

"A cheek for a cheek." He smiled making her pause in her advancement. "Also I'm not the one that works with snakes Anko, although snakes aren't actually slimy, nor are frogs that's mucus." Naruto shrugged. "Did you want to sit down? One village pariah to another." He shrugged realising that he had said the wrong thing at the wrong time.

"You're not a pariah." Anko snapped.

"I'm the container of the Kyuubi, just because the Sarutobi's took me in doesn't mean I'm not an outcast. I wasn't trained by a great sannin who turned traitor on the village, who has to prove myself by pushing myself harder than anybody else. You didn't make the decision he did, why should you pay for his mistakes? Now please come sit down." Naruto patted the grass next to him as both adults looked at him as he sounded oddly like a wise old man.

"You know you along with Tenzo are the two people I wanted to meet the most. I've met Tenzo even though I'm not supposed to know he exists," Naruto shrugged, showing the new design to Jiraiya who checked his work. "You two are the only people, who would understand what it's like to be shunned for something that's not your fault; I just wanted to meet like minded people to know that after everything that I'm put through as a person I'll be able to become a great shinobi, even if I do have several character flaws. Stop blaming yourself Anko, you couldn't have known Orochimaru was coming back to start a war, and it's not up to you to stop him, you just have to be better than he ever was as a person, if that means you give your last dango stick to a scruffy little kid covered in dirt then that makes you a better person." Naruto looked up his blue eyes meeting Anko's.

"That was you? But you were so small and dirty and polite." Anko looked shocked, seeing this bright handsome young boy that was so different from the mess of a child she'd taken pity on that dark rainy night.

"You gave me food when I needed it. The following year Lady Sarutobi took me in, but I always remembered that you saved me from starving. So as my hero, I wanted to get to know you better."

"I'm your hero?"

"Well yeah without you I wouldn't be here, or well I wouldn't be the person that I am today without your helping hand." Naruto smiled as Anko sat flabbergasted next to him.

"You work wonders kid you know that?" Jiraiya smirked.

"Naruto, my name is Naruto. And your pants are on fire." Naruto sighed.

Anko and Naruto laughed as Jiraiya shot up dancing about. Anko looked over at Naruto deciding that she would give the boy a chance he seemed perfectly comfortable in her presence something she never expected to see, for years to come, there was also a calm, serenity that seemed to surround him and was rare to find in someone of his generation.

He spun as Naruto came down from above him his chakra blade flashing as the chakra extended his reach. Takeru jumped back as Naruto broke his kunai in half, he leant back as the blade followed after him, forgetting that Naruto could make it longer. He stopped as he felt a kunai dig into the back of his neck.

"Yield." Naruto growled, from behind him.

"I give." Takeru sighed; dismayed that he had lost once again to Naruto.

"Relax sensei; I haven't got to fight like this unless you take me out on missions." Naruto laughed.

"You're holding back, if this was a mission situation you would have killed me."

"You're a member of this village, I can't kill you." Naruto shrugged putting the kunai away as the clone popped in front of them the chakra blade dropping to the ground as he did so.


Naruto was walking through the hospital corridors he was on his way to see Lee, when he ran into Shikamaru carrying a basket of fruit. He smirked when they fell into step with each other.

"I take it Choji's in here somewhere, and the fruit basket is for him?" Naruto smiled.

"Yeah but unfortunately he can't eat it, so I thought someone else could use it."

"That's rather thoughtful of you, Shikamaru but you know we could always eat it in front of Choji." Naruto laughed placing his hands behind his head as he walked.

"That's so evil, I like it. What's wrong?" Shikamaru agreed noticing Naruto stilling and his hand dropping to his stomach.

Naruto darted off down the hallway with Shikamaru following closely on his heels.

"Gaara no!" Naruto shouted, skidding into the room followed quickly by Shikamaru. "You don't have to do this. Lee can't be a ninja anymore that's worse than any death. You don't have to kill him to prove you exist."

"Seriously Naruto you can't talk this guy out of it. He must have had some messed up childhood." Shikamaru muttered.

"Yeah, we did." Naruto nodded. "But we can get past that, please Gaara I want to help you. I want to be your friend."

"If you get in my way I will kill you." Gaara's head fell into his hand.

"Then you'll have to try, I'm not going to let you kill Lee." Naruto moved in front of Lee's bed.

"Naruto what are you doing?" Shikamaru asked.

"Me and you, we're the same Gaara. We know this. We're both seen as monsters but we can change that, we don't have to be the monsters we can be better than that, please." Naruto held his hand out to Gaara pleading with him to accept it.

"Why do you defend him so? I do not understand." Gaara's head was in his hand again.

"Because he's my friend, he's a member of this village and a fellow shinobi; I will not let you harm him, or anyone else for that matter."

"What is the point, there must be a reason?"

"Because you shouldn't fight for only yourself, you are strong when fighting for others Gaara. Killing isn't for pleasure it's part of the job, one that we can avoid if possible, I know it's harder for people like us, with monsters inside of us, those with a damaged childhood, we latch onto the first thing that we can, be that the knowledge that we are monsters or that the only people that could ever care for us are cold bloodied killers, but I latched onto something else I latched on to hope. Hope that one day people won't see the monster that they'll see me not the monster, not the son of a Kage, someone who is worth fighting for worth dying for, someone they can trust, someone they can look to and know that there is hope." Naruto tried valiantly to win Gaara over.

