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Naruto = flash back

'Naruto' is thoughts/thinking

"Naruto" signing/sign language

"Naruto" speaking.

"Naruto" Demon

"Naruto" is demon enhanced.

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Chapter 49 – Blank eyed stare

Owl and Fox stopped outside the window of Turtle's room; they could see Naruto being held in Turtle's arms. They waited as Naruto's cries subsided before entering the room.

"Lord Hokage, Turtle, nice to see you back with the living." Owl reported.

"Mission report Lord Hokage?" Fox asked.

Naruto wiped his eyes and settled back against Hikaru. He nodded, staring at the two children clinging to his ANBU.

(Line -Naruto Clone Futago)

Naruto and Iruka were sat at Ichiraku ramen sharing a rare moment where they weren't at work. Iruka sighed and settled back, watching Naruto as he slowly ate his ramen. Naruto stopped and glanced over to Iruka, who had a questioning look on his face.

"What is it Iruka?" Naruto probed, pushing his now empty bowl away.

"Hmm?" Iruka zoned back in and focused on Naruto.

"You have questions?" Naruto turned to face him.

"Yes, I." He smiled, "sometimes I forget you're only a child, I mean you're Hokage. I know not for much longer but I wonder why you'd give it up? I mean the Jounin voted you in the Fire Daimyo agreed on it, you can't just turn it away, can you?" Iruka paused in between his questions.

"It's complicated. But I never wanted this, like I said to Lady Tsunade I'm twelve I have so much more to learn, I can't do that trapped in this village, I want to see the world Iruka. I want to be able to leave this village as I please not just on diplomatic matters or because there was a mission that needed my precise expertise." Naruto released a breath. "Leaving with Jiraiya was one of the first times I got to enjoy a festival; I got to be a normal child. That's never happened before." Naruto smiled faintly. "Here I have respect from most of the shinobi's but it's the villagers I haven't won over yet. That's going to take a long time. The Fire Daimyo will understand; I've updated him on the process anyway so he'll just have to get used to it." Naruto laughed.

"When did you tell him that?"

"Shortly after we arrived home." Naruto noticed the look on Iruka's face. "I sent a clone. I have loads of clones running round the village. I'm not actually the real Naruto; the real version hasn't left Turtle's side. We clones have been running around doing everything. At the end of the day we dispel one by one so he can sort through the memories and everything he's learned." The Naruto clone explained.

"How many clones are there at any one time?" Iruka asked.

"About five of us not including the original. Why do you think it's so hard for the ANBU guarding Naruto all the time?" the Naruto clone smiled.

Iruka laughed. "Why did you make Shikamaru a Chuunin and not yourself?"

Naruto frowned. "I didn't make that decision, in the end I didn't look at anything pertaining to the Chuunin exams, because I was in them and felt that I would have a biased view on the entire thing."

"So who made that decision?" Iruka pressed.

"Probably the council while I was away, I felt it best to leave it to them." Naruto shrugged. "I'm sure Ibiki is reviewing the exams like Kazue wanted?"

"Who's Kazue?" Iruka blinked.

"The Hokage's secretary. She does have a name you know." Naruto laughed looking at the baffled look on Iruka's face


(Line… I mean - meanwhile on the other side of the village)

Asuma walked into the Hokage building he looked up frowning feeling all the chakra gathered in one of the meeting rooms upstairs. He walked quickly up the stairs entering the room; he was met with complete pandemonium. Every able bodied Jounin was in the room all seemed to have discovered that Naruto had not been promoted. Kazue the Hokage's assistant was trying to calm the shinobi down to no avail. Asuma sighed, took a breath in and shouted.

"Enough!" Asuma shouted lowering his head into his hand. "What is going on here?" Kazue smiled gratefully at Asuma.

"We're here to find out why Naruto wasn't promoted." A shinobi called out.

"Naruto decided not to look at anything to do with the Chuunin exam. As he was a participant he thought it would look a little bias if he did." Kazue explained.

"Who decided then?" another called out.

"However I did hand over all relevant paper work to Ibiki." She blinked as all the shinobi in the room charged out to find Ibiki.

She was gathered into Asuma's arms to protect her from the onslaught peeved shinobi.

"I best go keep an eye on that." Asuma smiled stepping back.

He grabbed Shikaku who had been strolling past the room.

(Line - Naruto clone Kurōn)

Naruto waited patiently as the Hyuuga elders walked past. Lord Hyuuga was alone in the room when Naruto stepped in.

"Lord Hokage." Lord Hyuuga blew out the candle.

"May I ask a favor?" Naruto bowed his head.

"You are Hokage." Lord Hyuuga raised an eyebrow.

"Two favors really." Naruto cleared his throat, standing straighter. "There are two students in the academy ready to take the Genin exam; they need a third team member. Hanabi is the same age and I believe has the potential to be their third team mate. I know Hanabi and her strengths and weaknesses as much as I know Hinata's. Hanabi does not have the same social interactions as others her age; I don't want to put her into the academy." Naruto held up his hand, stopping the interruption that was about to come. "I would like you to train Hanabi for the Genin exam, she will only go to the academy for the exam, when she passes as I'm sure she will, she will need to spend time with her team mates. Perhaps afternoons would suit you both best."

