Blank. Or maybe unloved? Plain? No, it's boring. Let's just be blunt about it. Edward's house is fucking boring. The décor I mean. All black and white and clean. There's no personality to it.

"Edward, why is your house so… plain?" I turned to look at Edward who was sitting on his sectional, staring at me intently… like he had been doing since He'd picked me up from my house. He broke out in a charming smile.

"I guess I just haven't gotten down to decorating it yet. I only moved in two months ago." He defended himself, which added defensiveness to my list. I stared at him awhile longer, the house was silent.

"Are you like, a sociopath?" I asked suddenly. He raised his eyebrows slightly in what I'm going to assume is amusement.

"Is there a reason behind you question or is that just curiosity?" Yep, definitely amused.

"Both. I just started watching this show, 'Twisted', and The main character is suspected to be a sociopath, so I went online and read about sociopaths."

"And I fit the criteria?"

"Yeah, I mean. You're charming, and you talk really polite to me, and you stare at me like really intensely…if that's a word."

"Well, Maybe I just like you."


"I really like you." Again with the staring.

"I like you too, but I'm not letting go of my sociopath theory."

He laughed, shaking his head. "Think what you will, beautiful."

What do you think? Is our Edward a sociopath? I will post an actual chapter sometime this week.

And just remember there's a difference between Sociopath and psychopath.