"Happy Birthday Shika! Here's your present! Do you like it? "

"An eight by eight Rubik's cube? Seems simple enough for me. Non- troublesome…I guess I like it."

As Shikamaru's hands were about to turn the side of the cube, Ino snatched the cube back with a sly grin hanging at the edge of her cherry pink lips.

"Wait! There is a catch. How about this, we make a deal. If you fail to solve this cube and admit that you are stupid, I'll kiss you."

Shikamaru groaned in frustration as he sighed in defeat and brought his hands towards the side of his head. This girl sure was scheming.

"Fine, I'm stupid and I can't solve a Rubik's cube."

A smile graced Ino's face as she pecked him lightly on the lips, leaving a light blush sprawled across his cheeks.

"Shika can't solve a Rubik's cube~ He is so not a GENIUS~" she sang, skipping out of the door on to her merry way to spread the news.

It was just that easy to defeat a genius.

Just that easy.