Lord Hyuuga paused before speaking. "Who are her team mates, what would their role be? You have an alternative motive for this team, it is not just that they are ready is it?"

Naruto smiled. "Konohamaru Sarutobi and Akane, this team would be put together as a precaution, if I was ever to lose control of my tailed beast. They can stop me. Hanabi like Hinata can shut off my chakra, Konohamaru can go toe to toe with me, I show him everything I learn, and Akane," Naruto paused his hand hovering around his stomach, "I'm not sure but I sense there is something about her, I just haven't figured it out yet."

"What has you so worried Lord Hokage?" Lord Hyuuga stepped closer.

"Something is coming, I am worried. The stronger I get the more I might have to rely on him," his hand rested on his stomach, "I need to know that if something happens or goes wrong there is somebody out there that can stop me. I know the three of them together possibly could." He turned his head.

"Naruto," the Hyuuga lord reached a hand towards Naruto.

"Besides Hanabi looks up to Hinata greatly and both girls would make worthy heads of the house. She should still train with you, but when she's not with you." Naruto laughed rubbing the back of his head.

"What am I doing when she is not with me?" Lord Hyuuga moved the conversation on.

"That's my second favor. Fox and Owl came back with some orphans, and I introduced another young orphan to you a while back. I want you to train them. I think they might relate better to a member of the Hyuuga clan than anybody else." Naruto smiled.

"Where can I meet them?" Lord Hyuuga sighed.

"Three little monkeys in hospital room 103." Naruto gratefully replied.

(Line - Naruto clone Kurōn)

Naruto sighed; he should go and visit Sasuke really. He stopped and split into a clone, the clone touched to fingers to his forehand and saluted, before heading off in the direction of the hospital. Naruto huffed and stretched out his neck. There were two shadows that had been following him. He recognized them, they were like the ones that would often try to sneak into meetings and eavesdrop. He waited for them to pounce.

(Line – back to the other side of the village)

Ibiki looked up as a rumbling noise caused everything in his office to begin moving he frowned sensing the approaching horde of Shinobi. Anko jumped behind his desk, while Genma slid behind the desk; as his door exploded open and a horde of shinobi pushed through and began shouting all at once. Ibiki stood and slammed his hands on his desk a menacing chakra emanating from him. The room stilled. Asuma and Shika walked through the door catching Ibiki's eye.

"What is the meaning of this?" Ibiki snarled.

"They want to know why you made Shikamaru a Chuunin and not Naruto." Asuma breathed out a puff of his cigarette.

"We're just finalizing the paperwork now," Genma flicked his senbon stick from side of his mouth to the other.

"We have to hand this into Lady Tsunade. Yes, Shikamaru is on here, but we haven't finalized it yet." Ibiki turned looking at Shikaku.

"Shikamaru has already been promoted." Shikaku shrugged.

"Lady Tsunade is currently researching a procedure to save Rock Lee's career. Once this is done she will take over as Hokage from Naruto, and she can implement any decisions that may have been missed. Now don't you all have missions to complete?" Ibiki scowled.

The shinobi hurried away, leaving the three examiners, Asuma and Shikaku in the room. Asuma stepped forwards and closed the door.

"It would seem that someone is overstepping there bounds again." Shikaku hinted.

"Lady Tsunade went into office a few hours ago. I expect she is waiting on this paperwork to finalize Naruto's position." Ibiki looked at Asuma and Shikaku.

"But if she did so then, when will Naruto become Chuunin?" Anko asked.

(Line - Naruto Clone Kurōn)

Naruto could sense where they were going, the bag over his head didn't do much good; he was a sensor after all. Not that that was in his file, which was probably a good thing considering his predicament right now. The two shadows had pounced on him, placed him in chakra cuffs and stuffed a bag over his head. He could sense Ibiki in his office high above them so he knew they were under the ANBU headquarters. He was shoved on to the ground, which caused him to fall to his knees as his hands were cuffed behind his back. The bag was pulled from his head, he blinked adjust to the limited amount of light down here. Danzo stood above him.

"Well now seems you're no longer Hokage." Danzo smirked slightly.

"What do you want Danzo?" Naruto growled.

"Just to reinforce a few things, Demon." Danzo turned walking towards a door Naruto hadn't noticed before.

The door opened to reveal a row of cells each marked with a seal. Naruto felt his heart plummet. He was staring at prison designed especially for tailed beasts and their host. He ground his teeth in frustration. Danzo smirked seeing the boy had lost his normal emotionless mask.

"There are a few things that we should discuss," he smirked triumphantly as Naruto finally tore his eyes away from the prison.

"And what are they?" Naruto growled.

"Why these new laws that were passed a few hours ago, I think you'll agree that they are very befitting." He held out a scroll and let it unravel so the boy before him could read.

Naruto could not believe the man in front of him these laws were inhumane, and they all involved him.

"You can't put these into action you need the Hokage's approval." Naruto spat.

"But you turned down the job, by doing that you left the village without a leader, therefore we as the council stepped in." Danzo smirked again. "In fact it is because of you that these laws were even able to get passed in the first place."

