Fuel to the Fire

Chapter40: Epilogue

"Shh follow me"

"Ugh, Sirius why?"

"Because I said so... now come on..."

Sirius tugged me down the darkened corridor after ambushing me on my prefect rounds. As much as I love it when my boyfriend visits me in the middle of the night, running through the castle isn't what I had in mind.

"Sirius what are we –"

"Do you ever shut up, woman?" He groaned. I dug my nails into his arm and he stopped. "Sorry..." He kissed me lightly, that wolfy grin that I loved oh so much on his face. "But look around that corner" He tipped his head in the direction of apparently the most important thing in the world.

I sighed but did as I was told.

"Oh my MERLIN!!" I exclaimed and Sirius dropped his hand over my mouth.

"SHHH!" He laughed and pulled me back. I batted his hands away and peered around the corner again. The image I saw was priceless. There was no way they'd be able to deny it now. Not locked in a steamy embrace like that.I knew Lily and James would get together eventually... I just didn't think it would be epic make out sessions during prefect duties.

And it didn't look like the first time they'd done it, either.

"That dirty little liar! She said that James and her had to have rounds together because they were head boy and girl!" I glanced at Sirius again.

"Looks like someone just wanted a chance to snog some more" He snickered, brushing some hair off my face. He ducked to kiss me again and I smiled.

I'd take any chance I could to snog him some more...

"They live in the same dorm for Merlin's sake!" I laughed, a little louder than I should have. Sirius pressed a hand to my mouth and we waited to see if they'd heard. I held my breath.

"I thought I heard something..."

"There's nothing there, Lil"

"But I thought I heard..." Her words were cut off by a giggle and I wrinkled my nose. Randy little buggers.

"So much for not being interested in each other, right?" I rolled my eyes.

"I say we slime them" Sirius grinned, peering around the corner again.

"I have a couple of dungbombs in my pocket as well" I grinned and peered around too.

"That's why you're my girl" He ruffled my hair and drew his wand. I pulled the dungbombs out.



Within two seconds, James and Lily were squealing like little girls, covered in dung and slime. Sirius and I howled with laughter, clutching each other tightly.

"YOU GUYS SUCK!" Lily shrieked, slapping me lightly, leaving a smear of green and smelly good on my arm.

"And you guys are TOTALLY busted" I laughed, wiping the mess off my arm with Sirius' robes.

The two of them stood next to each other, looking a little more than sheepish.

"Oh come on. We knew it was coming" Sirius sighed, putting his arm around me. I leant against him automatically.

"Yeah... James Potter and Lily Evans are practically written in the stars!" I threw my hands over my head and put on my dramatic seer's voice.

They both rolled their eyes but the way James looked at Lily practically took my breath away. They were perfect for each other in every single way and I'd be surprised if it wasn't written in the stars.

Little did I know how right I was... and how much it would affect us all.

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