Author's Note.

First, I'm sorry this is not a new chapter and that I owe you guys a lot of chapters, like so many I should actually be on the sequel by now. But I don't have any new chapters, well one that is unfinished and about to be scrapped and restarted hopefully allowing me to continue and regain my flow.

Second, thank you all for being patience and for those that sent messages checking up on me and attempting to kick me up the butt. I have heard you, and as I stated I will be rewriting my latest chapter. As to why I haven't updated and I'll be brutally honest with you. While at university I began to suffer from anxiety and depression. But I did finish university however I stopped doing everything I loved and enjoyed and it is taking a long to get that enjoyment back. This year has also been very hard family emergencies have taken up a large part of my time especially recently with my nan who almost died and the declining health of my "mother-in-law" which is still touch and go, as well as "Nan in law", and I must be supportive for my boyfriend and his family at this time.

But I do have some good news, I finished university with a 2:1 which was amazing and something I was hoping for. I also passed my British Sign Language Level 2 course, and started a new job working in a school as a teaching assistant which is a step on the ladder to becoming a teacher.

Thank you all so much for your kindness, patience and continued hope. I will try to get back to this story by the end of the year and I will try to edit it properly too, although I hate the editing stage.

On a side note Naruto is about to turn 12, Tsuande will be fixing Rock Lee, Nami is going to be winding Tsunade up, Sasuke is going to be more of an a***hole and no one else will die…

…maybe I haven't decided yet.

Thank you all, I hope to get back to a stable mindset and enjoy all the things I use to enjoy soon. Again, thank you for your continued patience