"Tsunade will change them!" Naruto snapped.

"Tsunade doesn't know and she won't know," he moved the scroll showing Naruto the last line. "No one will know because you can't tell anyone." Danzo smirked.

"You shouldn't have turned down the Hokage role, now you'll be stuck as a Genin forever." Danzo smirked.

"You can't do this!" Naruto shouted.

"But I already have." Danzo smirked.

Naruto gritted his teeth in anger. Danzo stepped forward, leant down so he could whisper in Naruto's ear, "You'll be in there soon enough. You step out of line or break any of these laws; you'll spend the rest of your life in that cage." He then hit Naruto hard on the back of the head.

The clone burst into smoke causing the shackles to clang loudly as they hit the floor.

(Line - Naruto Clone Kaze)

Naruto opened the door of Sasuke's Hospital room. There was a smashed plate and apple slices all over the floor. He frowned seeing Sakura's shocked face. Sasuke turned to him his stare hardening.

"Fight me!" Sasuke demanded, his two tomoe sharigan whirling.

"I'm not going to fight you Sasuke. You're still recovering."

"Coward! Too afraid to show the real you! Afraid I might beat you again. Beat you when you're not holding back. That foolish old buffoon you were with." Sasuke snarled pushing Naruto.

"Sasuke stop! Stop being so mean." Sakura shouted.

"It's okay Sakura I just was making sure he was okay." Naruto breathed deeply.

"Don't walk away from me! The next Hokage. What's the matter don't want the title anymore? Can't live up to the old man?" Sasuke smirked.

Naruto stiffened in the doorway. Sasuke smirked, he brushed past Naruto, "Come on dobe, let's get this over with."

Naruto clenched and unclenched his fists. "Go find Kakashi Sensei." He spoke over his shoulder following Sasuke.

Sasuke stood waiting for Naruto on the roof of the hospital. Naruto tried to quell his anger. He knew Sasuke was baiting him, and that he shouldn't rise to his bait.

"Come on dobe; still think you're better than me?" Sasuke shouted.

"You and I are the same Sasuke, same level same power." Naruto spoke through gritted teeth.

"You and I are nothing alike. Yet you're the one that can't handle being Hokage. You're just a coward that can't possibly live up to your heroes!" Sasuke snapped. "Kakashi will never ever forgive you for taking away his precious sensei!"

Sasuke jumped backwards pushing chakra into his hand, the sound of birds screeching increased.

"Sasuke stop!" Naruto shouted, backing away.

"Coward!" Sasuke smirked running at Naruto.

Naruto's eyes hardened, turning from blue to steel grey. Sasuke wasn't going to stop. Naruto wasn't fast enough to stop Sasuke but maybe he could lessen the damage. He pushed chakra into his hand spinning it pushing in enough chakra to balance the amount fluctuating in Sasuke's attack. He stepped back and pushed himself forward.

Sakura burst up the stairs running at them, Naruto's mind raced. He had gathered enough chakra to negate Sasuke's attack if Sakura ran into the middle of them, either attack would kill her. He could sense Kakashi flying across the rooftops towards them. Kakashi would make it in time. He saw the panic flash across Sasuke's eyes as he noticed Sakura running between them. Then he felt the hand grab his wrist and redirect him and Sasuke towards the water coolers behind him.

(Line -Naruto Clone Tsuki)

Lord Hyuuga stood outside hospital room 103; he frowned concentrating on the four people inside. But something had given Naruto pause, and made him make this decision. He wouldn't know until opened the door. With a huff, he pushed the door open.

Another of Naruto's clones was in the room. He smiled up at Lord Hyuuga as the three children turned in his direction, instantly two of the children's faces lit up. The boy closest to Naruto he had met before, he smiled up at him, the other two children were girls, one with dirty blonde hair who had turned to her friend with dirty brown hair and whispered in her ear.

"He's got eyes like you." They overheard.

Lord Hyuuga looked towards Naruto, he sighed again, then carefully and slowly signed to the boy at Naruto's elbow. There was a sharp intake of breath as the blonde girl watched his hands in wonder. Lord Hyuuga raised an eyebrow as Naruto laughed. The Blonde girl holding onto her friend turned to the boy and signed.

"You're deaf?"

The boy shook his head. "No Voice."

"Wait. First let's introduce everybody." Naruto waved to get their attention. "You know my name is Naruto. This man is Lord Hyuuga. He can a sign too."

"Why sign. He blind?" the blonde asked.

"No. he's not blind. The Hyuuga's only look blind they have the best eyesight of anyone in this village. But he'll be able to teach you how to best use you're other senses." Naruto spoke slowly to make sure that they would understand. "I would like you all to introduce yourselves, we need to get to know one another if we are going to be working together." Naruto smiled, pushing a calming chakra through the room.

"This is Minoru; he has no voice." Naruto introduced the brown haired boy.

The Blonde girl stepped forwards. "Chika."

"Honoka." the brown haired girl spoke softly.

"And I am Lord Hiashi Hyuuga." Lord Hyuuga finally spoke.

"Now my little monkeys, let's get you cleaned up." Naruto laughed.

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