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Set somewhere before 'Journey'


By its very definition 'trouble' is 'A state of distress, affliction, difficulty, or need '.

Shelby had always thought she would never really get in trouble, mostly because she had learned to deal with problems fast and save. Even her worst problems got solved in only a few hours without really causing much trouble.

Her first big problem had been moving to New York. She hadn't had enough money, so she needed to get some. Carrying a child for two gay men, who seemed nice, was the best option. She didn't really think about it though, giving her child away just to get money. She never realized how bad it would feel to give her little daughter up.

But that didn't really cause any trouble yet. Shelby went to New York with the money she had gotten from Rachel's dads and tried to forget about her baby. Although that was really hard, she didn't get in trouble for anything yet. She knew Rachel had great dads and she knew they would raise her well.

Later she almost got in trouble while she was on Broadway. She didn't really get good roles and never became a star. Therefor she didn't have enough money to pay her rent.

She could have gotten in trouble at that point, but she found a solution.

Going back to college could have brought her much trouble, considering that she was one of the oldest persons in her class and had failed as an actress. But her attitude kept her from being bullied.

When she finished college, she was the first one to get a job. Coming to Carmel again was hard at first. It had been her old school, some of the teachers were still there and they all knew she had failed.

But it wasn't as difficult as it would have been for other people. She was strong, talented, had a drive to excellence. Vocal Adrenaline made its way to Nationals in no time and Shelby was save from any trouble coming her way.


But even a person who can avoid trouble that good wont always be immune against it.

When Jesse came to Carmel, Shelby and VA rehearsed for their first Regionals. He wanted to join the club and after he auditioned Shelby changed their whole choreography for him. She knew he would make her win.

He became her new male lead and didn't let her down for three years in a row.

His talent kept her from getting into any trouble. Even his little acting exercise with Rachel kept Shelby's problems to a minimum. The rest of her little difficulties she could solve alone, keeping Rachel distant and not even getting into trouble for that.

The only thing she didn't see was that her student, friend and star would get her into the only real trouble she had ever been in.


The moment they met had been very simple, but totally memorable.

He had heard of VA when he came to Carmel. Thinking it might give him the opportunity to life his dream, he joined.

Standing on that stage, singing one of his favorite Bon Jovi songs, he looked at his new mentor.

She was glad he had joined, knowing he would win Nationals, saving her much trouble getting her reputation up.

They had met at his audition. He had sung "It's my life" and Shelby had told him he wasn't flawless, but she would help him with that.

None of them knew that this was the start of the biggest trouble they would ever get in.


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