"I want to help you Gaara, I want to be your friend, show you everything I've learned , everything I love, I want to show you that we're the same, and you don't have to walk the path that has been set out for you, you can choose a different path, no more being a monster or a weapon but shield one that fights to protect people, you have a brother and a sister who love you but don't know how to reach you but they haven't stopped trying. I want to be your friend, take that first step with me please Gaara." Naruto was now right in front of Gaara, who was clasping his head tightly, "Let me show you what true love can be." Naruto wrapped his arms tightly around Gaara, holding tightly, tears pooling in his eyes. "We can change people's minds, just let me in please."

"I think you should all be resting, the finals are tomorrow." They all looked up to see Gai stood in the doorway.

"Gaara," Naruto looked down at the slightly shorter boy, not flinching as the sand started to swirl around him and cut him as it spun faster. They watched as Naruto's skin was getting ripped open and just as quickly healing back together. "Trust me." Naruto pleaded. Gaara shook his head managing to loosen Naruto's hold and throwing him across the room into Gai and disappearing in a swirl of sand.

"What was all that about?" Shikamaru turned an annoyed glare to Naruto.

"I'm surprised you haven't figured it out yet." Naruto sighed.

"You were talking about trust Naruto, but you've been hiding behind a persona for years, I thought we were friends?"

"We are friends." Naruto admonished.

"Then why don't you trust me!" Shikamaru asked.

"I don't want to lose you as my friend!" Naruto snapped back. "It's complicated and messed up, but it was always hard making friends with you guys, and I don't want to lose that."

"Naruto you were just speaking about trust, don't you think that he deserves to hear your tale and decide for himself?"

"I... yeah I do. Thanks for saving us Gai sensei." Naruto nodded.


Naruto and Shikamaru were sat on top of the Hokages head Naruto had his knees pulled up to his chest resting his chin on them as he waited for Shikamaru to come to a decision. The sky had darkened considerably since they had first wandered up here; the leaves were a golden colour and littered the ground surrounding them creating a mat which was soft underneath them. They had just spent the rest of the afternoon with Naruto telling Shikamaru everything about himself, and now he was waiting. He didn't want to lose Shikamaru as a friend but if that was his decision he wasn't going to hold it against him. Shikamaru finally let out a sigh.

"That's pretty messed up Naruto. Please don't tell me you see yourself like Gaara?"

"He's what I could've become and that scares me more than anything else." Naruto shrugged.

"Do any of the others know?"

"Hinata does, Akamaru does so Kiba might, Shino probably does, and Konohamaru does because I told him. Sasuke and Sakura don't but my other team mates do." Naruto shrugged.

"Don't tell them. Sasuke and Sakura. They won't understand."

"And you do?" Naruto asked hopefully.

"You're the scroll that holds the kunai. You're the bravest and strongest person I know, and I want to be worthy to stand next to you. You're my friend Naruto and that's not going to change."

"So you don't hate me, even though I'm the one that told Uncle 'Suma that you were a genius?" Naruto uncurled from his hunched position

"That was you?" Shikamaru snapped his head to look at Naruto.

"I might have hinted about it yeah." Naruto rubbed the back of his head sheepishly.

"That was so troublesome, but thanks, we have a great relationship now. You'll make a great chuunin you know?"

"Yeah well so will you, you've got the brains, you know when a battle's won and when to call it quits, I don't, I can't stop." Naruto hugged his legs again.

"If you're talking about Gaara I understand why you're doing it. I don't think you should stop, you change people Naruto you bring out the best in everyone, me included." Shikamaru smirked. "Come on we've got a big day ahead of us tomorrow, let's get some rest."

"Right." Naruto took Shikamaru's proffered hand.


Ibiki walked into the Hokage's office where a clone of Kakashi stood along with the other teachers of those in the final part of the exam, he even spotted Takeru there, and knew Hikaru was behind the Hokage, he walked over placing the file down in front of the Hokage.

"What's this?" The Hokage asked.

"Naruto came to me the other day, asking about a girl that was in the exams with him; a girl from Kusagakura, with glasses and red hair." Ibiki explained as the Hokage picked up the file quickly looking at the picture and reading the name.

"No way, Naruto inherited his father's preference for red heads." Asuma laughed.

"Uzumaki." Hikaru stated appearing over the Hokage's shoulder.

"Definitely just like his dad. But why did he go to you about the girl?" Kakashi asked turning to Ibiki.

"I have no idea. I doubt I'd be the first choice."

"Well he couldn't exactly go to you could he?" Takeru explained. "You're socially awkward at the best of times let alone having someone asking you about the opposite sex. My money's on Iruka."

"That's who I'd back."

"Actually if he had a choice in the matter he'd ask mum." Konohamaru walked into the room. "You'd ask a female how to talk to a girl, we both know that, but mum's not here so we'd probably go to Uncle 'Suma." Konohamaru handed his grandfather a cup of tea as he looked at the photograph, before walking out of the room to get ready for the academy, leaving the adults to comprehend Naruto and his similarities to his father.

Yeah Naruto has a thing for red heads.

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